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    Won't rev?

    Right folks, it was the cdi. Second hand one fitted and it fired up straight away. I let it warm up and set the idle and mixture screw then put the old cdi back on. Problem was back, ticked over very slow and wouldn't rev fouled the plug and popped back through the exhaust. I found a few wiring diagrams and resistance values online and they all checked out, weirdly the voltage to the coil I had of 3 volts checked out too. The cdi just couldn't supply enough of them to allow the revs to build. Hopefully this may help someone else in the future. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Great, thanks for that. I had googled fantic 200 kickstart and surfed for ages and nothing came up. Just goes to show the power of a good forum!
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of a source for a new kick start for a rear kick fantic 200. Mines really baggy now and I know it will let me down in the worst possible place!
  4. apb

    Won't rev?

    No one local to borrow a cdi off sadly but I'm convinced its the cdi. I managed to get an hour earlier and checked the plug to the cdi for the correct pulse from the trigger and the correct voltages from the stator. I will be at it later to check the voltage to the coil with the aid of my special tool (socket adapted to fit into the drill so I can spin the crank) My impression is it's giving a slow pulse to the coil which is less than tick over but that's it! opening the throttle does nothing but foul the plug. I have a second hand cdi arriving Monday or Tuesday so I will report back. The fact it failed literally as I stopped the bike is the weird bit, maybe the act of stopping it with the kill switch was the cause of something in the cdi to short or collapse?
  5. apb

    Won't rev?

    Took the flywheel off first as it was easy and I had a puller. All clean so I got the airline in and blew the dust out. The stator was like new with no blistering or discolouring. I then made an "attachment" and wound a few revs on with the drill. I got 32 volts from one leg and 14.5 from the other. I also checked the pickup and got 92 ohms which flicked to 40 ohms at the trigger point. I next checked the voltage regulator and got 12+ from the lighting plug and the same from the fan plug with the thermostat by passed. I have cleaned the carb through with the air line and using the small red pipe on the gt85 can, all good. I did tip the bike on it's end to see if there was anything in the exhaust but I'm quite careful when cleaning and nothing came out. I managed to ease the cdi apart but as the green block came out with the plug it was dry and the block is sealed, it looks like a lump of candle wax. I can see no way of water getting in there. I'm kind of convinced now the cdi has died, very weird that it packed in the very second I stopped it though? While I was riding it there was no sign of anything wrong! Cheers for all the ideas folks.
  6. apb

    Won't rev?

    Hi, Went to start my gas gas txt pro 2014 today and it will idle very slowly but will not rev? any sort of throttle and it just fouls the plug and pops back through the exhaust, no rise in revs. All I did was wash it, oil the chain and give it a coat of wd40 then put it away. I have cleaned the carb checked the stator side for water ingress and tried a new plug, nothing makes any difference. It idles really slow and seems to be missing a firing signal eg fires, misses one, fires again etc. The only thing I can find that alarms me is the sealant around the cdi box is showing a gap. I'm wondering if water has got in. It's perfectly dry now though, the damage may be done? Any body else had a similar symptom?
  7. apb

    Txt 321 Tank Cap

    Hi, Does anyone know of a replacement petrol tank cap for a 2000 TXT, I've lost mine (not on properly and flew off while the bike was being transported) DOH! and can't buy a new one anymore. Does anything else fit or do I have to stuff a rag in the hole (only joking)
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