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  1. That's a neat job owlit. Time hasn't been kind at the moment but when I do get a minute I may just shamefully copy yours!
  2. Anyone out there found a gear lever with the correct off set for a back kick 200. Something alloy with a sprung end would be ideal?
  3. Thumbs up for 6mm stainless rod! I also found a nice clevis for the brake lever end too. Bit of a fiddly job getting the least amount of bends in to safely clear the shocks and boot area but works a treat.
  4. Thanks for the replies folks. I'm an ex welder fabricator although it was 35 years ago! I was hoping I could find some modern wide ones that would just bolt in. I could make my own I suppose but custom ones may look nice but I'd have to make spares as well. When you bend one in the middle of a trial etc!!!
  5. Evening all. Do modern wide foot rests fit the standard Fantic hangers. I've just spent ages trying to find modern foot rest adverts that contain dimensions? Massive selection to chose from but no outside dimensions shown for the bracket end where the bolt slides through. I don't really want to take a punt on £35.00 foot rests and find I have to modify the frame and hangers.
  6. That's it done then, I'll give it a good test this weekend in my first trial for 17 years!
  7. I have a 200 Fantic with a really mashed up brake rod. Anybody know where I can get a new one? If not I'll make one, has stainless steel rod been used successfully bearing in mind the couple of bends needed to navigate the shock.
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