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  1. Using a Buzz Box to identify points to open at XXmm BTDC, Is it necessary to disconnect the black wire on top of points, and then connect one of the Buzz Box leads at this point?
  2. Where on air box did you fellows put additional air holes for intake? I got the RD intake and new reeds. So far so good!
  3. motosolex

    TY80 Bogging down ?

    Keep us posted. Could be pilot jet issues. Mine starts runs ok. As I ride it at near full throttle the engine skips out. I think it is a main jet prob. Any suggestions?.
  4. motosolex

    Cota 49

    Thank you. All of that makes sense. We are hopefully done with the engine and plan on putting it on frame soon. Our fingers are crossed.
  5. motosolex

    Cota 49

    If you could explain the kick mechanism. Gracias.
  6. motosolex

    Cota 49

    Hi fellows. Can anyone please describe in a nutshell how the kicker mechanism functions on the Cota49 ? All we have is this diagram to go by. On our Cota49 there is only one pedal.
  7. Anyone have a parts number description for the Cota49’s engine? It would be nice to know what all the lower engine engine parts are called.
  8. Any pictures on how one can mount the condenser under the tank?
  9. Any pics on how one can mount the condenser under the gas tank?
  10. Too bad. The posts you provide are great and helpful to us new guys. Take care.
  11. Beautiful. Did you seal inside? on ours we did not and the nice new paint almost immediately blistered. Arggghhh!
  12. Hi Phil. DM me with you email and I can send pics from our Clymer book.
  13. Did all that. Noticed some tank crud on tank side of fuel filter. Carb bowl was not too bad. But I think you are correct about tank debris. Time for a tank coat. I think maybe some super small debris may be the culprit. Thinking too about crank seal job Thanks.
  14. Yep already done. Complete carb rebuild. Used cleaner and air. Still same issue.
  15. TY80A takes a few kicks to get her going. Would not idle well or at all. Screwed the air screw practically all the way in. Runs better. If the air screw is all the way in, does this forcibly mean the pilot jet (34) is too small? Thanks.
  16. motosolex

    Cota 49

    Big Shiney Bike. Thanks The Cota49 motor is based on the JLO/ILO G50 Piano. My son (baures PDX) and I split the case and it looks like the top end and clutch need a redo! Any good sources of parts for the G50? Also any technical info on the engine would be appreciated. Thanks.
  17. Great info. If I recall (reed block not in sight), there is a rubber coating on reed block’s area where the reeds close. And you sand this away? Just want to be sure! Also, as far as I know, original reeds are in my TY175C Thanks!
  18. Hey fellows. Fitting new TDR reeds and the RD350 Intake Manifold onto my 175C. What mods are considered good on the existing TY175C Airbox for better air flow. Jetting issues from the mods? I have a 27.5 pilot jet available to replace the 25. And,....any tips on sandpaper-ing the reed cage ? thanks.
  19. Excellent tips. Any issues with the carb hitting up against anything? Any pictures since this was posted? thanks.
  20. Hi Kevin J

    I have a frustrating seep of oil from the left fork's Special Bolt after a fork rebuild. 

    I just can't get it tight enough. Can you please describe the tool you fabricated to assure a tight fit?

    thank you kindly. 


  21. motosolex

    240 coil

    We have spark! After basically rebuilding the whole stator and re-wireing plus new fasteners and a Ducati Energia CDI....we have a nice spark. Now a few fitment issues and she ought to go. Thanks to all the inputs from all of you! attached a nice flywheel timing picture
  22. Yep got you. It’s a methodical learning experience for my son and I, who are new at this. And, if nothing else, our experience will serve as a guide for the next person that’s interested and learning to deal with vintage bikes of this sort.
  23. Flywheel is off. The stator area was coated with a powdery-like corrosion. The plate mounting screws all needed to be extracted with success. The coils’ M4 (very hard metal!) screws all need to be drilled out, proving to be rather difficult. LT coil ohms reading is 693 Pick-up ohms is 40. Basically the stator plate needs to be rebuilt and rewired. Any ideas on removing these small screws (even a new left hand bit wouldn’t penetrate) and ohm readings? thank you.
  24. Ever get it situated? We are similarly working out a 240Pro no sparker. Any pointers from your experience appreciated.
  25. Thanks for all the tips. Excellent info. Thank you F240Motor. We have the puller ordered and as soon as we pull the f/w we will update our progress.
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