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  1. Well my rebuild of this little motor is done and back in the frame. It starts first kick and has a good spark but Boggs down in neutral when I twist the throttle. adding choke helps a lot but still Boggs when out under the slightest load. once warm it will bog down with or without choke on acceleration. ill change the fuel tomorrow and maybe check the plug, maybe pull the carb and check float height and jets any other ideas welcome please thsnks ron
  2. Sorted - after install and start up the gears work well.
  3. Nope I dont think I did assemble in neutral. Yes when the basket is rotated back the gear on the kick starter seems to engage with the idler gear and thats when it binds. I think that is normal ? Im rather concerned about gear selection now. I hope I dont have to split the cases again to fix ? Any advice would be great. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I've just rebuilt the engine on this 1980 TY80 and just put the crank cases toghether again along with clutch basket pushrod, primary gear mesh and shift mech. I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me with 1) The clucth basket outer will rotate anti clockwise which drives the crank clockwise but when I try to rotate the clutch basket outer clockwise it will go 1/4 turn before stopping. Is that normal ? 2) Should I be able to use the gear shift mech to select all gears by hand at this stage ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Engine now removed - will update with pics once rebuild in progress.
  6. I found one in the USA and also a used one in the UK. Was it difficult to replace ? I know the crank case needs to be split
  7. Wow thank you Tony that looks like its the one. I did find a bottom end for sale for £150 that has it fitted already but that is an old one where these are new and not subject to any wear. Time to decide whether or not the new shaft or take the old bottom end.
  8. Thanks Tony but that isn’t the correct part, the broken shaft is the idler gear shaft and I can’t even find the correct part number as it doesn’t appear on any of the parts lists I have found
  9. Hi All, how disappointed is my 9 year old kid. we picked up a TY80 today only to find that the idler gear shaft for the kickstart is snapped and the gear and part of the shaft just fell out. he was in tears and me almost. Now I find that the part is NLA !! Can anyone aassist with any kind of fix possible or is this engine now done for ? Thanks in advance. Rake
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