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  1. It is really difficult to find a bike like yours. I agree with you: do not make a cosmetic upgrade, it would be a crime.
  2. Yes. You have to take the gas tank out, and it's a tricky move because its lower side is divided in two sections that are connected with a rubber hose. Yes, ethanol will slowly destroy your fiberglass tank.
  3. It’s a second series 242.
  4. It seems to be very complete and in original condition. Not difficult to restore, except the wheels, whose rims are in bad condition. The problem with those bikes is the wheels. 17 inches the rear one and 20 for the front. Unusual measures nowadays to find a suitable tire.
  5. Have you painted the frame? If the answer is "yes", please note that you need to scratch at least one engine support and the place where the high tension coil is bolted. Another issue to check is the order of the insulation rings at the points and condenser screw.
  6. do you have any details on how the early montesa coat 25 front forks come apart?

    thank you



  7. If it had a fixed position, it wouldn't need to have an elliptical screw. You have to find the proper position for you gearbox. In fact, there's no need to dissasemble the selector when you open the cases, but if you did it so, you'll have to make some tests with several positions until you find every gear is properly engaged when shifting upwards and downwards.
  8. It's an excellent book, plenty of useful information. Go for it.
  9. im trying to fix the kick start on my 348 montesa trial.......i wrote to "feetupfun" about the problem....can you have a look there....im new and just learning how to use this site.......

  10. The only seal that needs to split the cases is the kickstarter one.
  11. Here you can find a simple tool to remove the pins: Después de mucho tiempo callado, una cosita rápida: herramienta para desmontar embragues Montesa After disasembling the plates, remove the wear scratches in the basket using an abrasive file.
  12. For some modern models (Cota 242, if I don't remember badly) there is a list for each page of the parts manual. I haven't seen one for the 349.
  13. Both. 51M is the common model for 348 (305.8) and 349 (349.6).
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