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  1. Thank you, the frame was powder coated so i'll start with that.
  2. Hi folks Any help would be appreciated, I'm currently refurbishing my Dad's 1974 Montesa Coat 247 and almost at the finishing line, i'd had issues with no spark at the plug but following a check of points, condenser and wiring I got a spark and had the bike running. So I finished the build (cases and covers on) and after getting the alloy tank pin holes welded, which is why the bike wasn't finished when I got it running I now find after sweating out a few kicks that there's no spark again. I have checked all the wiring connections again and all looks ok. The plug is brand new and when I stick a screwdriver in the plug cap i'm getting a good old dig up the arm. If anyone has any ideas i'd be most grateful. I'm also considering mounting the condenser underneath the tank, does anyone know how to do this, i've a brand new one sitting on the shelf.
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