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  1. Hi, yes it is a single lip seal. I replaced what was there before but if a double lip seal is the way to go Im happy to do that. I did check the main bearings and I could find no noticeable play on either side of the crank. This oil is definately coming from the primary side, it smells the same and the oil in the primary casing when I took it off was nearly zero and I have no other leaks from there. Yes, forgive me for not mentioning the exhaust smoke. It smokes a lot and the smoke is white. I haven't noticed the smell of it though. Tricky to know what if I should go for a crank rebuild here.
  2. Yes the oil is gritty but its like carbon or similar. Maybe Im looking at a full rebuild.
  3. There is no loss of oil in the gearbox though, only from the primary casing.
  4. I found that the amount of oil that had come from the primary side as there was next to none of the oil left in the primary casing. I have already changed the crank seals but this is still not working. Do I have the seal in the correct way? It was the same way as the one I took out. Is the gasket around the seal holder likely to be the culprit? I couldn't get my mic on the crank where the seal sits due to clearance issues but I did get my digital caliper on there and I measured it at 24.85mm. Seems a little small.
  5. If the crank is really worn that it will no longer give a tight enough fitment on the seal I guess I could have that machined and sleeve it.
  6. There were no springs when I removed the old seals but just a retaining ring. I did put a wipe of oil around the seal when I installed it.
  7. I have my left and right flywheels, not swimming, but there is a lot of oil on them as I turn the crank. If I wipe the oil off its on there again after one revolution. I have recently changed the crank seals, so this seems odd to me. Is this a sign that the crank seal is failing already or is it a possibility that somehow oil is getting through from the gearbox or somewhere else on the primary side? Thanks, Daniel. 1971 247 Cota
  8. Hi, I was looking to replace the piston and re-bore my '71. Piston kits look pretty pricey, am I missing something or is that just the way it is. The cheapest I've seen one is £175. Thanks, Daniel.
  9. I have been looking for information about changing the crank seals on the above bike but not found anything so far. I wonder if anyone could advise if these can be changed without splitting the cases or not. Thanks, Daniel.
  10. Been trying to find this but haven't got anywhere. Does anyone know the paint code or a modern code of the same colour? Thanks, Daniel.
  11. Andrew, forum says you cannot receive messages. My email is danielhowden@gmx.com Thanks, Daniel.
  12. Brilliant, thanks. PM sent.
  13. Hi, I have a '69 247, can anyone recommend fork oil weight and volume please? Thanks, Daniel
  14. This is a good shout. I have an Electrex ignition on my '68 TR6R and it has always been brilliant. I hadn't realised they did a kit for the Montesa so that will be on my wish list for the summer.
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