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  1. dabquickly

    199b manual

    Hi I need a 199b manual…. Anyone got a pdf they could share? Thanks nick
  2. Nigel, I believe they use trial bicycle tires but have not looked yet. Still no responses to my original question so next time I am in CA I am going to cut the bottom sping retainer off and see what happens....... fortunately we have fabricator / welders on hand to fix my transgressions
  3. do you have any details on how the early montesa coat 25 front forks come apart?

    thank you



  4. Hi Martin, Sorry to say yours is not a Comerfords Cub, I have a 67 Commerfords which I purchased in South Africa, there were two (2) brought into the country and one (1) is still there, mine is now in the USA. I have used it since 2008 in modern trials but, unfortunately I have "modernized" the steering angle and foot rest position but retained the oil tank and fuel tank. Should you want any photos please message me back and I will send them. Kind regards, Nick
  5. Can anyone help me please? I have an early cota 25 that needs some TLC..... I can not find any info on how to disassemble these front forks!
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