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  1. Thanks jonnyc21, I’d not noticed that the bulb can come out separately. Problem solved!
  2. Hi - I am looking to remove the headlight off my ‘21 Repsol 4RT and replace with a number board. It’s been suggested to me that the terminal block under the tank that takes the wiring from the headlight can just be unplugged, however this block has more than just the headlight wires going in to it. Can anyone help guide me in the right direction, please? Thanks.
  3. Hi Jon. Would be great to view your bike. Drop me a message to my email and will try and sort something out - martinhaggett@yahoo.co.uk
  4. Hi Alan, great looking bike, is it yours? Do you have any pics of the other side of it? Also do you know what width rear tyre is on it? Thanks, Martin.
  5. Going to be getting an MOT for my '61 Tiger Cub. Is a stand required for the MOT? I've checked through the MOT manual and can't see anything that says a stand is a) a part that requires testing, or b ) is required to perform the wheel checks as this can be done through a visual inspection.
  6. Yes, it's a genuine Comerfords Cub, I've got the paperwork for it, and the Tiger Cub Club have confirmed that it was supplied to and sold by Comerfords. I'll take a look on the web to see if I can find anymore pics.
  7. Hello, I'm restoring a 1962 Comerfords Tiger Cub. Has anyone got one of these so I can have some pictures? Just want to try and sort out what it should look like. Also, mine has a 4.00 rear tyre on it that rubs the swinging arm. Would the original bike have a had 3.50 or 3.75 tyre maybe? I know you can get wider rear frames. It if it came with standard width, I'd rather leave it like that. Thanks in advance! Martin.
  8. Thanks for the replies chaprs. I ride at Inter level and don't think I will ever make it to expert, so that's not too much of a concern!
  9. I may be moving to Cambridgeshire soon, around the Huntingdon area - what is the trials scene like around there?
  10. Was thinking of treating myself to a new helmet, as my NZI carbon one is about 10 years old now, and the lining is beginning to fall out! I like the look of the NAU ones - anyone got any feedback on what these are like? Cheers!
  11. I wouldn't mind going to watch this trial, but can't find Shennington anywhere, only Shenington (ie one 'n'). Is this where I should be looking? I have looked on the official regs and it has the double 'n'. Can anyone help? Cheers Martin
  12. Cheers for the info. Now I can get a copy. So long as Jack Burnicle isn't commentating, I'll be happy!
  13. Did CJB release a DVD of the 2006 SSDT? If so, does anyone know where I can get hold of it? I've got the 2005 DVD, and really enjoyed it. Cheers Martin
  14. OK, I'll give you my knowledge on this, as I have pulled my hair out for the last two years trying to get this done, and I am never going to buy an unregistered bike again! Though having said that, it is a fairly straight forward thing to do, so long as you have time on your hands (which I generally don't!). It will involve a trip to your local DVLA office. Depending on where you go, what day of the week it is, and seemingly any other factor like if it's raining or not will determine how easy the first process is. They will need to see a drivers license, two proofs of address identity, bill of sale for the bike (if you have one), insurance (which you will have to get initially on the chassis numbers) and most importantly a Certificate of Newness or a dating letter (any of the manufacturer importers can supply you with a CofN or dating letter - I contacted MRS Sherco for mine).You will also have to sign a Inland Revenue form stating that you have already paid VAT on it. They will submit your application, and may or may not ask to inspect the bike. If they do want to inspect your bike, you can either take it there (if you take it on the day of getting it registered, it will save you time), or they can come and visit you at home. The bike does not need to be road legal in any way for the DVLA to register it. All they do is check the seat height and ground clearance to confirm that it ie type approval exempt, nothing else like lights/horn etc is required. At the time of registering it, you pay
  15. By far the cheapest, not necessarily the easiest/quickest, way to get yourself some section markers, is to buy some big sheets of white card, and spray paint them blue and red. Then find yourself a stanley knife or guillotine and cut your markers out. This is what we do to mark out our club trials. Once you have done this, because they are spray painted, they get a semi waterproof coating, so they last for ages!
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