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  1. hi thanks for the reply it was running in the first place but would only tick over at very high revs otherwise it would cut out i had a look at the carb and decided because they were only £30 i would replace it it ran again but exactly the same as before. someone suggested it could be leaking crank seals so i have replaced them both there was a wood ruff key on the left hand side and that was intact but i could see nothing on the centrifugal clutch side no marks that i could see so i striped it replaced the seal and put it back together but since this it wont start theres fuel and a good spark. if you try kicking it for a bit with or without choke the plug seems wet it is a new one and i have tried swapping it for another no joy i used to be a car mechanic and thought this would be a piece of cake but its now driving me mad any suggestions much appreciated Phil
  2. Hi guys just wondering if anyone can help i have a beta rev 50 rev and go its about 2000 i have changed the crank seals both sides and it wont start there is fuel and spark but it wont go is there timing to adjust on these even though they are centrifugal clutch ? didn't see any marks any help would be much appreciated i have a young man desperate to charge round
  3. Hi this is all i have hope it helps Montesa_Cota_247_mk1_and_2_parts.pdf
  4. many thanks thats much appreciated nice book shame its not all in pdf?
  5. Thanks guys your help was much appreciated
  6. Hi guys new here but been riding cotas since 1975 i have a cota 247 mk2 1975 and insidw the outer cover on the gear change side is an elliptical adjuster but i dont know how its supposed to be set can anyone help please much appreciated in advance
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