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  1. barnesy

    Montesa 315 wheels

    Time Left: 13 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Montesa 315 DID wheels for sale, from later model 315 01 onward's. Ideal for practice or spare. Front wheel comes with new wavy disc. Will fit 4rt I believe. Price £350 plus postage circa £10.

    350.00 GBP

  2. barnesy

    Wheel Couriers

    Thanks for all your recommendations ..
  3. barnesy

    Wheel Couriers

    Hi, Could any one recommend a courier to ship a set of wheels (within UK) Cheers
  4. barnesy

    Montesa 348 repacking exhaust.

    Id be interested to hear how you get on Chappo as I'm considering doing the same on mine...
  5. barnesy

    Montesa 348 Cota, what carb is best nowadays ?

    Agreed not as transformative as changing the head angle, but as the standard affair is loose balls in a plastic race new tapered bearings made the steering a lot smoother on my bike. The old bearings were past their best probably but clean and well greased when I replaced them. Good mod IMHO for £30.
  6. barnesy

    Montesa 348 Cota, what carb is best nowadays ?

    +1 for the 26mm oko I put one on mine and it starts and runs very well... if you want it to turn better change the head stock bearings for modern roller type bearings it will transform the steering.
  7. barnesy

    Montesa Cota 330 owners.

    very nice how does the Puma bike ride compared to the standard bike?
  8. barnesy

    1978 cota 348 paint code

    That's great thanks for your advice ..
  9. barnesy

    1978 cota 348 paint code

    Hi All, I have a later model 348 (with the gold and black stripes) does anybody know what the paint code for the tank on this model is? Just got a new tank shelter and it looks a completely different colour from the original. Thanks Guy
  10. barnesy

    Hired a van

    I have been renting vans for a while as I did the same math's as section swept and couldn't make it add up (a van purchase). I used to pick up a van on a Saturday morning and drop it off on a Sunday evening, however that company doubled its prices so I went elsewhere and the other hire companies require you to drop the van off on a Monday morning which is a pain for me as I work away during the week and I'm normally away well before the hire shop opens. I've noticed a few people using citreon berlingos at trials (The cars not the van) so I've gone halfers on one of them with my old man as you can use them like a car when you dont need to transport a bike. You can take them to a tip as well (which you cant with a van where I live) . I reckon in a couple of years I'll have spent the same as hiring so I bit the bullet and bought one. As a BTW a way to decrease the cost of van hire is to buy your own excess insurance costs a lot less than the hire company.
  11. barnesy

    Cota 247 Primary Drive Gear Puller?

    Have a read of this post ..
  12. barnesy

    Montesa 315r gearbox oil change!!

    If you look under the gear shift lever you will see the drain bolt.. Cheers
  13. barnesy

    247 bash plate

    That's a very tidy piece of work.. I could do with a bash plate like that for my 348 !
  14. barnesy

    Good Trials Mechanic / Workshop near Wigan

    what about Sandiford Offroad cant be too far away? Bury I think..
  15. barnesy

    Montesa 315r oko carb

    Camb trials centre had some for sale on offer a couple of weeks back I'd give them a call..