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  1. That's what I did with mine (sent shoes off with the measurements as described above)
  2. I got the front brake relined on my 348 and its night and day compared to what it used to be ...
  3. barnesy

    Help needed

    I got a 349 rebuild article which was a copied from an old TMX, The rebuild was done by Sandiford's and is pretty comprehensive. Pops up every now and again on ebay. I go the 7mm allen keys of ebay as well. Hope that helps... cheers Guy
  4. In the same thread does anything go on the frame between that and the alloy tank? and is there meant to be foam or such like between the tank and the tank shelter. Just replaced a fibreglass tank with an alloy tank with fibreglass tank shelter on my bike and its a lot nosier presumably the tank vibrating against the frame?
  5. barnesy

    348 gold paint

    I've heard these are good 'Testors Enamel Markers' the gold is meant to be a good match, you can get them of ebay.
  6. I had the very same problem a few months ago when i repacked my exhaust, airbox off, rear mudguard off still couldn't refit exhaust, Take the coil off and hey presto it fits. The extra wiggle room with the coil off does the trick..
  7. I think the 248 and 349 engines are the same apart from the bore so you should be able to fit it. As an aside I turned down the counterweight on my 348 a bit to put less stress on the crank and get a better engine response.
  8. The decompressor is a valve that that goes in the second plug hole operated by a cable and a small lever on the bars. They are used to aid starting and and can be used as a brake on slippy descents as tend not to break traction You can still get them from twin shock trials shops HTH
  9. The second plug hole is for a decompressor, I'm not sure what the second filler cap in the swing arm is for.
  10. Yes just got the frame and engine number, cant recall off hand whether its 8 digits starts wth 51M
  11. In the same position with my 348 who are Ducks and how do you contact them?
  12. Hi Netley, I have the same problem on my 348 a leaking clutch case, how do you go about changing the seals on the gear selector and clutch actuator shafts.. Is it a big job? Thanks Guy
  13. if you are starting out the Lothian Trials club do good entry level events. The events are near Pencaitland which may be convenient for you if you are in the central belt
  14. Used to love going to his shop in Stockton when I was kid, tyre kicking and dreaming ..
  15. barnesy

    348 fork yokes

    A well know UK Bultaco parts supplier are breaking a 348 they may still have the the yokes available ..
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