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  1. I've had a 348 for a couple of years and once set up they are great bike to ride. turns well for a twin shock. Dont think it will be heavier than a 247 but defo more torque You can have them mild or wild depending on how you set up the ignition...
  2. All looks in place to me, I'd check selector mechanism first by loosing the three screws and the bolt on the right hand side. You can check the gears are ok by turning over the engine and putting a spanner on the square shaft in the middle of the star wheel.
  3. The first 200's came out in 81 the later 200 'c' model came out in 82. You can tell if you have a later bike as it had loops welded on to the frame to protect the engine cases and the tank seat unit was sighlt different over the top shock mount plus it had the later front hubs and mk2 amal.. Hope that helps..
  4. Hi Crankcase, if you are just starting out Lothian Trials club run good beginner trials one on this Sunday at Aikeyside near Gifford. There's also Glenlomond trials club who have a practice ground in Perth and Kinross. East neuk Wobblers run lots of trials and are very active, maybe ping them via facebook hope that helps
  5. I'd get genuine Honda ones slightly cheaper than SKF and good quality
  6. barnesy

    315 fuel/oil

    I'd second that 80:1 is about right ... Interested to hear what you think of your 315 after actually riding one?
  7. A couple of years ago I would have said dont bother as OEM parts were becoming scarce, nowadays you can get piston kits, rings, cranks etc and reproduction mudguards. Suspension on the later models is the same as 4rt. As said already most of wear items are readily available linkage bearings etc..
  8. Hi NFC, Unfortunately I think you will have to split the cases as the kickstart shaft is held in place by a circlip on the other side of the case and this looks to have dislodged. The kickstart shaft locates in a bronze bush in the other case and this can wear (as mine had) which may have contributed to the shaft dislodging. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...
  9. barnesy

    172 Questions…

    Hi I don't know a great deal about 172's but on my 348 the biggest bang for buck in terms of upgrades were: 1, Put modern roller type bearings in the headstock 2, Get a modern carb an OKO 24/26 will make starting and throttle response a lot better than the old amal that is probably worn out 3, You can get oversize green grip brake shoes that counter the hubs been worn from 40 years of riding hope that helps and not to expensive !!
  10. Got a nice letter back from the DVLA... unfortunately they have no details on there records for my bike. Will have to go through the long winded registration process if I want to confirm the manuals 68 mph top speed!!
  11. If you contact Honda I believe they will be able to give you one cheers B
  12. That's the form, letter and photos sent off .. Fox889 could I ask how long did it take to get a response? Cheers B
  13. Hi Fox889, thanks for getting back to me, I'll give it a shot and as you definetly worth the price of a second class stamp !!
  14. That's a result well worth the effort of writing the letter... Could I ask what office/department of the DVLA you wrote to ? Might give it a shot and see if my 348 was registered in a past life..
  15. Thanks for the info on painting, if I get a finish like yours I'll be very happy! And keep the pictures on the restoration coming...
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