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  1. Hi Just reading through some old posts on foot rest modification, I have a TLM and want to do the mod also what dimensions did you move it back? and down? Thanks
  2. wright4d

    RTL 250

    Hi Anyone know a good source for chain and sprockets also the correct spec chain length, gearing etc. etc I should be purchasing Thanks
  3. Hi, just got myself a TLM 260 and would be interested in contacting Tony King for some advice
  4. Hi All Looking to sell my 2011 Raga, it is registered as a 300cc but I have had fitted recently a new 250 Barrel, Piston and Head Insert. Runs great and so much less tiring to ride. Do you think I should put it back to 300cc to sell or just sell as a 250 but as long as I state it's registered as a 300cc should I be ok. Cheers
  5. Some years back I had water leaking from just below the water pump housing, I thought it was head gasket and had it changed but still leaking turned out to be the outer water pump seal which leaks into a cavity between the inner and outer seals and come out through a special hole to prevent water entering the cylinder
  6. I needed a new air box fastening countersunk screw for the gasser so looked on dealer websites and they are £1.20 plus postage each. Screwfix have stainless steel ones for £2.65 for a bag of 50. Is there something special about the originals or am I missing something. I like to give the business to the dealers but this is taking the p a bit.
  7. Once again a great trial well organised and supported, has anyone got any photo's to post or share?
  8. wright4d

    Gas Gas Decals

    Cheers bilks, just ordered a full set, I have had stuff from zone trial in the past but they are out of stock.
  9. wright4d

    Gas Gas Decals

    Hi All Anyone know where I can get a full set of 2011 Raga decals, time to freshen the old girl up a bit. I really would like to keep standard look but if I have to I would go for later years. Cheers
  10. Air box and rear mudguard Gas Gas
  11. Anyone know if and when it's happening in Manchester this year?
  12. No I still have it to put back to original state when I eventually sell it
  13. I've just done the opposite to a 2011 300 Gas Gas and just changed barrel, piston and head insert it's really straight forward so going your way should be no problem
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