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  1. Hi Do any of you guys know if a Nova declaration is required since the Majesty was produced in the UK and Nova is for vehicle arrivals Thanks
  2. Thanks for that, I bought an aluminium swing arm made by Kato from Japan and it was sold as for a TY250 but now it's arrive it looks like it is from a TY175 which your dimensions have confirmed. Many thanks
  3. Can any of you guys please tell me the width of the Yam TY 175 swing arm at the pivot point between the bushes and the length from the pivot point to the centre of the wheel spindle slot Thanks
  4. Any of you guys know whether Kato did an aluminium swing arm for the TY 250, I have seen one advertised but any of the pictures I have seen only show the 175's he did with one like it on them Thanks
  5. Does anyone know if you can just buy the mid box separately (I already have the tail pipe) or anyone selling one second hand?
  6. I've got a question for all you guys who've fitted after market front pipes to your Yamaha TY 250's (Majesty's or not) I see there are basically 3 variations, standard, long (where it exits goes to bike left side up then over and back to right side and short where it exists and comes up through the front framer tubes and back to middle box. What are the pro's and cons of each from a bike response / riding style perspective. Also is it a must to have the WEs mid box with either the long or short variation? Thanks
  7. Hi Just reading through some old posts on foot rest modification, I have a TLM and want to do the mod also what dimensions did you move it back? and down? Thanks
  8. wright4d

    RTL 250

    Hi Anyone know a good source for chain and sprockets also the correct spec chain length, gearing etc. etc I should be purchasing Thanks
  9. Hi, just got myself a TLM 260 and would be interested in contacting Tony King for some advice
  10. Hi All Looking to sell my 2011 Raga, it is registered as a 300cc but I have had fitted recently a new 250 Barrel, Piston and Head Insert. Runs great and so much less tiring to ride. Do you think I should put it back to 300cc to sell or just sell as a 250 but as long as I state it's registered as a 300cc should I be ok. Cheers
  11. Some years back I had water leaking from just below the water pump housing, I thought it was head gasket and had it changed but still leaking turned out to be the outer water pump seal which leaks into a cavity between the inner and outer seals and come out through a special hole to prevent water entering the cylinder
  12. I needed a new air box fastening countersunk screw for the gasser so looked on dealer websites and they are £1.20 plus postage each. Screwfix have stainless steel ones for £2.65 for a bag of 50. Is there something special about the originals or am I missing something. I like to give the business to the dealers but this is taking the p a bit.
  13. Once again a great trial well organised and supported, has anyone got any photo's to post or share?
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