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  1. Get in touch with motocarb and get the VM20 the smaller carb is better suited to the 199 cub.
  2. Shows Montesa 315 kickstart fitted from Max Hayes
  3. General thought is that the Dellorto 22mm is best but surely the 20mm version would be better suited, for the standard 199cc engine,but apparently this is unavailable now. I have searched around and Mikuni do a VM22 set up for the cub amd a VM20. I am tempted to try the 20mm version but there are no base settings for this, has anyone tried the Mikuni on a cub?
  4. Lee give Bob Gent a ring we both set our footrest's up with measurements from Nigel Birket who rode a works 200 back in the day. I think i went a bit lower and further back but have a feeling it was about an inch back and an inch lower
  5. Mine has done this in the past its just the timing that needs retarding slightly i altered mine by only a punch mark from where it was to sort it.
  6. Get hold of Max Hays he does a montesa 315 kickstart with a new kickstart spline its a fit and forget item. Someone on here will have his number?
  7. Soory but i disagree, in these days most people have internet access and there is no excuse for a club not to have their results on the web by the middle of the week following the trial. This was highlighted in one of Mike Rapleys colums recently. We all like to see where we finished and if we did better or worse than our mates, i can understand that some are not botherd about results but if we all felt like that then we might as well give up competing and just go practicing each weekend!
  8. From what i hear riders still have not recived any results? if thats the case 2 weeks after the event its pretty poor dont you think?
  9. any results from first sammy miller round?
  10. can anyone tell me how suitable the trial on friday at beckley is for fairly good twinshock/pre65 riders
  11. Have rebuilt mine a few times and have got the seals from local bearing supplier. 2.5 or 5 wt shock oil and you will need a mountain bike shock pump (
  12. Clutch Gasket 1193--437-000 Sump Plug O-Ring 91303-107-000 (35x3) Sprocket Shaft Outer Seal 91201-446-004 20x34x6 Anti Judder Kit 22125-KT7-750 22402-KW7-900 22201-KY1-000 Clutch Friction Plate (4) 22201-166-000 S/Arm Bush 52109 gc 5300 End Cap 52144 360 000 End Cap 52144 360 003 Sleeve 52121 kj 2 000 shoes 43120kb9015 Had this list of Honda parts numbers whan i had a 250 TLR some of you might find it usefull. I used them to get parts from my local Honda dealer. The anti judder kit is as fitted to CG 125 and it helps to smooth the clutch out. Gordon Farley Motorcycles were my main source of supply for bits as they seemed to know a fair bit about the TLR's
  13. can anyone post a picture of their footrest mounting brackets from , i think an 09 bike. It looks as though they bolt onto the alloy flat section and i am wondering if i can use them for a pre 65 project.
  14. been meaning to order some from ray for my cub when i enquired last year they were
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