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  1. Remove the clutch cover and pressure-plate. Push the rod, the small push rod with O-ring will come out on the other side. normally it is always possible to get the small rod out without removing clutch cover. Perhaps you are missing the ball between the two rods.
  2. I think you are missing the o-ring
  3. Bienvenue Claude. La langue française ... pas de problème.
  4. This is what i have made from a piece of 22mm central heating pipe
  5. The interface looks the same but internally different, it is not possible to use it for the 4RT or 300rr
  6. On the intake manifold. Take a look at the partslist, everything you want to know is there
  7. http://montesatrials.com.au/store/category/model/
  8. a possibility is https://www.123roulement.com/roulement-SAC2647-1-KOYO.php or https://www.123roulement.com/roulement-SF0581PX1-NTN.php ground the innerring to 9mm hight and you have a real copy of the original one.
  9. fantic303

    Swing arm bearings

    Look here : https://www.bearingstation.co.uk/products/Bearings/Bushes or https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/Products-Wrapped-Steel-Plain-Bushes/c4747_4531/index.html
  10. More to read Cota 4RT Full Power Version removal of the restrictions
  11. Bearing dimensions for the 303 headstock : 2x 20 x 43 x 13.25 https://www.123roulement.com/roulement-639177.php
  12. Three pictures the way i did it
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