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  1. I dont suppose anyone has the OEM part numbers for the injector and or TPS? Maybe a close up picture? Nothing is listed in the parts fiche. FYI, I just want to use the vertigo injector & TPS on another EFI project and need the specs. thanks
  2. Richard - thanks for checking and the specs. Lineaway - I will look into TRS.
  3. trialtrial

    TR280 fuel cap

    Anyone know of a cheap substitute for the TR280 fuel cap until I get a proper replacement? Up here in the GNW ordering parts take a long while to get here. Kinda need one by Saturday. Sheesh thats two days away. Does the Beta EVO fit?
  4. Looking for the cover that covers the engine sprocket. part number 11361-KJ2-000 Part #2 on the picture None available on ebay or from Honda. Well used is fine. Would love it if you were in Canada, but I am sure I can do anywhere... many thanks
  5. Hrmmm - after looking at the pics, where does the injector mount? On the throttle body or on the intake manifold?
  6. Hey All, I am doing an EFI project and want to use the Vertigo throttle body and TPS. Its a good price. Before I go ahead and purchase one, I want to check fitment. Does anyone have any pictures of one? More the better. thanks!
  7. I'd never use an MT43 for competition. Over here it is DOT so, maybe on a technical dual sport bike. But for competition, the Mich rules. D803GP and IRC are pretty good too.
  8. You dont. You look for a consistent and uniform spray pattern. If it is not consistent and uniform, it will manifest itself into a poor running engine.
  9. Here is a benchtop option for testing injectors and cleaning them at the same time.
  10. OK are there any electronic/computer geeks out there who have an OSSA TR280? I tried to buy the cable from an ex distributor and they wanted $650CAD ($500USD) - no way. I cannot find one for sale in elsewhere. BTwice does not respond. If I know the proper communications protocol, a cable could be made up for under $40CAD, which would include the connectors to the OSSA. After hunting around I was able to find out some information: Two of the four pins on the diagnostic connector are for power. The other two are for communications. Looking at a picture of the BTWICE cable (from USB) it shows some electronics for protocol conversion, but I cannot quite see any chip numbers. Looking at the factory cable. It has USB to DB9 (probably a RS232 converted), then DB9 to Kokusan Communcation Unit CS9701, then to the bike. Unfortunately I am unable to get my hands on a cable, so I can scope out the hardware signal. My best guess, from lowest to highest voltage is: TTL 3V TTL 5V RS232 RS485 I strongly doubt RS232, because the factory cable already comes with a USB to DB9 converter, which is likely RS232. This then gets fed into the KCU. So that leaves TTL or RS485. Sure wish I could get my hands on a cable to I could put a scope on it.
  11. I am just finishing up my restoration of my TLR200 reflex. Since I am not using the stock air filter - I am using the carb and uni filter from mid-atlantic trials, I need some type of mud flap/guard for the area between the stock mud guard, down to the swing arm. I am curious - have others encountered this? What did you do? I suppose I could just get some rubber sheet and put it in with quick ties...
  12. My SHowa shocks on my TLR200 have no damping. Although they are probably crappy shocks to begin with, I am trying to be cheap and not purchase Falcons or Rock Shocks. I was able to tear them down, which is good news, I am just wondering if someone else has done this and what have you inspected, replaced and most importantly - where did you get the parts. thanks!
  13. Mine came with 13-44. North American 1986 TLR200 Reflex. Of course it came with lights and signals, so was very much oriented to the street.
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