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  1. Hi I have acquired a 2013 gasgas 250 and the clutch is not disengaging , I have bled the system and it is still the same , I decided to take the cover off and take a look and couldn't see anything obvious , I I un done the basket but couldn't undo the pressure plates because of the odd size bolts , anyone have any ideas what it could be ,also what size socket or tool fits the pressure plate bolts. cheers
  2. are these the same size for a 2012 model?
  3. Hi just acquired a 2012 ossa tr280i but I have a couple of problems with it , firstly the linkage is showing signs of play ,looks like its coming from the centre bolt on the rocker , where can I buy new bushes and pins , also rear silencer is cracked badly so looks like I need to get that welded , but I'm guessing it will eventually fall apart again . also the rear wheel bearings are shot , does anybody know what size bearing they are ,? thanks in advance.
  4. Can anyone tell me baseline settings for the above bike ?
  5. sorry to here this , scumbags mate. hope you get it back.
  6. maybe its more of a problem with usd forks than conventional forks , but yes if the seals and bushes are not in good condition you will find out sooner than later strapping a bike down.
  7. Ive only just recently got my first trials bike so I've been using all my mx/enduro gear and to be honest I wouldn't feel comfortable in an open face lid,but having said that my arai gets a bit swetty and I reckon a mtb lid might be the answer. I'm not going to give up my body armour just yet as I'm beating myself up fairly good as it is
  8. Although new to trials I'm not so new to strapping bikes in back of vans, personally I don't like compressing the forks for long periods, I've seen a few premature seal failiures myself. if on a trailor I would use something similar to Michael t's solution,acerbis actually marketed something like this about 2o years ago. If in a van I would just simply stand bike beside the inside of the van and point front wheel towards the side its leaning ,I would use one strap from a secure point on the van side above handle bar height to the outside grip and back to another point on side of van. trick is to wrap the excess from the strap around the front brake lever aswell ,I used to load 2 bikes like this and would only take seconds and never budge
  9. Hi ,I'm new to trials but not competing just using it as a bit of enduro practice at the moment,I'm looking to get a new front tyre for my gasgas pro as its passed its best .I've found some mt43's on the net at a good price ,Is this because no one will touch them with a barge pole or are they ok?
  10. Hi there,as title says rubber boot on clutch keeps coming out , is there a knack or tip to keeping it in place ,I was thinking some silicone sealent?
  11. Just a thought but have you checked the fuel cap breather? only just seen your latest post so I guess You may of found the problem
  12. I adjusted fuel screw and plug is a nicer tan colour, still getting a noise but it seems more so when I'm in the top two gears
  13. thought I'd the easy things today so I checked the mains and seemed to be no play also had look through the exhaust port and piston and rings look in good condition. tightened the chain as that was a bit slack ,pulled the plug and that was a bit off white for my liking ,the fuel screw was about 2.5 turns out, so will look into that when I next run it up. I did notice the rear brake reservoir was touching the exhaust so that may have been vibrating on that, . If I ain't already cured it ,then next step will be checking the primary drive and then check the big end , hope its ok as I've only just bought it. would be nice to get some hours out of it before I split the cases
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