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  1. Cool thanks everyone for your replies i keep doing it as i have been. Seems by far the easiest way which is a bonus as my lack of technique leads to total exhaustion after a few hours practice .....
  2. Hey everyone quick question, i have been strapping my bike into van by putting front wheel up against bulkhead then running 2 ratchet strap from handlebars to anchor points left and right on bulkhead. Seemed pretty easy and held bike solid. Mate of mine said this is a no go as will damage front forks (presume because they under compression while transporting) But couple of other guys at club said its fine. Who is right ? Hopefully its fine as its def easiest way I've found to hold bike securely but if not how else does anyone strap bikes up? Thanks Matt
  3. Hey everyone quick question. I am a newbie and have been riding for last couple of months in my 20 year old Alpinestar tech 2 moto cross boots. I bought these when i had a couple of months in my twenties when i owned a crosser before someone nicked it from my garage and that was it for me and bikes until now LOL. I been advised by other riders to get some trials boots and i like the look of the Forma adventure trial boot. Anyone got any opinions on them? i seen a fair amount of info on here about the Forma Boulders but not the Adventures. Thanks for any advice , Matt
  4. Hi everyone and thanks for the replies,i decided to stick with the Techno. Did fancy the Serco but all the advice made sense. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone i going to order some Answer pads as recommended by roester thanks
  6. Hello to you in Maui ! How jealous of your destination am i ! Welcome to the club !
  7. Hi all i have got hold of a couple of used Osets for my kids and they are loving it ! No fear and plenty of confidence LOL. I slightly more worried. I had them at the trials club today on a training day and they did well but couple of falls on rocks bashed knees/elbows led to tears then couple of minutes later back up and off again. They fine but i now thinking do they need knee/elbow protectors? Obviously they have helmets/boots/gloves. How do knee protectors work with boots? I knew to trials myself so maybe i just over worried ? Any advice from other parents would be great i don't want them to be wrapped up in cotton wool just want to be sure i doing right by them. Many thanks for any thoughts Matt
  8. Hi everyone just hoping for a little advice, i am a total newbie at 43 to trials riding and bikes in general. 3 weeks ago i picked up an 95 250 beta techno to learn/play on for £600. condition ok but clutch is dragging and can't get neutral,plus fork seals gone. Can sort these issues i think but have just been offered an 04 290 sherco that is in great condition from a source i trust for £900. i wondering if i should switch to the sherco and put Beta back on e bay or spend the time / money on the techno? Any ideas ? What bike is ultimately going to be less hassle reliability wise and which is the better learner bike? Many thanks in advance for any guidance . All the best Matt
  9. Hi everyone my name is Matt i am 43 and new to trials. I thought it would be a good hobby for my kids so picked up a used 16" oset for them to mess around on,this soon multiplied into getting a 20" oset for my boys to have one each and we then ended up at our local trials club. After running around after them (exhausting ) and realising that maybe i not to old to have a go myself i picked up a 96 Beta Techno for £600 and have firmly been bitten by the trials bug. What a great way to spend a few hours and what a great bunch of people ! Not sure if i just lucky with my club or its the trials community in general but defiantly a friendly place. Anyhow just wanted to say hi sure i be looking for lots of info on here as i a total newbie to trials and motorbikes in general.
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