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  1. Hi people I’m in desperate help I have rebuilt a 2008 rev 50 for my son for Christmas I can start the bike first kick but it will not cut out using the lanyard kill switch can anyone take some pics of there wiring for me as I’m pretty desperate to get this working ASAP I’m not sure all connections are correct electrically thanks
  2. I have to admit the thing that boils my p*** is the saying. " in Immaculate condition" then you look at the pics and it is wrecked What the f--k
  3. They are cracking bikes and look awesome but they need to start the starting issue, it's really not good when you have old bikes starting first kick when warm, sometimes embarrassing and very frustrating
  4. It's so annoying when I was riding a section today it stalled twice or should I say I stalled it twice but couldn't re start it and carry on I had to push it away prop it against a tree and kick it over it took 4 or 5 attempts sometimes more not good really,I think I,ll speak to birketts and see if they can help or supply the kit . Apart from that the bike is superb nags of power but very smooth ??
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong eddie the evo has a carb the ossa has fuel injection and that's the difference they are terrible sometimes to start but fantastic when running far far better than any machine on the market
  6. Hi does anyone know where I can buy the easy start kit from for the ossa in the uk I have been out on the bike again today sometimes it starts first or second kick then sometimes in takes forever to start, apart from that the bike is awesome??thanks in advance Lee
  7. Oldf4rt did you get the shaft bush the dimensions are 14x20x51.5 that's the bush that sits inside the inner and outer bush
  8. The only part I can't find is the swingarm bush pins but I will keep hunting??
  9. Yeah they are definately gone. I would say they are a bush but they are called bearings on there description. As for people saying about dealers having to make money I understand that but dealers only do the same thing as I'm doing so why should I let them make the kit up when I'm quite capable of making a kit up through a little research.
  10. I,ll give them a call I was hoping to get part numbers so that I can stay clear of main dealers, the costs they charge are extorsionate I bought my lost lot for a scorpa separately from companies that just deal in bearings etc and saved about £60 so was hoping to do the same thanks
  11. Hi does anyone know what bearings and bushes are needed for the swingarm thanks Lee
  12. Hi Wayne pics would be helpful also if that would be ok
  13. Thanks mick that's a massive help, I have looked at the lanyard killswitch and it looks like one has a bullet connector and one has a ring what is the purpose of the ring?do I just cut these and join them in series with my existing wiring?
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