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  1. Excellent, thanks for that @pjc That's the best lead I've had so far. Have contacted the club. Cheers
  2. Hi all. I'm interested to speak to the above with a regards to a possible film project about the TY80. Does anyone have a contact for them? Please don't post their details on here, you can contact me at landandskymedia@gmail.com Thanks very much Dom
  3. Decided to get the TY running the very best we can and do some more structured training to get his confidence up rather than paying big money for a new bike. The TY is a great little bike. Cheers for the all the advice
  4. Thanks very much for that. Plenty to think about. Sadly I can't afford a brand new Beta, if I got one it would have to be second hand so all that is good to know. I'm in Kendal so Inch Perfect Trials isn't far away, I may see if I can take him there for a day.
  5. Hoping for a bit of advice from those who might have had similar experience. I bought my son a TY80 a couple of years ago (just as I had when I was his age). He is 11 now. Although he has enjoyed it, he has never become very confident on it and struggles with clutch and gear shifting. I remember finding shifting difficult on my TY when I was a kid. The TY is actually quite small for him now but he still doesn't find it easy to ride. We have also had reliability issues with the TY and I don't have lots of time or enough knowledge to be fixing a servicing it all the time (and I don't particularly want to either). With all this in mind I'm considering selling the TY and getting him a modern bike like a Beta80 or similar. But I would like to be a bit more sure about whether this will make a difference (given that they are expensive things). I ride a modern bike so I know reliability wise it will be better (as long as it's a good bike). Will a modern bike be easier for him to ride than a TY? Will the clutch and gear shifting be easier, allowing him to gain confidence and get more enjoyment out of it? I've even considered getting him a 80cc motorcross bike as it may be more enjoyable for a kid his age and his ability? Is there anywhere I could take him to try out a modern bike for a few hours? Any thoughts would be welcome. Cheers
  6. Thanks Tugg. No sign as yet but here's hoping.
  7. I was followed by a white Transit van in the Penrith area on Friday evening (I didn't know they were following me at the time of course). I stopped at Go Outdoors, reversing the back of my van up against the wall so the bike on the rack couldn't be seen, and went in to use the toilet. It was underneath a security camera but it couldn't identify a reg or the men involved. Within 2 mins the bike was gone and bundled in to a van. It was a dark blue Scorpa SY 250 in good condition. If you visit someone to buy a bike that matches this description please let me know on here. Thanks
  8. Thanks very much for your help so far guys. Much appreciated. The Frame number is - 1K6 - 072841 and the engine number - 525 - 105207 From the link posted by bilks it does seem to suggest it is a 125 frame.
  9. Hi Folks. Very new to to this so looking for a bit of help from people who know about TYs. I had a TY80 as a kid but haven't had a bike since then. Bought an 80 for my boy at christmas and have just picked up a cheap TY175 off Gumtree for myself. Worried I have been a bit hasty as it needs more work than I thought initially. Anyway these are the things I'm wondering. 1. The frame has some lugs and fixing points on that I haven't seen on any other TY frames. Does anyone know what these are? Is there any chance the frame is from a different bike or am I just worrying? 2. It has come with a Sammy Miller tank and seat combo. Am I right in thinking that this is an upgrade and it will have come with a metal tank originally? I prefer the metal tank so if I decide to do the work on the bike I would be looking to put a metal tank back on as long as it fits correctly. 3. Can anyone tell me what model TY175 it is? 4. Is there somewhere on the web you can input frame and engine numbers to check year and origin etc? I have uploaded some pics of the bike below if you want to have a look. Any help would be much appreciated! Many thanks
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