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  1. Banyeres product looks superb, beautifully finished price are restrictive for this miserable person (stuck in the 80'S) but it looks that they must have modified the pump internals to made it fit
  2. Just looking of the possibility to create a flat tank with similar fuel capacity the current fuel pump take most of the room
  3. after taking the oil catcher bottle and pluming away I think there is room at the head stock to bury a fuel pump there is two wires for the pump ebay sells a selection of pressurised pumps for under £20 I'm just wondering if it possible, flat tank with similar fuel capacity
  4. Just wondering if anyone has fitted a external fuel pump to the 4rt to replace the internal one in the tank
  5. Thanks for that can you remember the name of the guy in inch perfect that done the work ?
  6. Cheers for that looks the same software, but it only needs one plug, the cable I have required two plugs I wonder if the PTB part number is the same as nn4 ic27 16400-nn4-m71
  7. The rider of the Montesa 300 rr previously owned 300 Gasgas with all the mods, TRS 300, moving to the 300 rr and the different way it makes power I agreed that the 300 RR is the best Montesa to date Looks like he will need to work with what has, I would doubt that any off the shelf product would help Disappointed that the PTB isn't remapping can give an extra boost in areas that customer deems lacking
  8. I Phoned Micky Oats in Scotland he told me only by the factory in japan but indicated the new 2020 model will be programable
  9. I have successfully remapped many 4rts 250, 260 various yrs tried with my kit to read data from the 300 rr without success 05 and 07 software twin throttle body nn4 ic27 16400-nn4-m71 can anyone advise Cheers in advance
  10. rubber tube from crank casing to swingarm what happen was the pressure had build up making the clutch lever hard if you leave the bike stopped for 10 minutes does the clutch level work ?
  11. I had that before with my sons bike the engine breather was blocked
  12. Thanks will start ringing around on Monday looks like the head breather tube was connected to the air filter box instead of the crank breather tube Would that be enough to pop the seal?
  13. Rubber seal part number 12312-nn4-000 the bike popped and the seal disappeared of the bike today cant find the seal Has anyone came across this before ? Possibly down to the head breather blocked Anything else I need to check ? Need to track down the part
  14. Sorry guys So any pads will do my local bike shop only sell EBC my brake could be better
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