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  1. Thanks jimmyl, I’ll have to get the Showa spindle and Speedo drive then.
  2. I have a 2015 4rt standard. Ive been offered some Showa forks from a repsol model. Does anyone know if I fit the forks, is the front spindle the same for the tech and Showa forks?
  3. If you suspect blow by. A simple check on the colour of the spark plug and a compression test will confirm it for you. Then you’d just have to investigate if it’s rings or an exhaust valve. If that’s all good and you think it’s coolant, pressure test the cooling system. OR drain and replace with new coolant at right mixture OR replace with something like Evans waterless coolant (it’s oil based with no water content, so it won’t create any steam).
  4. I have one fitted!! H&D have a video of my bike on their Facebook page. In my opinion, it’s unbelievable value for money and I’m not afraid of dropping the bike (compared to, if I’d bought a termi system ?). Sounds awesome (a deeper tone) and smooths out the bottom end. Im also in the process of playing around with a few different maps.
  5. All sorted now, with thanks to teddybattye ?? Much appreciated
  6. Hi Jimmyl, what windows system do I need to be running? I have tried it on windows 7 32bit but it I’m struggling to install the software. This is is all the files on the disc that I bought. also in the pics are the problems I’m having when trying to open the 07 application. So I’ve potentially been sold the wrong stuff, using the wrong version of Windows or need to install some sort of software to be able to open these files....... anyone that could point ne in the right direction??
  7. So..... I’ve got the parts fitted to the bike and the disc in my laptop. From what I’ve read, I’ll need a 12v battery too? Will the software auto start when everything is plugged in? Basically, I don’t want to mess anything up and need someone to walk me through it once.
  8. I know this subject has been covered lots and lots and lots and lots of times before. However, I’m looking for someone local to me that has the experience with the mapping software. I have fitted the twin map throttle body, switch, have the cables and software............. is there anyone in the Herefordshire area that has used the software before and wouldn’t mind helping me out??? thanks in advance, Sam
  9. Take the rear mudguard off and look on top of the throttle body.
  10. I've got a 2012 beta 80. When I bought the bike, I stripped it down to have a good look and clean up. Now I have the bike back together, it runs but the revs hang on for a few seconds and the throttle response is boggy. Do anyone know the standard settings for this carb? Especially the mixture screw.
  11. 2015 4rt front brake master cylinder leaking (braketech) never had the cap off or caught the brake lever hard enough for it to pop any seals. Break still works and isn't spongey. Its leaking from the tiny hole on the cap (when the brake is applied) Has anyone had any problems with break tech cylinders?
  12. There is a complete kit on eBay, to transform a 4rt to the 4Ride. It's not cheap mind....... Almost £3k
  13. I have good tyres, attend a trials school every year and exercise at least 3 times per week. To me, the R16V has always seemed very stiff and assumed it would bed in.... It has slightly but still don't get any real feedback from the rear and really have to work it. The only reason I'm thinking of buying the ohlins is that I would rather improve my bike than buy, what is basically, the same bike with new graphics and a longer kickstart.
  14. I have a 2015 4rt (standard) fitted with a twin map PTB. I'm toying with the idea of either buying a new 2017 4rt, or spending the £1500-£2000 it would cost to upgrade on mods for my 15. Keeping in mind that I already have a PTB. What mods would you want for your 4rt, if you had £2k to spend?? Flat tank? Ohlins rear shock? Termignoni exhaust? Mitani exhaust (front pipe or full system)? Shock link plates? Different anodised "bling"? The list is endless! But if you had the 2k what would you buy?
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