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  1. Sorted now managed to get an alloy bar to lock internals, came sort straight away. Thanks for all the advice
  2. Thanks illtry again tommorow
  3. its to get the forks apart I should have mentioned that. I did try a cordless impact gun on the allen bolt and that just spun. Previously that's worked fine on other sets of forks. Itsas if it needs some sort of tubular spanner to go down the forks.
  4. Hi having done rev3 sherco and gas gas before I thought I'd tackle the forkseal in 2018 factory 250. Icant get the allen key to stop spinning in one leg I'm guessing I need a tool to hold nut in tube. And other leg has red anodized nut and dont want to bugger it up. Any advise welcome thanks in advance.
  5. Hi does anyone know what size copper exhaust gasket i need for my montesa 247s. both bikes need them as currently they have none. Any advice greatfully recieved. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for all the advice reset timing, points and earth and its away!!
  7. Thanks, ill check it tommorow if i have a suitable puller amongst the collection.
  8. https://www.motorcycle-manual.com/montesa/ there is a basic free owners manual there. Id also love a workshop manual
  9. HI, I've cleaned the carb and freed the slide which was sticking. Spark looks strong but appears to be flooding as its wet when i pull it out. It wasnt running well before i cleaned the carb, it seemed to kick back a bit and would start but only for a moment. I was thinking the woodruff key may have sheared. Any advice welcome.
  10. I currently have a length of flexible steel hose joining a motocross tailpipe and normal bantam exhaust. I would like a middle silencer box to fit roughly where a traditional airbox would go. Any recommendations Any advice welcome
  11. Stupid question, try without clutch pulled in. Mine doesnt engage with clutch in
  12. Hi,

    Were you able to straighten out your fan/headlight problem. I am experiencing the same and do not have an answer. I need to remove the headlight to fit a number plate. When I did this, the fan would not work.



  13. Hi is this wired correctly as the fan wasn't working. Mapping is brown and yellow to black and yell/red. There are two multi plugs that both fit the other appears to come out of regulator and is red and black. Any help appreciated
  14. pulled Woodruff key and replaced as matter of course , cleaned carb but not checked reed valves as yet. thanks for the help so far
  15. Thanks for all the ideas I will check today or tomoz and post findings hopefully something simple like this
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