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  1. The bike is great on grippy stuff but spins up too easy on anything slippery. Any advice on adding base gaskets or preferably retarding ignition. Bike is as standard. Any help appreciated.
  2. My lad has stripped clutch down to put new tophat in but got this silver coloured tapered washer left. Where does it go please. GAS GAS factory 2014 250 Any help welcome
  3. zippy, it is indeed the selector shaft spring sorry was the spring. I'm hoping the circlip groove isn't damaged on the end of the shaft as the circlip had come off. Does anyone know if the shaft can be simply pulled out to replace it's a 2014 factory replica with the bolt and washer bearing retainer on the end of the shaft. Great news about the hole being ok.(maybe could have been finished better at the casting stage) Does the alloy kickstart positioning bush go on tapered edge downwards?
  4. Any ideas whether this hole will cause an issue or not?
  5. I think this may be the issue luckily no major damage.
  6. Cheers for the rapid reply, I will venture out to the garage now and try and get it out.
  7. the four mm allen bolt holding the basket on is very tight is it normal thread. I even bought a fresh allen key bit to not strip it. Thanks
  8. Thanks Ill look at that first sounds very probably it
  9. Kick does move piston but it does feel like something has jammed. The gear lever although floppy will engage gears if back wheel moved
  10. Factory replica 14. Lad dropped my bike on gearlever and stopped bike straight away. No strange noises. It now has a gear lever that moves up and down with no restriction. The kickstart is also tight. I've took head off piston and barrel fine. I was thinking some of gear shaft broken and jammed it up some how. Any advice very welcome
  11. Sorted now managed to get an alloy bar to lock internals, came sort straight away. Thanks for all the advice
  12. Thanks illtry again tommorow
  13. its to get the forks apart I should have mentioned that. I did try a cordless impact gun on the allen bolt and that just spun. Previously that's worked fine on other sets of forks. Itsas if it needs some sort of tubular spanner to go down the forks.
  14. Hi having done rev3 sherco and gas gas before I thought I'd tackle the forkseal in 2018 factory 250. Icant get the allen key to stop spinning in one leg I'm guessing I need a tool to hold nut in tube. And other leg has red anodized nut and dont want to bugger it up. Any advise welcome thanks in advance.
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