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  1. 24R Jr coming soon. Wondering about top speed? I intend to ride trials type terrain and trails, so speed is not an issue. Just curious,
  2. Had a 2006 Rev 3 250. Not really a fan of that one, but here is where I would start... 115 main, 52 pilot, needle 2nd from top, 1.5 to 2.5 turns out on mixture screw. Good luck.
  3. After 3 years and lots of tuning, I decided to try something different with my 2014 125 converted to a 225. The problem, imho, is actually that some of the various ignition systems that GG has used over the years requires a very fast kick from tdc to produce adequate spark for starting. A new carb won't improve that. But when you kick it "right" better fueling improves cold starting slightly. Hot starts on the other hand are much better and more consistent. Unsure why or how it's different from the Dellorto other than the OKO uses an air mix screw, Dellorto uses a fuel screw. 40 years of Moto's and still learning, please school me if I'm getting it wrong. At 65 multiple kicks at every section 3 loops was killing me.
  4. My 2014 GG225 was a bear to start or re-start. Chunked the Dellorto and replaced it with an Taiwanese OKO/Kehein clone. Much better, hot or cold. Was it necessary? No. Worth the trouble? Definitely.
  5. Total clutch pack thickness is critical to the GG clutch and diaphragm finger height. Can't recall the numbers but someone will be along shortly who knows, i'm sure. Also, try 75w "LIght" Silkolene or something similar.
  6. So, my experience on a much heavier trail bike, both trails and dual sport. I have destroyed nearly all of the true trials tires at various pressures from 5-12 psi. Michelin, Mitas, IRC, Dunlap did slightly better but still not acceptable. Mt-43, not a true, soft, radial TT but closer will last close to 1000 miles at 5-6 psi. You could probably get by at 4-5 psi on a 4Ride. Also, doesn't walk sideways like a true radial TT.
  7. Dellorto carb? May be water in the float bowl. My 2014 w/dellorto was delivered with out vent elbows or tubes. Every wash, water in the float bowl.
  8. No experience with Evo 300 4Ts but most fuel screws have a series of tiny washer, spring and o-ring in the needle end. If those are missing or installed in the wrong order they can cause the type of problems you describe.
  9. What a cool conversion and very nicely done. I'd love to know the actual weight as well? Any guess as to the actual difference in the weights of the motors?
  10. atomant, it's nice that you are curious, but.... Do you think the new owner is making an approximately 30 million euro investment without a viable plan? And, unless you own stock, what difference does it make to you?
  11. The bike in the thread referenced is mine. Bought new in 2014 and converted to 225 Spring 2015, Dellorto carb. Started with 36 pilot @ 3 turns out on the fuel screw, 110 main, Needle clip 3rd down. Ran fine but very dirty (rich) and poppy. After much testing, 30 pilot fuel screw 2.5 turns out, 106 main, needle clip 3rd down. Much cleaner, no overheating, pulls smoothly off the bottom, revs out well, never a "lean ping." Overalled my class last weekend's 2 day @ 3600' elevation (1200' @ home). Will be testing a 32 or 33 pilot in the future to see if it improves bottom end power. I would have thought 36 to 30 was too much change but it works surprisingly well. My guess is that the wide, nearly 2 mm, squish from the 225 kit results in very low compression allowing very lean pilot to work well. I use Belray H1-R full syn @ 80:1 and BPR-5-IR iridum plug.
  12. Have there been any factory GG 200's since 2010?
  13. Dab, I have a 2014 125 Pro. How does the external fork preload work? One side (red collar) or both? I can't find information on the fork external preload anywhere. Thanks.
  14. krazyosucowboy

    4T Surging?

    No experience with the Beta 4t but surging on a 4t is generally related to a lean condition. First thing I would try is raising the needle and possible a richer pilot.
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