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    Any news on the winners. My guess is Dabill, Price then Richardson.
  2. dowsonm

    Rear wheel spacers

    JSP - what size are the front wheel bearings - the same as the rear?
  3. Thanks for the feedback everybody (well, maybe not evoalien!! )
  4. I collect my 2017 Combat Camo this weekend and wondered what owners think is the best way to mount a number board? Or is it better to just tape the number over the light?
  5. Billy - the 2010 bike has a washer in addition to the O-ring so maybe they removed it on later models. It is shown on the parts diagram: Thanks for the feedback so far. Not there yet, but still trying things to improve the bike's running.
  6. Thanks for the reply billyt. By "mixture screw" I meant the fuel mixture screw and I bought a standard one form the UK importers. I agree it is a pig to get at so will consider getting the US version or I think Jitsie also make one. Can you say that if this screw is set incorrectly that it has a significant impact on performance? Also, how can you tell which way round the air filter boot goes? I spent a lot of time looking at the one I removed and the new one and concluded that it was symmetrical - but happy to be shown the correct way round. Thanks again. Mike
  7. Looking for some advice with my 2010 Evo 300 4T. The bike has been running fine for some time, but at a trial few weeks ago the carb had come loose from the engine when the rear boot to the airbox had failed. I got it reconnected and it did run for a while, but stalled in a section so I retired. I have replaced the boot to the air box and stripped the carb to blow out the jets and also fitted a new mixture screw. The bike now starts OK, especially when cold but as I ride it, if I hold the throttle slightly open the bike will judder and stall. If you get past the low revs it will rev OK. After a few minutes at tick-over the bike will usually stall. Another thing I did notice was that when I have the bike on a paddock stand it ran OK, but when I then lifted it off, the movement of the bike seemed to start the symptoms – maybe something to do with the fuel supply or float? I have tried the adjust the air screw using a type of right angle screwdriver – is it possible that the wrong setting (I was running it at 2 turns out) can make such a difference? All feedback welcomed. Thanks Mike
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