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  1. jsp

    Oil seal

    sorry the work was carried out by Vertigo Uk but I think they fitted and older style primary shaft cover with the vent build in
  2. jsp

    Oil seal

    yes that's the one, I cant take a photo as I've not got that bike now
  3. jsp

    Swingarm removal

    a friend of mine who has a lathe and a bit of spare time to make this for me which in conjunction with a m20 bolt will just pull the axis's out
  4. I find my 19 likes a tiny bit of throttle when starting
  5. jsp

    Vertigo suspension

    thanks tcrhino, I never got round to it this weekend as when I took my frame guards off behind them was full of sand and mud in the swinging arm bolt holes so I didn't fancy doing it when it wasn't 100% clean so I'll take them off this weekend after riding and and give it a good wash then look at it this weekend. I ended up doing the oil and air filter and the air box so it wasn't a total loss.
  6. jsp

    Vertigo suspension

    Evening, I’m planning on greasing and checking my rear suspension this weekend and it’s a while since I’ve done one, has one got any advice as to what order I strip it all down in ????
  7. jsp

    Vertical R 2020

    my 2019 DL12 dosent have an intercooler its just a plain hose so maybe its the whole idea of having an intercooler that's new ???
  8. jsp

    Show your Vertigo

    new DL12 2019 250cc
  9. jsp

    Vertical R 2020

    looking at facebook its been launched to the importers last weekend but not to the general public yet
  10. jsp

    New 200 !!

    someone must have one as didn't BVM have a 200cc at there test day at the back end of last year. maybe vertigo uk still have it as a demo bike
  11. John I have a Fajardo 250 and mine takes about the same amount of kicks yours does to start, I've checked my rear shock and it was set up correctly
  12. jsp

    New vertigo

    I'd love to have a new Vertigo but the problem I have is the current second hand prices I know of 2 fajardo replicias for sale locally a 300cc for £4500 and a 250cc for £3990 and both these bikes are in excellent condition, but for a bike that cost £7295 and isnt 2 years old yet is a massive drop, or maybe its just me ????
  13. jsp

    New vertigo

    I've just had another look and its the yellow fork decals that look out of place to me everything else works with each other
  14. jsp

    New vertigo

    Whats everyones thoughts on this ? I'm not over keen on the colours but if you look at what you get extra for the couple of hundred quid over a std bike its a bargin http://vertigomotors.com/en/news/?fbclid=IwAR1nm5uf6QDJ98e-trRia8GUVU-QbH4rF7wmeb1iW1x37Mm-mUKy5hk5yB8
  15. Agreed, I had a beta 4t which started to pop and fart an bork out under load took it to beta and they sorted it out but couldnt tell me what they had done to sort it as they had done a few things to it which was the last straw for me so I changed it for an Ossa, I had two Ossa's with no issues with the injection system on either bikes, and I'm having the same experience with my vertigo
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