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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224399369443?hash=item343f3ea4e3:g:NnIAAOSwpaZbh62Z https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234167615907?hash=item36857a41a3:g:s4EAAOSwLBlc7n1U
  2. jsp

    How to adjust idle?

    I've always been told to adjust it on the throttle stop
  3. http://www.shopvertigotrial.com/?lang=en see if the factory will send them to you
  4. i got a box of assorted o rings and mine are fitted where the green circles are
  5. Peter just out of interest what was your previous bike to the R2
  6. have you got a link to this review ???
  7. email the factory and see if they can help aftersales@vertigomotors.com
  8. jsp

    Are vertigo any good

    not sure why its noisy but also not sure why that would put you off buying one ????
  9. jsp

    Are vertigo any good

    I'm on my second vertigo I did have a few issues with my 17 bike, but my 19 bike is a year old with no issues at all. I'll be having another.
  10. jsp

    Swingarm removal

    I havent collected this one yet to make sure it works, once I have I'll ask him for a price
  11. jsp

    Oil seal

    sorry the work was carried out by Vertigo Uk but I think they fitted and older style primary shaft cover with the vent build in
  12. jsp

    Oil seal

    yes that's the one, I cant take a photo as I've not got that bike now
  13. jsp

    Swingarm removal

    a friend of mine who has a lathe and a bit of spare time to make this for me which in conjunction with a m20 bolt will just pull the axis's out
  14. I find my 19 likes a tiny bit of throttle when starting
  15. jsp

    Vertigo suspension

    thanks tcrhino, I never got round to it this weekend as when I took my frame guards off behind them was full of sand and mud in the swinging arm bolt holes so I didn't fancy doing it when it wasn't 100% clean so I'll take them off this weekend after riding and and give it a good wash then look at it this weekend. I ended up doing the oil and air filter and the air box so it wasn't a total loss.
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