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  1. Suspension

    tcrhino, whats it like getting the rear shock off the bike ? I've had all the back end apart and the swinging arm off but not the shocker
  2. Suspension

    I've had another look and the bolts looks a lot more worn than it is I think it may be shadow on the photo I took. but checking yours wont do any harm
  3. Suspension

    I was changing my rear wheel and I’ve noticed some play in the rear end which is coming from the bottom shocker bolt, I tried to tighten it up and it turns out the bolt has snapped
  4. Suspension

    I'm not convinced I'd be getting a much better bike than I have already if I changed mine, Plus I know of someone trying to sell there Fajardo replica as he's bought the DL12 and its gone from £5250 to £4995 and now its £4795 which is a massive drop for a bike that was £7300 about 16 months ago !!!
  5. Suspension

    I've had a bit of a tweak on the front end and I'm now just trying it out. I know someone that totally changes the front fork springs and oil but I'm not sure I want to go that far. I only find it a bit harsh when your knocking on from section to section. I've heard that the DL12 was a bit gutless and flat with out the new programable ecu fitted and some adjustments made
  6. BOOTS!

    speak to Andrew Jackson at Jacksons Shoes in Mirfiled he replaced mine for me I did have you source the soles, which you cant seem to get from anywhere in the UK. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173444268873 https://www.alexfactory.it/en/sidi-trial-boots-sole?gmc_currency=6&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIr6bun9m13QIVzbvtCh1M1AOzEAQYAyABEgICLfD_BwE#/35-color-black/11-size-eu42_uk8_us9
  7. Oil seal

    I've changed the seal for a new SKF one and had run round on it for 20 mins or so and it didnt leak and hasnt since so touch wood the new seal has sorted it
  8. Oil seal

    Do these seals just come out with the shaft in place ?
  9. Oil seal

    Got to give it a try, it will do my head in leaking all the time
  10. Oil seal

  11. Oil seal

    Mines never done it before, but I have had an issue with oil coming out of the breather pipe in to the airbox, I’ve now got two breathers fitted one on the kick start side where it should be and one on the sprocket side where they where on the earlier bikes and that’s stopped it coming out the breather
  12. Oil seal

    I’ve got a small oil leak coming from the seal around the gear shaft, it’s on the vertigo parts list as a lip seal is this just a standard oil seal ?
  13. Suspension

    And it was reasonably priced compared to the 17 ice hell
  14. Suspension

    Maybe so but at the moment I’m not changing mine to lose a big chunk of money, the bikes spot on in every other way and I’m sure I can improve it to what I need
  15. Suspension

    the DL12 only has the 2 way reiger shock and my fajardo has a few extras that the DL12 dosent have on it