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  1. Thought this might interest the vertigo peeps: https://trials.com.au/news/ep-54-dougie-lampkin--the-champion-ambassador-legend-5456
  2. Bought a 2019 DL 250 Vertigo after having 18 months on a 2016 Sherco Factory 250. There are a number of veritgo's at my club and the guy I bought it off was his 2nd vertigo. Consensus from asking around before I switched brands were that they tend go through spark plugs and so they are worth changing them every 6 months as a preventative measure rather wait for them to fail. Other than that, all reports were positive with no major issues to be aware of. The DL in particular seems a much better sorted bike than the standard and was a noticeable improvement over the Sherco. More of my thoughts here:
  3. I'm in the same situation, 3 weeks ago I picked up a 2019 Vertigo DL 250cc that's only 9 months old. I've been riding 18 months in total. My first bike for that 18 months was a 2016 factory Sherco 250cc, but I've riden almost every other persons bike at my trials club so I have some points of comparison. I've found it a great bike and very quickly adjusted to it. I have adjusted the rear spring rate up to account for my weight (90kgs) but am waiting to do the front (parts ordered). In the two or 3 rides since I've got it, I have noticed: I am more confident attacking obstacles I am immediately in front of (normally I'd have needed more of a run up). This has been in part the fly wheel weight and linear power delivery allows me to get up AND over things in a more controlled manner. It feels lighter (not weighed it) and feels like I can throw it around more. I can't really hop and nose wheelie, but the small attempts on it feel more natural. Suspension even though not fully dialed in is an upgrade (sherco had tech forks but not as nice as the ones on the DL and ohlins rears shock) Cons: The fan is noisy Maintenance is an art in such tight spaces (changing a spark plug required air box removal, removing the rear shock requires removing the rear brake leaver) Ignore the manual in parts....manual says spark plug should be a BPMR6A, but it fouled a plug first time out...should run a BPMR4A that runs hotter (as per forums here) Other Observations: Standard spring rates on the rear shock are higher than usual. A friend of mine who helped me with the suspension suspects this is due to the fact the shock doesn't travel as far through the stroke as on other trials bikes. Overall travel is equal at the rear axle, but shorter at the shock. I was considering a 2nd hand TRS Gold 250cc (also a 2019)...but was concerned it was 'too nice' and I would be reluctant to try things for fear of scratching it or breaking it! I really like 4 strokes and the other bike I was tempted to get was a 2017 Beta Factory 300CC, but it was offered at a time when I wasn't in a position to take it up. I've tried the 300 Combat 2019 edition and didn't like it...too snappy and abrupt power delivery. I'm sure it could have been tuned to suit or just run it in the rain mode, but the DL on the other hand (although also a 250 so you need to allow for that) feels better due to fly wheel weight and tuning. 300 might be snappier and suit someone more experienced, but for my abilities I'm really glad to have the 250cc. I've only had 3 weeks but if I had to buy another bike tomorrow, I'd buy another Vertigo Dougie Lampkin edition...I feel like a better rider already.
  4. Hi, I'm the proud owner of a 2nd hand 2019 DL 250. I'm new to the brand and am discovering the fan is a little noisy. I've been told by the importer that this is normal for vertigos. I also know the prior owner and am told this is normal from him as well. I'm looking at testing some aftermarket options that are quieter. I want to disrupt the existing wiring loom as little as possible, so I'm looking to acquire some of these connectors so I can test out a few options. Anyone know what they are called or where I can get some? Regards, David.
  5. This podcast might interest a few here: https://trials.com.au/news/ep-22-toby-martyn-and-that-character-building-2018-season-5214
  6. Here is one...funny accents though! ? https://pod.co/trials-australia
  7. Thanks @proper. I really enjoyed following this.
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