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  1. Oset 16 Shopping List

    Thanks for the info Scott. Could you give a bit more detail as to where to get a Pico, whatever that is, and what's invloved to fit it? Does it smooth out that harsh power delivery from a standstill? I have emailed both Oset and Steve Saunders about trying to get this sorted but no reply from either as of yet. Regards, Chris.
  2. Sheffield Indoor Trial 2016

    Thanks Hillary. The tickets are booked and so is the hotel for the Saturday night. How organised am I? Never been before and I can't wait.
  3. Sheffield Indoor Trial 2016

    Just planning ahead.....would anyone care to share how much the tickets sell for, and also what time the event usually starts/finishes? The arena is about 3 hours drive from me. I want to take the offspring so if it starts early we can stay over on the Friday, but if it's a late finisher it would be better to stay on the Saturday. I don't fancy driving there and back in one day. I would be tired and grumpy so god knows what the 7 year old would be like. Thanks, Chris.
  4. Sheffield Indoor Trial 2016

    Thanks Andy, you're a good egg.
  5. Yes Yes I Know I Know....

  6. Sheffield Indoor Trial 2016

    Glad I saw this topic.....I am itching to go and have a look see.
  7. Yes Yes I Know I Know....

    Thanks for the replies all. I thought that seeing as though I've got to take it apart again, I might as well do it properly, so I have ordered a rebuild kit from SplatShop for the front and rear calipers with nice new pads. If it all goes tits up I will just keep it to myself and hide in a corner until it all goes away. Chris.
  8. Riding A 250 Trials Bike On The Road At 17

    +1 for this....took the link right out of my hands. Had mine done a few months ago for the first time, so for the MOT - It needs to be road worthy, obviously. A continuous horn (eBay £8). Mounted behind my front number board. A speedo is not required for an MOT but it is a legal requirement if you want to ride on the road. A legal size number plate that is "permanently attached to the bike"...cable tied onto your backpack doesn't count, trust me! No lights required but if the bike does have them fitted then they have to work. On your tyres it might state "For off road use only in USA and Canada" on them. As long as they are in good condition all will be well......unless you're in the USA or Canada. Regards, Chris.
  9. Yes Yes I Know I Know....

    ....yet another stupid AJP brake related question. But please allow me to indulge you. Ok, so, my rear brake is crap...it worked (just) but was pretty pants. So I looked in to the problem, ie made things worse, so now it doesnt work at all! Cue the abuse. Go on I deserve it. So there is nice fresh fluid in the system. Pads are fine. Discs are fine. The system has been bled.....originally back filled via the bleed nipple on the caliper and then today from the resevoir tube (to ensure the master sylinder gets filled) as suggested in another similar post. The caliper seals are in good condition. No corrosion or debris in the caliper.....but those cheeky pistons just dont seem to want to budge when the pedal is depressed. I am assuming that the master cylinder is ok due to the fluid being pumped out of the bleed nipple when there is pressure on the brake lever. Am I missing something obvious or does it sound like caliper rebuild time with new pistons? I noticed earlier that one pad is slightly more worn than the other which suggests a siezed caliper but seems odd that it now fails to work at all. I have learnt my lesson with regards brake systems but please feel free to be sarcastic and judgemental. Regards, Chris.
  10. Oset 16 Shopping List

    Hello, I was hoping someone might be able to write me a shopping list for what I need to install one of those controllers to enable smooth power delivery from a standstill. I will hopefully be getting someone else to install the controller as electrics really aren't my bag baby. Looking at my local bike shop, BVM or perhaps just an auto electrician at a push. If someone can oblige in time for the unwrapping on Christmas day that would be great. Regards, Chris.
  11. +1 for this. As soon as I am done I wrap a small bungy cord around the clutch lever and handlebars. Clutch plates haven't stuck since. I can just kick, eventually (I get too excited), engage and go. Lovely looking bike by the way. Chris.
  12. Boots

    I had (and still have) a pair of Alpinestars Tech 6's back in the day for the motocross bikes so I felt confident in ordering Alpinestars No Stop boots. I knew the correct size would fit, even with Thor socks, and that they would be comfortable. I read a lot of posts by people having sizing issues with various different makes. Some too small, some too big, having to return and order a size bigger etc. Seeing as I was unable to get to a dealer that stocked the various different makes and models stated above, it was important to me that I could be confident in the size seeing as though I was ordering via the internet. The No Stop boots are comfortable, sizing comes up true to your regular size and are nice and light....but then I have no experience of any other brand. To be honest, if you can't make it to a shop that has all the different makes in stock available to try on side by side, any of the above mentioned boots would probably be fine......it all comes down to cash. Chris.
  13. Podcast Anyone?

    Evening all, Does anyone know of any Podcasts that are Trial bike related? I listen to a few Podcasts about Olympic Weightlifting which I find really helps to motivate me, and I've learned so much from them. I thought that if there was one which had a focus on Trials I would love to know about it. Thanks, Chris.
  14. Going Backwards

    Eh? Thanks for taking the time to write that 'dadof2', a bit over my head if I'm honest. I called BVM earlier so hopefully I'll be able to get it booked in for some alone time with someone who knows what they are doing. Was hoping to pop up Zona1 and have a play/fall off lots bank holiday Monday, but might have to give that a miss. Thanks for all the help chaps. Chris.
  15. Going Backwards

    Rather than starting this up again in the Sherco section asking for help, does anyone have any advice with where to start first with regards sorting this out? I'd like to fix it myself if possible so an 'Idiots Guide' walk through would be much appreciated if someone has the time to spare.