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  1. Thanks for the opinions. Ill wait for 1 or two more guys who know the 125 to chime in, then ill spill the beans on what i have hear.
  2. I just went through all this. I had to rebuild my rear caliper and for the life of me still could not get a brake pedal Here is a tip from Ryan young that worked wonders and gave me a brake. With all the lines connected still take the rear master cylinder off and bolt it exactly where it goes but to the OUTSIDE of the frame. ITs like having a 3rd hand. Take a dull object like a larger phillips screwdriver and push the piston in a few times and hold it. DONT MOVE NOW Take a wrench and crack the banjo bolt loose on the top of the master cylinder and finish pushing the piston in until it stops. Tighten the banjo bolt and repeat. Do that 4 or 5 times and you will have a brake. I did mine every which way including back bleeding with a syringe and still could not get a brake pedal. Ryan told me this and it worked instantly Give it a shot!
  3. Hey all Please listen to this engine and tell me what you think Im not going to tell you the details of the engine until after i get a few opinions on it that way it does not change your opinion. Please only comment if you have or have had a 125. If your ridding a 300 and never even seen a 125 please don't say anything. The 125 always sounds different then a 300 so please don't comment with "well my (300,290,250,200) sounds like this". Im just trying to get some honest opinions here If you think it sounds just fine then say that too.
  4. I don't know what the pressure should be but i assume you mean after one kick? obviously the more times you kick it the higher you should read. I have an off topic question for you though. does your 125 sound like hell most of the time? Most 125,s i have heard always sound like crap compared to my 300 cabestany and other bigger bore bikes. Im trying to figure out if its normal or not. I also have an 08 125 besides my 300
  5. Whats wrong with a new ossa, they look really nice but I've never ridden one
  6. It i th Kehin carb on this bike 52 sound crazy to me also Im not sure why my local sherco said that is what to run but its throttle response is definatly crap. The other thing i noticed is the air screw is 3-4 turns out now with that giant pilot. I was also told if it takes that much air screw then the pilot is wrong
  7. I did think of that actually. No fly wheel weight though. I know the spacer ur talking about Mine does not have one i dunno, maybe its normal. Ive never ridden any other trials bike except mine so maybe its perfectly normal
  8. Thanks Just filled her up as directed and gave it ago Seems to run fine Im still trying to get a little bit more throttle response. Where are you guys typically setting the air screw on these bikes? I feel like my pilot just is insanely large My local sherco go told me to put a 52 pilot in because they like them super rich down bottom. Is that because we are hardly moving and the bikes is always really hot? If it were super hot and lean i could see that being an issue. Is that kinda the idea here? Right now I'm running 52 pilot, and 118 main. I ride 7-8k elevation regularly I just feel like its very slow revving compared to my ktm is all Like it sorta drags its ass to the top of the rpm range. Just installed a fresh plug also
  9. Got me a syringe today. Will give this a go and see if i can blow up my engine! Will get exactly 1 gallon and do exactly 48CC of oil Thanks for the help
  10. Cool thanks So seems like most of you are on the 70 or 80 to 1 program? The other issue i keep having is i oil leaking from my header pipe. I replaced the seal in there and it still does it. Its much much worse when i go into the mountains way up high where the bike is running very very rich so i know its a mixture issue. I rejetted and that helped the leaking a lot but still does it some. I think the root cause is my 50:1 mix
  11. automagp68

    New Sherco 125

    nice! lucky girl! wish my dad bought me a new bike at 14! Your a great dad!
  12. Nice thanks for the info how did you figure out the calculation out of curiosity?
  13. so is it expected that my 50:1 feels like total crap?
  14. Ok so i must admit never run a bike this lean. Is 70:1 really the going ratio for these machines I tried my 50:1 i run in my KTM and i can just tell its to much. Its just oil every where and feels sluggish on throttle response. Does not smoke to bad on the 50:1 but i can just tell its to much Bike is properly jetted for my altitude My quick mix cup does not even go to 70:1 Is that what you guys are all running?
  15. What say you? Left or right side? I noticed mine was on the throttle hand but 90% i have seen on clutch hand? Is one more correct then the other? personal preference?
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