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  1. Our local rule is 5 seconds and it is a five - not sure what the rule is in Belgium hard to say from the video as you can't see what scores they are getting.
  2. Looks good to me, 5 different lines of difficulty something to challenge all levels of ability - some pretty good riders to - especially nice to see young riders taking part.
  3. I am no videographer and there was no rhyme or reason to what I captured, really just tried to get a few clips from each section. I will say to me this really shows what local trials is all about – People of all different capabilities challenging themselves and having fun with fellow riders. For me watching Andrea working the clutch on a steep little corner, not stalling and getting through the section with a big smile on her face is just as much about our sport as watching Toni Bou tackling what most might see as impossible sections. We really try hard to have sections for all abilities to have fun with. https://youtu.be/XJVLxqrNLCY
  4. I would say if you are just messing around to see how far you can lean the bike ...etc then you don't need to worry too much about covering the brake. As you get more familiar with the bike and riding I would work towards being able to cover the brake as it will come in handy in the sections - At least with the EM you don't have to worry about stalling
  5. Haven't posted for a while but given these interesting times figured I would share our event from this past weekend. Given that the border between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick is closed (because of the Covid virus) we ended up holding an event in each Province and combining the scores. Not ideal but hopefully the border will open soon and the rest of our events can be held with riders from both provinces in one location. The weather was fantastic in both locations and the sections were really amazing - you know you can clean them but end up dropping a points but feeling you will clear it next time. We had 6 sections but rode them in both directions so counted them as 12. The advantage being you would always finish where you started and that would be in a wide open space to allow for social distancing. Here is a video I tossed together from the NS event (Province limited gathering to 10 people) only 9 riders in the video because I didn't video myself
  6. One great thing about the people of the world is that we are all different. Some people like participating, some like officiating, some like spectating, some like organizing and promoting, and lots of people have no interest at all. It can also depend on how a person is feeling on any given day. I read some place that most people really only have time for 3 things 1-family/friends, 2-work, 3-one hobby (maybe not in that order) . I don't really agree and usually have 3 or 4 hobbies on the go but it is something to think about. Most days I check out this forum and ADV rider a few trials blogs and numerous facebook trials related sites. I have an email list with about 80 people on it that I send updates about local trials events and I never see any of them responding to things on forums (they may be just out there spectating the conversations) and of the 80 I am happy if 20 show up for any given event. Everyone has there own interests its just nice that we have a place to share our thoughts and opinions (if we want to) about a very niche sport we all enjoy in our own ways . Morning ramble over ?
  7. Our Provincial Gov is asking for a plan for getting sports back up and running. We have had good luck getting flat water paddling and sailing approved - Going to work on a plan for trials tonight and hopefully get it approved... of course who knows if anyone will come (we struggled getting riders even before Covid :).
  8. I posted a little April fools video for a little fun - after 2 days I looked at the demographics seems we are a bunch of old guys... I realize that isn't true but the few that are not in that category are less than 1% - at least according to however YouTube figures that out.
  9. Had a little test event on Zoom last weekend... this was the figure 8 challenge (was supposed to be 3 figure eights in a 10X15 space). We also did a static balance challenge - engine off so we could heckle each other :). Have a long list of other possible challenges... Just like a real event it does get harder when you string tape and have a camera on you and nerves kick in a little. Really just a little fun and a reason to get the bike out for a bit. Edited the video at the end to speed things up a bit ? https://youtu.be/9Fx1D_64YV8
  10. As long as you don't touch something then touch your face without washing your hands you should be pretty safe so keep 6ft away from everyone keep your gloves on and give your hands a good wash after the event I think it should all be manageable at some point in the future. I think the best I have heard was from a young person calling into the local news to "ask the expert" and asked "if the virus only lasts a few days and we have all been staying home for weeks how come it is still here?" - Answer - "Well we haven't ALL been staying home".
  11. Still loving my 2015 - It was the last year of the reversed fuel tank but has worked great for me !
  12. Stats posted... based on Youtube
  13. Decided to try something new in the backyard … Edit - Video removed as it was just for April Fools :). Some interesting stats from posting a trials video for 2 days...
  14. It looks super easy but it is NOT! Another good video from Pat but having somebody show you in person is even better...
  15. michael_t

    Future of Gasgas

    Interesting to see an expanding line of GG bikes...
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