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  1. Can you imagine telling Usain Bolt to run in army boots because he was too fast and made the other runners feel uncompetitive. Does the fact that somebody can run as fast as he can really deter people from going out for a run with their mates? I really feel it is a sad state of affairs these days when young people give up sport at an early age because they figure they will never beat the best. I think we should put way more emphasis on getting more people out and enjoying giving it their best, instead of putting all the focus on one or 2 top performers. I have seen lots of cases where a second place finisher looks like he has just lost everything in life and the last place finisher looks happier than a pig in **** for being able to complete the race - In my mind last place finisher is often the real winner (and not just because it is usually me )
  2. I wouldn't count on that ….
  3. Worth noting that if you turn on closed captions (cc) with the little cc symbol on the bottom of a youtube video you can set auto translate to English - unfortunately the translations are not always that great but it is better than nothing if you are watching videos in foreign languages... even come in handy if it is a Scott talking - LOL !
  4. My assumption would be that Yamaha would go with their electric not 4T and if I could buy one right now (for a reasonable price) it would certainly be high on the list. I'm surprised Sherco isn't more popular I really like mine and would buy another if I was buying one today but I haven't had the pleasure of trying the TRS yet.
  5. michael_t

    Dream bikes

    Yep I would add that to my list... Almost got an EM before going with the ST250 but I had worked on a prototype electric trials bike with the local university and the no real clutch was a deal breaker for me.
  6. michael_t

    Dream bikes

    If money was no object I think I would buy one of each and spend my days riding them until a favorite came to light... but for now I like to just dream about when that day comes. I am however extremely happy with my ST250 as it is more than capable of anything I want it to do and very forgiving when I ask it to do something I don't want it to - LOL!
  7. Yep perfectly normal. My first attempt on a trials bike (after plenty of years riding other bikes) I went to change gears and not used to removing my foot from the peg to change gear I some how managed to go over the handle bars... still not sure how it happened but it was in the parking lot at the dealer so was more than a little embarrassing. I find that falling off is great learning but best done on soft ground watch any trials event and you will see experts falling all over the place... the fact that you didn't fall off was probably the scarier part, I find rolling around on the ground is often less stressful than staying on the bike. On soft ground letting your bike go will do it very little harm and often the best option after a while you will get a better feel for things and will fall off less and then start trying harder stuff which will lead to falling off more - All good fun
  8. I find that putting it in 4th gear and rocking it back and forth with the clutch in (engine off) typically frees it up... but I like the Velcro idea.
  9. Welcome... I have an X-Ride but don't ride it as much as my ST250. Some good insights can be found here: http://shercoforum.com/index.php?topic=86.0
  10. Sounds like a great weekend! 17 hr drive from my house isn't in the cards for me... but maybe when I retire from my day job :).
  11. Sorry to hear that... hope to see you back sometime in the future.
  12. That makes a bit more sense, I actually have a cousin who lives in the UK and despite having a mint classic DB7 he trades in his newer model Aston Martin each couple of years for a newer one (I find it a bit hard to relate to him as well some days). From what I understand when Torrot bought GG a few years ago they totally changed the way they import/distribute bikes. Here in North America there is now just one importer/distributor for both the US and Canada and they handle both Enduro and Trials bikes. As I understand it they are Torrot employees compared to the old days when the importer was more independent and decided to buy a certain number of bikes and then move them through their dealer network. This is simply what I have gleaned from the internet and not sure if it the same in the UK? If it is true there are good and bad aspects to this approach but the bottom line is that it is different and for people used to having things a certain way it will take some time for everyone to figure things out... hopefully it will be better in the long run but my guess is (like any good company) Torrot will need to listen to its people closest to the customers if they want to truly succeed. Just my 2 pennies...
  13. I'm confused you regularly trade in 911's, Margins are not an issue for you, You are looking to trade in a bike that is 6 months old for a newer model... but you are upset that you aren't getting a better deal.... and you are thinking that despite riding GG for the last 10yrs Beta would be better to deal with??? Maybe I have had a few too many pints but I just don't get it .
  14. Yep the dealers are moving out the 2018 Montesas here as well - but no 2019 are being brought in (as far as I can tell) - not sure what that is going to do for resale if Honda stop selling them in North American dealers...
  15. Just great that they were able to address it so quickly... nice thing about working with a small company eager to please their customers.
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