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  1. I have a pair of these that I like as they have knee protection built in (and don't make me look fatter than I already am). About — Up and Over Trials
  2. We have them in Canada too... 2021 EVO 200 | Beta Canada
  3. Welcome, You may also have luck finding Texan's on the Adv Rider forum - https://advrider.com/f/forums/trials.73/ the wider net you through the better your chances
  4. Hi Frank, The Canadian Beta distributor has very kindly offered to bring along an extra bike for you if you want to join us Sunday. Given the people who have said they are coming we will likely have a Beta 200 2T, 250 2T, 300 2t, 300 4t, and my Sherco 250 2T... plus whoever else might show up :). - He also mentioned the 300 4t demo is the last one they have.
  5. Always happy to share my bike... sent you a PM :).
  6. Hi Frank, Be sure to check out the Maritime Trials Riders here in Nova Scotia we are actually having a fun ride day this Sunday in Elmsdale. The Canadian distributor for Beta is in Nova Scotia and very supportive with bring out demo bikes plus most of us are willing to let people try our bikes. We had our last trials event last weekend but we may have an indoor event this winter... and there is always next season :).
  7. the body position one doesn't really talk about wheelies but there are some good points in this one and you can see people rolling there ankle as suggested...
  8. There is a video out there about body position but might not be what you are looking for
  9. Yeah Dad was posted in Norfolk (with NATO) and we lived in Virginia Beach. It was an interesting time as it was the days of "bussing" which was a really tough racial social experiment and the draft dodgers had just been granted whatever it was that let them return to the States, so as soon as you told people you were from Canada they just figured your Dad was a draft dodger - not very popular in a Navy / Airforce town (typically led to getting a good beating). I did however get my first dirt bike and my first hand gun so it wasn't all bad.
  10. Yes I have to admit that here in NS our life is very protected and I probably should not have chimed in (oh well). Dad was in the Navy when I was growing up and I did live in many places around the world (even a year of junior high school in Virginia Beach) so I do have a bit of an appreciation for how good we have it. It just seems so scary to see a person with no real gun sense waving a gun around at people on the news little lone a political party encouraging that sort of thing. Full disclosure - My Great grandmother actually shot her husband because he "might" have been unfaithful... shot him in the groin - but he got so upset about being shot she shot him again and killed him. I have always enjoyed shooting but believe poor gun handling should not be encouraged as it can have really bad outcomes.
  11. I guess when the couple was on there and she was saying something like "You can get a gun and go on youtube to learn how to use it" and her husband replies with "that's right hunny" It seemed more like an SNL skit. We recently had a guy here who bought a bunch of guns illegally and a couple of police cars then went out shooting people (Killed 22 - shot 13 burned the others in their homes). Just hate to see anybody promoting poor firearm safety.
  12. Yeah... it is always very tough to tell the real story from the news. I know I have been involved in a few incidents and when they showed up on the news it wasn't close to what really happened. If this crowd was breaking into peoples houses and beating them up I could see why you would want to protect yourself... but it seemed more like they where walking down the road to protest in front of the mayors house - but maybe they had a lynching rope and where going to string the mayor up... the whole thing seems so crazy when looking at it on tv because its a bit of a foreign concept (we don't have any gated communities here) - I was watching it as part of the Republican National Convention so not exactly sure how true it was.
  13. "beating up white folks" ... really ? not sure what the news is showing in Australia but there is a fair bit of coverage around here of people getting shot and killed by white folks.
  14. I try not to be too political but watching the RNC the other night I just couldn't figure out why they had a couple on there saying they are worried that they might lose the right to point loaded weapons at people who are walking by their house unarmed... around here I get worried I might not have enough cold beer in the fridge to offer people who are walking by on a hot day ??? ... I guess it just gets a lot hotter where they live - makes people more cranky I guess.
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