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  1. Decided to try something new in the backyard …
  2. It looks super easy but it is NOT! Another good video from Pat but having somebody show you in person is even better...
  3. michael_t

    Future of Gasgas

    Interesting to see an expanding line of GG bikes...
  4. I don't think they shut down the revs "before" letting go of the clutch... I believe they feather the clutch out to control how big the hit is. Basically you are controlling the speed and acceleration with the clutch not the throttle... but I am no expert :).
  5. michael_t

    2013 Map Switch

    It has been awhile - I had actually forgot the switch was even there LOL!
  6. Here are 3 pages (just one example) from the trials forum on ADVrider (I'm MT007 over there as Michael_t was taken ) https://advrider.com/f/threads/bar-risers-or-high-handlebars-and-why-not.1298416/#post-34918641
  7. There have been lots of threads on bar risers and it always seems to come down to regardless how tall you are … Dougie Lampkin is often used as an example the stock bar height makes for the best geometry (maybe if you have really long legs and short arms they might be needed but assuming you are of usual proportions). If you find yourself a bit cramped you might look at rolling your bars forward a bit. I'm 6'1" and another rider suggested this one day and I was surprised what a difference it made.
  8. Hopping is all about getting the rhythm (like on a pogo stick) deep knee bends.
  9. I doubt it... but it is tougher than it looks and is a good core work out. To be honest if I spent the amount of time it is going to take learning to ride it on the trials bike instead I would probably be better off as far as my trials riding goes... but it is fun to try something new and is a unique challenge, I have a new respect for people who can actually ride a unicycle - although a lot of them seem to be clowns ?.
  10. A turning point for me was having the bars turned and putting the front wheel against a curb or rock in the driveway so I could push against the rock a little... it was just enough to allow me to better balance until my body got used to the balance point. I haven't come up with anything similar on the unicycle so just keep falling over until hopefully I get onto it... It does take a lot of time but once you get it it seems to stick with you so well worth the investment IMO :).
  11. Hadn't really though of it like that and inn the video they actually do stop a few times on a log which would be super hard to do. I will say if the bike is moving it is WAY easier than when it is not and if the motor is running it is a bit easier than if it is not. I remember a guy driving a street bike into a parking lot one evening and drove in with no issues but when he got off the bike he was so drunk he didn't have enough balance to even walk straight … yes there was some heavy drinking involved but my point is a moving bike is much different than a still one as far as balancing goes
  12. Sorry that I am just seeing this, I don't check here as often as I used to. My parents place is in Falmouth which is right next door to you and there are a few riders in Hantsport… hope to see you out at a few events next season. If you want to send me your email I can add you to the Maritime Trials Riders email list. Cheers, Michael
  13. I do think working on static balance is a great thing as having a good sense of balance and core strength can only help with balancing your bike in lots of situations. I will however note that in the above examples - you don't typically put your front tire onto the top of an obstacle and balance before hoping up onto it you usually push your front tire into the obstacle just below the top and the pressure of the bike pushing forward against the obstacle really helps your balance... you could practice this as having the bike jammed into something is good to get used to and comes in handy. Riding on a straight log or narrow board isn't so much about static balance (as the wheels are moving) it is much more about focusing at the end of the log so you keep going straight, Can't really think of a situation were you wouldn't be able to turn the wheel at least one way... which is why it is really important to practice turning it both ways equally :). BTW … I bought a unicycle last week which is also a good way to work on your balance and core strength - and your ability to fall over and get back up again... over and over again.
  14. I have really enjoyed my 2015 ST250 from new and have no plans to replace it anytime soon. The gas cap in the rear does need to be clean before you open it but not a big deal. The clutch sticks it has been sitting for a while but frees up easily if you rock it back and forth a few times in 4th gear (common issue on lots of trials bikes).
  15. Can you imagine telling Usain Bolt to run in army boots because he was too fast and made the other runners feel uncompetitive. Does the fact that somebody can run as fast as he can really deter people from going out for a run with their mates? I really feel it is a sad state of affairs these days when young people give up sport at an early age because they figure they will never beat the best. I think we should put way more emphasis on getting more people out and enjoying giving it their best, instead of putting all the focus on one or 2 top performers. I have seen lots of cases where a second place finisher looks like he has just lost everything in life and the last place finisher looks happier than a pig in **** for being able to complete the race - In my mind last place finisher is often the real winner (and not just because it is usually me )
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