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  1. This year we just let people static balance on the bikes after the show... My bike just seemed much happier with this scenario...
  2. After doing a trials demo at the local motorcycle show on the weekend (here in Nova Scotia) a fellow came up and asked if I remembered him from 2019... I did - he was the guy I always tell people about when they want to give my bike a try at the shows... He was kind enough to share this video his son had taken that fateful day...
  3. Great time of the year to be riding here in NS. We have wrapped up events for the year but still having a lot of fun getting in some practice time and some challenging trail rides. Always great riding with somebody who is way better than you (on the pegs).
  4. I figure it is good to post here once a year or so to let people know Canada is still riding trials. I didn't see much coverage on here for the TdN so this should get 2 birds with one stone. Tossed together a clip from most of the sections ... the guys thought it was a great learning experience and Canada will be sure to be back next year!
  5. I have ridden an electric trials bike without a clutch and found that I really missed it.... It is fine to say just roll off the throttle but when you give it a bit too much throttle and are looping out, it is funny how much you miss that finger on the clutch . I suppose you can adjust to anything over time (although it gets tougher as you get older) but for me a clutch would be mandatory to switch to electric.
  6. It's MT_007 (been here for years) - Michael_T was already taken on ADV Rider so had to pull upon my inner 007
  7. A little Canadian content from (event #2 we put on in Aug of this year) here in Nova Scotia... Enjoy 🙂
  8. I really like my Sherco (2015 ST 250 (rear tank)) so maybe I am a bit jaded (I also live in Nova Scotia so it takes a lot less time to cover 100 miles ) and would consider that a reasonable drive for service. Personally I would take it back to the dealer and let him correct the issue. If the sherco's sit for a bit the clutch will stick but usually frees up after a little warm up. If there is a fuel line / carb issue it should be easily sorted. Trials bikes do tend to be a bit more fiddly than fuel injected street bikes but they are all pretty similar in that regard. I do agree it really sucks when you pay good money for something and are really looking forward to just riding it so would understand just sending it back (I just really enjoy mine so my vote is to give it a chance).
  9. Tired of static practice in the basement - Spring has Sprung in Nova Scotia...
  10. If you post a video it would be helpful in seeing what you may be doing wrong.
  11. I have a pair of these that I like as they have knee protection built in (and don't make me look fatter than I already am). About — Up and Over Trials
  12. We have them in Canada too... 2021 EVO 200 | Beta Canada
  13. Welcome, You may also have luck finding Texan's on the Adv Rider forum - https://advrider.com/f/forums/trials.73/ the wider net you through the better your chances
  14. Hi Frank, The Canadian Beta distributor has very kindly offered to bring along an extra bike for you if you want to join us Sunday. Given the people who have said they are coming we will likely have a Beta 200 2T, 250 2T, 300 2t, 300 4t, and my Sherco 250 2T... plus whoever else might show up :). - He also mentioned the 300 4t demo is the last one they have.
  15. Always happy to share my bike... sent you a PM :).
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