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  1. A great Canadian trials rider...
  2. I can't believe I got a 5 day ban for quoting your post on ADV Rider.  Those old NETRA pics have been around forever and that particular one is pretty tame!  I don't know what you got on that deal, but I figure a quote was worth a warning, not a ban.  I'm done direct quoting anything on there!  Be well and ride safe!

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    2. michael_t


      12 years of posting on forums and never banned - I guess they have never seen the cover of Vanity Fair or watched Naked and afraid on the discovery channel - kind of p****d and feel even worse if it has led to other being banned as well :(. 

    3. nhuskys


      Only banned once on TT, for publicly questioning a moderator's summary discipline of a member.  We hit the accept the terms button, so really have no say.  Don't feel bad!  See you on ADV Rider at the end of the week.  I get my hip done tomorrow, so will be wasting time for the next week or so!

    4. michael_t


      I have my first event of the season  on Sunday but threw my back out on the weekend putting in docks for the local paddling club - also have my first sail boat race of the year tomorrow night so really shouldn't be wasting my time on forums anyways! - Good luck with your hip !!! this getting old thing kind of sucks but better than the alternative :).  

  3. Sounds like fun... Probably worth posting on adv rider http://advrider.com/index.php?forums/trials.73/ and Trials Canada as well...
  4. michael_t

    Jordi training in BC

    I didn't see any advertising for this one but it looks like a great time was had by all !
  5. michael_t

    CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Wow you are seriously out of touch with reality... Steve and I are both way past our prime as far as participating, I will give you that but we are both very passionate about growing the sport for the up and coming younger riders. Both Steve and I are heavily involved in putting on events on different ends of the country. Just last weekend I put on an indoor demo at the local motorcycle show in conjunction with Honda's red rider jr training to encourage more young people to get involved. Guess what the first question I was asked by the show organizer ... "do you have insurance" to which I was able to reply the same I do to the 6 local landowner whos properties we put on trials events at - "Yes we do! $5M in liability to cover the landowner." - I don't really give a sh!t about what anybody else in the world thinks. I do care that we are able to continue to put on events in our local area and we are making a concerted effort to improve the sport locally, nationally, and our riders are able to compete on the international stage if they so desire. The past Canadian distributor is a great individual and has been extremely supportive of the sport of trials in Canada - pretty hard to build the sport without access to bikes! You are not truly suggesting OSSA going out of business was in some way the distributors fault are you? The role of distributer in Canada is far from easy - ask anyone that has tried (I know 4 personally and consider them all friends) I wish somebody would pickup Sherco as a distributor but it is a lot harder than you might think. Sometimes fossils have a lot of very valuable history to share I wouldn't underestimate them if I where you. BTW - Exactly what have you done to improve the sport (ever) ???
  6. michael_t

    CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Hey Steve, A good PR person would be awesome. In the past I would typically just asked Marilynn directly and she has always been very friendly and forthcoming. This was the last notes we exchanged back in 2016 in relation to CMA supporting international events... Great news if CMA has changed this position. From: Marilynn Bastedo To: Michael Traves Subject: RE: information sharing That’s fine and never expect to be thanked. It seldom happens. Marilynn Bastedo, CEO Canadian Motorcycle Association Website: www.motorcyclingcanada.ca From: Michael Traves To: 'Marilynn Bastedo' Subject: RE: information sharing This is what is currently posted (I have removed the dates and contact info)… please let me know if you are okay with it… Marilynn agreed that I could share our my conversation with her so as far as supporting TdN goes... The CMA has never been able to provide funding for any of our international team projects and there is a policy that stipulates that they can't even if we had the money. The reasoning behind this (many years ago) was that if funding is available it should first be provided to projects within Canada and which would benefit more of the members. But on further discussion (as I noted before) if additional funds are raised (outside your $80 CMA Fees) then: ... Priorities TAC is looking for funding for. are - support for riders to attend the CMA National Championships support for riders to attend the FIM North America Championships support for riders attending the Trial des Nations. I did make an effort to find support for these priorities but people preferred to support local efforts. I will continue to look for support for these priorities although some times it seems a little thankless. Regards, Michael
  7. michael_t

    CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Hey Steve, who is sitting on the current TAC? I haven't seen much news recently other than you and John working on the FIM NA initiative.. I didn't realize that Marilynn was FIM pres for all of NA - When I spoke to her before she said CMA would not support events outside of Canada but I see she was a member of the Jury for the TdN last year has CMA changed their position on out of country events (or was this in relation to her FIM NA role) ?
  8. Put on a little demo at the motorcycle show this Saturday and Sunday. Had a great turn out with lots of people asking about the sport ... good fun was had by all! https://dualsport.smugmug.com/2018-Ride-Reports/Trials-Exhibition-2018/
  9. michael_t

    CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Yep ! no argument from me ... I guess time will tell and my guess is nothing will happen anytime soon.
  10. michael_t

    CMA. Dead Man Walking?

    Interesting indeed... Probably worth noting that this is about "ALL" off road motorcycling not just trials. MCC is backed by all the large bike companies that put money from each bike sold in Canada into a pool to support the MCC as far as a I know it does not include GG, Beta, Sherco, Vertigo, TRS... etc. My sense is (no facts to back it up) this is way more about KTM, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW... having a cohesive country wide race program through their current provincial off road organizations that they already support (I used to be president for NS) . It does say they want to work with all organizations to make this happen (something I have always supported). Unfortunately CMA has a policy that they do not want anything to do with bike manufactures (that is a fact). FIM seems more than happy to work with well funded organizations for the benefit of the riding community - It will be interesting to see how it plays out. End of the day Trials will be a small part (TAC is 3 or 4 people with CMA and WTC is about the same with MCC) but if we work together (especially with Honda now on board) this may very well be just what is needed to reunite the sport. I am just on observer but figured I would toss in my .02
  11. These are a bit on the short side but always happy to see more training clips out there. Kind of fun to see the Spanish version as well...
  12. I just remembered this old thread... If Bou is really making < $150K - miles apart from the others would be 10s of thousands - I guess I answered my own question :)..
  13. Not looking for specifics but when you say "several miles" is that like thousands, 10's of thousands, or hundred's of thousands or are we into the Millions? a regular tenth place finisher in MX makes about $50k a year the top MX riders make over $1M + sponsorship deals. Would it be similar for Trials with Bou and Raga being really the only 2 making top rider type salaries... I got the figures for MX from here: https://bizfluent.com/info-12087448-average-salary-professional-motocross-riders.html
  14. Lamkin could be counted as one that went back to 2T - If he thought the 4t was better wouldn't he have tossed one into a Vertigo as a key person on the development team ?
  15. michael_t

    Inner tube? Improving aTrial club ?

    Just curious did you have a place to ride when you bought your bikes ? are you losing local riding area or did you move to an area that has less places to ride. ATAQ seems like such a large well run trials club and the FQMHR advertise over 10,000 km of off road trails accessible to off-road motorcycles... probably hard for guys in the UK to even imagine that amount of trail :).