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  1. Agree with all that you say, but i disagree here. This was an attempt to try and narrow the gap between the top and bottom riders, thus trying to encourage more riders to move up from trial2. I don't think they went far enough!! If it stays the way it is, it will just be bou raga and busto, everyone else will be either taking 5s or move down. Trials is too extreme. At the other end of the spectrum look at the SSDT. Dougie and a few other good british riders can compete with or even beat James, whereas at GP, Dougie and those other riders wouldn't even want to ride it. This is an extreme of course, and i wouldn't want to see TrialGP resort to this, but there has to be some middle ground. If trials keeps catering to Bou, all the other riders and the sport as a whole, suffers. Yes, its great seeing Bou clean a section that no one else can, but where's the competition here?
  2. faussy

    2021 GP models?

    I think the 2020s were released in July. Previous years it has been earlier, february/march time. This year it will probably be different again with covid
  3. As above, the MC is usually the most likely culprit for letting in air
  4. Had a pit bike a few years back. Great craic!
  5. I take it you've tried the bikes for sale on here? https://www.trialscentral.com/forums/classifieds/category/1-petrol-trials-bikes/ After eBay and here, you're next best bet is maybe looking on FB at some pages (if you're on it), or calling round any dealers local to you. TMX used to have a for sale section, but haven't bought that paper in years
  6. You could drop the forks through the yolks an inch and back off the rear spring to match, but how about taking a bit off the seat foam?
  7. faussy


    Hard to tell from this photo, but looks close https://www.zonetrial.com/ArticleDetail.aspx?Langue=E&Modele=Spacer+fuel+tank+GasGas+TxT+pro+racing+2013&Id_Article=8074
  8. Every year they keep getting smaller, yet the price goes up? Just like trials bikes.
  9. Only 2 stroke premix oil, definitely not car engine oil. The 10/40 may have been referring to the gearbox
  10. faussy

    2019 GG 300 GP

    Personally i don't think they are worth the price difference. Ever since they did away with the std txt and the racing became the new standard (now with reiger and keihin) I think this bike is already more than adequate for 95% of the entry. Ive had 4 racings, never a GP, but whenever i rode a GP i couldn't tell the difference. If im right in thinking who bumpy _ltd is, he's a good enough rider to warrant the gp, but if you're the average club rider theres a good chance you won't be able to tell the difference. If you have the money, by all means go for it, but if you're tight for money, i would pass. The airbox is really just bling, the racing forks and reiger suspension are already great, and things like bars and pegs are a cheap upgrade to a racing if you feel you need them (personally ive never liked renthals flat bend).
  11. Its all down to your ability, "roughly". Clubman or semi expert, go for the 250, expert, 300. There is the odd clubman that likes the low end torque of the 300s but they are few and far between. This is across all makes
  12. Use a split link to take the calliper cap off. The braktec calliper is no better regarding braking power
  13. Totally agree. I think its spot on the way it is. You cant criticise the whole championship just because covid has effected the top level entry. The overall entry across all classes the last few years has been great i think.
  14. Sounds like a great way to help up and coming riders compete at a level close to WTC or already established riders to maintain their ability...... We already have trials like you describe, they are called national trials. The british championship is for the best in britain (and sometimes overseas) to push the limits as far as possible
  15. I don't buy the covid excuse, it was over 2 weeks since the previous world round, and the 125 riders didn't seem to mind coming back home to compete it. And less rounds doesn't diminish a championship, all it does is make it easier for an upset to occur.
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