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  1. Are you regretting buying a bike in the crate yet?
  2. No need to take the hex bolts out. Pull up on the tab just to the left of the d in 'domino'.
  3. Its an interesting point. I dont think the tread pattern has changed from the 60s, maybe even 50s. All thats changed is the number of plys and compound. I wonder what the ideal tread pattern would be if we werent held to the rulebook (which i think is a good thing btw). There would definitely be a mud vs dry weather tyre for starters. And you point about slicks for indoor. Surely if it was advantageous someone would has used a very very well worn tyre bordering on a slick that still kept to the rule book. I guess its a competition between contact area and grip against 90 degree angles which a treaded tyre will do better over a slick
  4. Personal opinion here. Gaernes are comfy, but i find too soft and lack protection, especially when wet. Sidi, stiff, good protection but sole has a tendancy of coming away at the toe. Im currently using alpinestars. Super comfy, good protection, but cant speak yet about long term durability. Forma are probably the other consideration, but ive no experience of these.
  5. Is your gearbox oil still that colour after the waterpump change??
  6. What year are the old plates from? They could be different thicknesses, otherwise they should be ok. Judging by the size of the friction pads they look old. Why are you changing plates already if its a 2022?
  7. It could be you are also riding them too fast. If the rocks are larger sized with spaces between then you should pick your spots and ride them slow, 1st gear even. If they are smaller, loose rocks, thats when a bit of speed may be needed
  8. Im not saying you wont get an answer here, but afaik theres a very limited cyclo trials community here, mostly motorcycle trials. You may be best asking on a cyclo trial specific forum. 650C are larger diameter so id say yes, but im not expert enough in cyclo trials to know more specific pros and cons of either
  9. This is true, but the same is also said in reverse. Ive heard trials riders look down on other forms of motorsport claiming that trials is the most technical and you dont need skill for mx. I even feel the author who has written the attached link is a little on their high horse about trials. "Trials teaches much better throttle clutch and brake control" and "travelling at speeds covers up any imperfections of your use of them", I totally disagree!!! Theres also plenty of world champion mx riders who have never thrown their leg over a trials bike I would agree that trials riders seem to adapt a little quicker to mx than a mx'er to trials but at the end of the day if you want to be at the top of either you gotta get good at each disciplines nuances. I currently ride classic mx myself, having started out in trials, but i wouldn't say i use one to train for other. I just enjoy both. Theres also been numerous times ive had to undo habits ive picked up in trials. Standing too much, sitting position and clutch/throttle use. I am and will always will remain crap at jumps. As intotrials says, applying a trials riders ability to find grip can be a great help, but ive also found times ive been riding mx in a much too reserved manner because ive been trying to find grip all the time. Sometimes a handful of throttle and an ignorant drop of the clutch can be quicker
  10. Pegs already look pretty low to me, you cant have them drop below the sump guard
  11. I dont think the OP is questioning trials inclusivity of women, more the reporting and coverage of women in trials and women events.
  12. faussy

    Airboxes !!

    It will. The filter cover pieces are different so make sure the 22 one comes with the cover
  13. Also what width of chain did you put on. Ive seen people put mx chains on and the width has caused the split link to hit the chain tensioner arm
  14. Sounds like a polarity issue. You definitely got the wires connected the right way round?
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