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  1. My word. Thats dedication to the job. Are you returning the ones that didnt work? 😂
  2. A wild one, but Is your engine in straight? Youve got the front down tubes out, is your engine resting on something that is canting it backwards a little? I doubt theres that much play in the other 2 engine mounts (i assume theres two others on a trs). Your head steady is still on too proabably, but clutching at straws here Not sure about ngk, but ive seen other makes with the standard 3/4 reach but with a shorter insulator section. If the dealer isnt wanting to swap it out for th eother length, i think the easiest may be just to get it machined down to fit the short reach plug
  3. The swingarm is allow I can tell. The swingarm is alloy, but the frame is chrome plated steel. Engien and frame components youre going to be largely restricted to the years 97-02. Wheels, brakes, carburettor will be largely interchangebale with later years and other makes. What are you going to do with it? If youre plannning on just pottering around thats ok, but if youre planning on doing a lot of crashing id try and find a cheap second hand rear mudguard on ebay or somewhere you can swap over when practicing or the like. You cant get new ones for that model, and the blue plastics are even rarer. Btw your petrol tap is on reserve, off is the tab pointing back, on is down
  4. Looks mint. Want to sell? 😁 I miss chrome frames You should find most of what you want here. https://www.thehellteam.com/technical-support/gas-gas-parts-and-service-manuals Your model is the end of a line. The pro model followed from 2002. Not sure when the txt model came onto market, 97 ish?
  5. How long are you intending to keep the bike and wanting them to look new? The zinc spokes start to look tarnished again within a couple of years, at least in the weather over here. The stainless are expensive but will look just as good in 10 years as the day you get them
  6. Try allens used trials spares on FB
  7. Thats kind of what the goal of non stop was. Except it never really lowered the level that much, and after a very short period of time we were back to brief stop allowed. As for the results, they would still be bou busto raga 1,2,3 🤣
  8. The numbers were dwindling well before no stop was brought in. That was the main reason it was brought in, to lower the level to allow more riders to be able to ride trialgp as well as the lower classes without getting seriously injured. Allowing more time in a section comes with the consequence that the section severity will undoubtedly iincrease. No stop worked for one year, until bou and raga started berating oberservers every week and then stop went to 1 then 2 then 3 seconds. Theres nothing fundamentally wrong with the rules IMO, but i agree the current no stop ruling is a joke. The FIM were never able to enforce it sufficiently by supporting the observers and penalising riders who argued against the stop. For that reason it is possibly destined to always fall short. I wonder how many trial2 riders were consulted in this decision making process. I also disgree regarding funding. Trial 2 and 125 are quite well populated, money doesnt seem to be a massive barrier for all those riders. But yes, maybe trials is incapable of attracting more numbers into it, all we are arguing about is how they are distributed amongst the classes. Other sports try to narrow the gap between to the top and bottom competitors, this i believe is going against that The stop dab was the perfect compromise, why it only lasted for a year or two i just dont know
  9. I agree. We are two of the few. The majority online and other riders i talk to seem to favour the return to no stop. I dont think they remember how dire GP trials were 10 years ago. Toni Bou pushing to go back to non stop is all you need to know. The guys only lookin after himself and reading a recent interview of his showed me how out of touch he was with trials at a lower level. I expect trials to get much more severe as a result of this. The trial 2 rider will have absolutely no chance now of ever moving up. The reverse argument is that it will make it easier on the observers. But do we now expect the observer to observe and time the rider as well? Or do we need another oberver just to hold the stop watch? And should we all be looking for minders now so we can get time updates through the section. IMO no stop was the solution, but it was half baked because the FIM wouldnt stand by the observer to give a stop for a stop. And rather than argue about whether it was a stop or not, all we will get now are time arguments. I was out in time, no you werent my stop watch says 1 min 1 sec, yes i was my minders watch says 59 secs.
  10. Not a beta expert but i dont think the plastics have changed any so right up to 24 should fit, i think. I also dont think you can buy their plastics without stickers like you can other brands.
  11. I actually dont think a torx will fit. The braktec calipers use a torx100 to remove their caps but the shape of this caps indents are more rounded than torx, so id say you would have to make your own tool. You may be lucky and find the pistons are the same size as braktecs (i assume they would make their caliper to suit pistons and seals already on the market) which are 25 mm, but youre already looking at £40 for a piston and seal kit!
  12. It is a bit suspicious as a first post
  13. Break in to the wire from your cdi to final coil, usually black and white, and earth it. Dont see why that shouldnt work, but never tried it before
  14. Only one that comes to mind. You do know youve just described what 95% of us trials riders do on a weekly basis at the local club trial?
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