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  1. faussy

    Marzocchi Shock Seals

    Great post Konrad
  2. faussy

    Marzocchi Shock Seals

    This is wrong, they should leak absolutely nothing, Check that your stanchions aren't scored or dinged that would contribute to them leaking
  3. faussy

    Vertical R oil catcher

    Why not just loop the breather to behind the sump shield like every other bike?
  4. faussy


    I agree, the coverage is shockingly bad
  5. faussy

    Portugal GP

    Great result by Casales, more like the position he is capable of. Also, Kadlec's bike sounded terribly rich
  6. faussy

    Looking for inexpensive footpegs for 2013 EVO 3004T

    Steel hard rocks get my vote
  7. faussy

    Past winners of the British Trial Championship

    Sammy Miller (Ariel 1965-1969: Sammy Miller (Bultaco) 1970–1971: Gordon Farley (Montesa) 1972: Malcolm Rathmell (Bultaco) 1973: Martin Lampkin (Bultaco) 1974: Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) 1975: Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) 1976: Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) 1977: Rob Shepherd (Honda) 1978: Martin Lampkin (Bultaco) 1979: Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) 1980: Martin Lampkin (SWM) 1981: Malcolm Rathmell (Montesa) 1982: Yrjo Vesterinen (Bultaco-FIN) 1983–1984: Steve Saunders (Armstrong) 1985–1986: Steve Saunders (Honda) 1987–1989: Steve Saunders (Fantic) 1990–1991: Steve Saunders (Beta) 1992: Steve Saunders (Aprilia) 1993: Steve Colley (Beta) 1994: Dougie Lampkin (Beta) 1995: Steve Colley (Gas Gas) 1996–1999: Dougie Lampkin (Beta) 2000: Dougie Lampkin (Montesa) 2001: No Championship (Foot & Mouth) 2002: Dougie Lampkin (Montesa) 2003: Graham Jarvis (Sherco) 2004: Steve Colley (Gas Gas) 2005–2008: Graham Jarvis (Sherco) 2009–2010: James Dabill (Gas Gas) 2011–2012: James Dabill (Beta) 2013: Michael Brown (Gas Gas) 2014: James Dabill (Beta) 2015–2016: James Dabill (Vertigo) You will have to fill in the last few years yourself. I don't have a clue who it was
  8. faussy

    Fat old guy with Scorpa 300 report

    Sounds like you picked a stinker as your first trial, but glad to hear you enjoyed it. If you can enjoy it even when its muddy and a struggle, there's definitely potential for a great time on a sunny day with more success in the sections.
  9. faussy

    no stop

    Where you getting all these extra observers at club level to hold a stop watch? Unfeasible
  10. faussy

    300 pro power issues

    Sounds like your low compression head wasn't fitted right.
  11. faussy

    When will it end ??

    You are showing a real naivety here. Tarres was an absolute animal on a bike. And arguably the most professional rider ever. There's maybe only one or 2 riders post Tarres with more ability. Put a 90s Tarres on a 2019 bike and he would **** on virtually everyone (bar bou) at a world round!!
  12. faussy

    When will it end ??

    Are you serious? It's a simple as injecting the mould with an inferior harder rubber compound. What exactly is impossible about that? Please tell me. If anything it would be more economical for the average punter because the tyres would last longer. That's right, you go around all the manufacturers and tell them next year's bike has to have 2 shocks and see how far you get.
  13. faussy

    When will it end ??

    I get what you're saying, but did you see the sections in belgium? Some had 20 yard run ups, that has nothing to do with not enforcing no stop I said changing the tyres is the 'easiest'.
  14. faussy

    When will it end ??

    The whole idea is you wouldn't be facing the same decision. It would be either ride up a 10 ft step with a good tyre, or a 6 ft step with a not so good tyre. Same difficulty, different level of danger Lots of sports introduce rules over the years to limit speed and danger, trials hasn't. Im just saying limiting the tyre is the easiest way. How would you suggest to lower the danger?
  15. faussy

    When will it end ??

    In regards to the OP, seeing fuji still compete at a high level at 40 must mean Bou could do the same without serious injury and i don't see any of the current generation ever being able to reach his current ability