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  1. Just from a 10 minute ride on a vertigo id say its geometry is more towards my GG than a beta. Pretty sure the betas are the steepest steering wise
  2. I wouldn't worry about engine internals, although the gouging can get bad enough after a couple of years that you think the kickstart end piece might break off. Never has with me. My latest bike ive put a piece of heavy fuel piping over the kickstart as you said
  3. Im surprised you need heavier, id say im about 90 kg and never bottomed them, then went to the techs and they are softer. Maybe the latter are more progressive. Anyways, jitsie used to make them, although don't list them on their site anymore. https://www.thehellteam.com/40mm-marzochhi-heavy-spring.html Heres a link showing what they used to be, but sold out on this site. Maybe worth contacting jitsie
  4. If its free play you can reduce this at the lever with the adjuster, half an inch is closer to standard. Or is it 1.25 inches of sponginess?
  5. Not an expert on osets but running a 24v motor with a 36v battery will eventually burn it out. But since your problem coincided with the chain getting wrapped around it, it sounds like this has been the cause of some internal damage.
  6. Not really. I always end up wearing a jumper or a thin fleece between my shirt and outer jacket. Even the professionals when training just seem to wear a hoodie or something so there must not be what you describe from their sponsor or else they would be wearing it. I think jitsie do a gilet type thing that is supposed to add a bit of warmth without the need for being waterproof. Other than that i guess this here is as close as it comes https://www.jitsie.com/en/jackets/53275-jacket-polygon.html Just wear two of them lol
  7. What is it with all these KTM fanboys? ? Everywhere i go this is all i see. There are differences. Granted not a lot. PS why have you got an orange sherco? ??
  8. Not an expert here but as far as i know the hub/spoke layout hasn't changed since then, whether its a flanged rim or non flanged rim front or rear. So anything from 03 right to 2020 should fit as long as its 32 spoke. And this is across all brands!
  9. Sidis are a good boot, although they have tendency for the sole to start coming away at the toe after a couple of years (not the stitching, just wear the sole is glued to the stitched sole.). A bit of glue re attaches this before it gets worse. Gaerne i feel offer very little protection. The sidis are a stiffer boot, much better protection IMO. I went for the same size as the gaernes and they are tighter, but passable.
  10. faussy


    Is that Arizona, one of the 3 states that have higher infections rates than any other COUNTRY in the world?
  11. A bike that age i cant imagine much being wrong. Check that the clutch isn't draggy and maybe give the gearbox a run up to 6th and back
  12. Spare split link, usually put it over my tank breather hose. And then if i ever need it i hope someone nearby has a pair of pliers lol. Either way, its easier to scrounge a pair of pliers than find someone with a split link
  13. Agree with all that you say, but i disagree here. This was an attempt to try and narrow the gap between the top and bottom riders, thus trying to encourage more riders to move up from trial2. I don't think they went far enough!! If it stays the way it is, it will just be bou raga and busto, everyone else will be either taking 5s or move down. Trials is too extreme. At the other end of the spectrum look at the SSDT. Dougie and a few other good british riders can compete with or even beat James, whereas at GP, Dougie and those other riders wouldn't even want to ride it. This is an extreme of course, and i wouldn't want to see TrialGP resort to this, but there has to be some middle ground. If trials keeps catering to Bou, all the other riders and the sport as a whole, suffers. Yes, its great seeing Bou clean a section that no one else can, but where's the competition here?
  14. faussy

    2021 GP models?

    I think the 2020s were released in July. Previous years it has been earlier, february/march time. This year it will probably be different again with covid
  15. As above, the MC is usually the most likely culprit for letting in air
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