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  1. The embarrassment of turning up at my local hospital in riding gear and explaining i was out riding my bike when i should have been at home is more than enough for me not to even think of riding. PS my local hospital has actually closed its A&E to better accommodate covid victims
  2. Says on your packaging, 2000. Have a feeling 2000 had different forks because one side was compression, the other damping. If you look at https://www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-new-type-fork-tube-l-r.html they list the r099 fork tube from 2001 onwards, so 2000 must have different fork tubes, which is possibly what you have received. Although if you look at these https://www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-99-fork-tube-left.html https://www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-99-fork-tube-right.html which are for the 99/2000 forks they have different part numbers, r080, r081. Still none the wiser. Maybe you have got a 2000 tube incorrectly labelled as being r099.... And since that label doesn't seem to be an OEM label its a high possibility In case you cant source a cheap correct tube, some good fork rechromers will straighten bent fork legs as part of their rechroming service. Check splatshop for the bushings, they might have some new old stock. Are these correct? https://www.splatshop.co.uk/splat-paioli-fork-bushs.html
  3. I know that, ive done it myself. I wanted to know what the OP was going to use. Some people can still source NOS Michelin Tube tyres. Only tyre ive ever had come off the rim was a michelin tubeless front
  4. You mean tubeless michelins?
  5. Rather normal. Don't over do it, or might end up with a melted end cap
  6. Imagine having a rare bike with a rare ignition system and then PaulC posting all that info. What a God lol
  7. Your low speed balance is pretty good, which is probably the hardest thing to master when starting out. PS think you're slightly understating your "Had a play with a few trials bikes in the mid 00's", you seem to have at least some idea 😂
  8. Trials is relatively non contact, with pretty low attendances. UK wise, I can only really see concern over two trials, the 6 days and the world round in July.
  9. faussy


    They definitely "feel" lighter despite not being that much lighter on the scales.As a result they are easier flicked around. However i for one would not be prepared to sacrifice my bigger engine for increase hop ability. Slow speed tricks i guess, but there are still some tricks (anything involving back wheel hops) that can be harder work with the lack of low end torque in a 125. At 15st this would only be more problematic
  10. Your scales are inaccurate or youve measured it wrong
  11. Failing what handsome al suggests, get the bike into gear by pushing off in neutral, then ride around with the clutch in, if its stuck plates it should free in a short while
  12. I agree, factories will only support when the rider is on the verge of gp success, and are guaranteed to influence consumers. Being a125 champion is too speculative to what he/she will do at GP level, unless they are really really talented. Touly at 18, would needed to have been in trial2 mixing it with Toby, Jack Peace, Aniol. Toby was runner up in Trial2 having just turned 18. The factories didn't miss him. Otherwise Touly would needed to have been winning the 125 at a more impressive age like 16, at the same level that martinez and hugo are at. Its a shame, but theres really only full support for 1 youth rider per manufacture
  13. faussy

    Front brake arm

    Surprised you twigged that on. Sometimes i feel my association with that character doesnt help when trying to come across well ?
  14. faussy

    Front brake arm

    To give the OP a final answer from me, for new shoes, the guy was right, a forward arm; whilst making the leading shoe touch with less force, will make the leading shoe touch first which is arguably advantageous. However for bedded in shoes, both leading and trailing shoes should touch at the same time, meaning its negligible.
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