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  1. https://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/67481-help-identifying-forks/
  2. i vaguely remember arguing something in the past, but cant even remember what side i was arguing. Wouldnt want to start contradicting myself 😄
  3. faussy

    Gas gas txt 250

  4. Wanting to paint my front ajp caliper black to make it look like an original grimeca. Given that i always spill brake fluid when bleeding should i worry about the type of paint i use? Rattle can do ok, or should i use 2k? Im thinking high temp matt black may give the most realistic satin look, but worried it will just rub off when i spill brake fluid over it
  5. Theres not that many types of monoshock yamaha ty250s. All of which we can get from his post and his bike. Great way to help a newcomer to the forums
  6. faussy

    trs v sherco v beta

    If you think a honda is soft, you're going to be disappointed with a sherco trs or a beta
  7. faussy

    trs v sherco v beta

    Or gasgas. Or possibly the most reliable bike of them all, a honda
  8. faussy

    trs v sherco v beta

    More or less 😂. If one brand was noticeably more reliable than the other, then everyone would be riding it
  9. Totally agree with both posts. I don't see the need for one at the moment but at some point in the future i imagine there will have to be one and am interested where people would think the classification would lie. Too small a range of years and you won't get the entry and too large range of years and you won't want people on their kroos riding against 2010 bikes. I was thinking pre pro model which was a big step up, so pre 2001 or maybe pre 2005 to exclude the 4rts as it would be rather easy (in the future anyways) to disguise a 2020 as a 2005.
  10. Has there or is there anything currently regarding an EVO class in trials? Comparing to MX, EVO is anything pre 90ish, and superEVO pre 97ish. EVO i guess would be covered by what we call air cooled mono, but once bikes went water cooled theres nothing really to separate out another class. With 90% of people competing in modern trials on a sub 10 year old bike thats 20 something years of bikes kind of without a class, every bit as large as TS and larger than ACM and pre65. Will there ever be a requirement for another "classic" grade, or does trials just not require as many grades as MX? When/if that time comes, what do you think will be the cutoff, since theres been no big characteristic change in bike design since 90. 2010? or pre GG pro maybe?
  11. Ive never seen reproduction guards for these bikes. Would be interested myself in some. For some reason the stress marks really show in the type of plastic they used
  12. Another option is the karcher oc3. Absolutely no experience of any portable jet washer, but just thought id let you be aware of it if you werent already
  13. Not many 4t shercos around, even less 2005 4ts! The frame changed in 2006 to accommodate the 4t engine so tank wise i don't think so. The 2006 onwards tank has a tongue at the top that slides underneath a lug, whereas the 2005 has a hole for a bolt above the cap. 2 stroke wise 2001->2005 all had the same tank, but i would bet money they wouldn't fit. Looking at your second pic, the 2 stroke tank clearly hangs beneath the frame, your head and carb are right up against the frame, the carb is even between the frame rails Heres a couple of good quality pics of your bike from factory, maybe you can judge the head height from here http://www.triallinks.com/sherco2005.html
  14. faussy

    Scorpa sy250 fluids

    Super unleaded if you can get it. higher octane and lower ethanol content. Motul 710, thats what birkett used to recommend. 60:1. Dont be tempted to run leaner, and if youre going to be giving it a hard time even 50:1. You have to remember the age of the bike and they run fine back in the day on 60:!, any less oil is certainly no advantage on a 15 year old bike Personally i still use and used to use motul transoil for my sy250. Not a fan of ATF, especially in a bike that had a clutch that never dragged. Any light gear oil is fine. The water pump hose on the right side is very vulnerable, can be easily caught on a rock or split if the bike falls over onto a sharp rock, and its day over (happened once to myself). Birkett used to do a water pump housing that had the right angle in aluminium then the hose. He also did carbon fibre guards. Both probably impossible to get now, so you may have to fabricate something yourself, or maybe even keep a spare bit of radiator hose handy if youre going to compete or travel far distances. Theres so little slack on that hose that you cant cut the hose and strecth the good bit back over the housing
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