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  1. Yet you ride your vintage trial bike WFO? 🤣
  2. I went from a 45 gaerne with thick socks to a 44 sidi with thin socks because the 45 sidis just felt very bulky, outwardly. Id kind of agree with you though and say they are a more snug fit than a 44 gaerne, but it could most likely be because they are a less flexible boot
  3. faussy

    07 125 pig to start

    Sounds like a lack of compression to me
  4. The plastic end cap? Gasgasuk Did you try google? Heres a choice of 3 different materials http://www.roadandtrials.co.uk/TrialsProExhaustEndCap https://www.splatshop.co.uk/bdi-dpm-gasgas-aluminium-silencer-end-piece-2010-onwards.html https://bvm-moto.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=3921 PS. Id stay well away from a used one, good chance its already cracked or half melted
  5. faussy

    2018 gas gas

    They are no worse or better than the 250 gasgass of the last 10 years. Good bike IMO, they have their problems, but EVERY bike has
  6. Did he use your original tank to make the mould? I won't ask the price, but did it turn out cheaper or at least competitive to an alloy one?
  7. Its as if they didn't try, heck even the stickers have hardly changed!!!
  8. I prefer the standard x11 over the xlite. The latter i find wears too quick, dozes and cracks over longer periods and you end up running them at a higher pressure to avoid punctures that i don't see any grip benefits.
  9. oops, my bad. No experience with this carb im afraid, but the 26 mm dellorto round slide was the standard model carb back then as far as i know
  10. Keihins are extremely sensitive to the air screw! A quarter turn is sometimes enough to turn a bike from burbling at idle to running on. If your keihin isn't responding to idle mixture adjustments, it needs a good clean Putting a 26 PHBL dellorto is basically turning it into the standard non cabestany model, so it will run fine, and ultimately less fussy. Will a smaller dellorto sort your problems at the low end, possibly....
  11. faussy

    Yamaha ty250a

    Have a look here, a poster says he couldn't get an IRC to stay on his ty rim
  12. faussy

    Yamaha ty250a

    Ive yet to have a tubeless x11 come off my older tube type alloy rims, mainly akronts though
  13. I don't like your wife 🤣
  14. Absolutely not!!!! Maybe for the youths, but id rather have the £5 it cost for some fake chromed plastic trophy than the actual trophy itself! Those things aren't even recyclable, straight to land fill in my house.
  15. The problem is some of the manufacturers like michelin, renthal, tech, braktec already pretty much have a monopoly in trials, plus to someone like michelin trials is probably <1% I wish redbull would have got more involved than they do and have done previously. Trials you would think would fit their remit, but other than sponsoring select riders (which i know is more their style across all sports) as far as i know they've never really committed beyond the odd area trial As for dealers, they seem to be more interested in sponsoring riders than events
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