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  1. I don't think any of the above occur more frequently than in any other sport tbh. Theres a few pros who ride with knee braces (ferrer, farre etc) Theres also wrist injuries, specifically the scaphoid. Some american and Japanese riders ride with full face motocross helmets, but in my area ive only known one person to fall and lose a tooth in 20 years riding
  2. https://www.splatshop.co.uk/regina-520-split-links.html https://www.splatshop.co.uk/regina-chain-half-link.html
  3. Ah right. I wasn't 100% sure, just checking that you knew there was a possibility. I came across this post on here It shows the last time @bigmark1972 was online was 2017, so i doubt hes much help lol. May be worth contacting XIU https://www.xiu-rdi.eu
  4. Is the clutch spring not the same as a gg?
  5. I wear jitsie trousers and they are relatively loose. Not super tight anyway. The knee pads i have are these https://www.pocsports.com/products/vpd-air-legs probably on the minimal side regarding mtb knee pads but they fit no problem underneath. All depends whether you go down the tight fit route or the slacker fit. I know the tighter fitting mots trousers have knee pad inserts that fit into a pocket inside their trousers, https://www.motsracing.com/products/pants/step-5/ however an alternate looser fitting pair like these https://hebo.com/gb/inicio/669-4980-pantalonpants-trial-tech.html have no real knee protection and you need something underneath. The last hebo pair ive linked seem to be really popular at the moment for older guys who don't want skin tight trousers
  6. Todays trials trousers seem to offer virtually no knee protection and rely on separate knee padding. Im the same as brucey and wear MTB knee pads underneath my trousers
  7. The only differences between the 2 are the keihin vs dellorto carb, marzocchi vs tech front suspension and the sachs vs ohlins rear suspension.. Engine and frame are indentical performance wise, minus the keihin providing a little better carburettion. Up to you, but anyone but an expert rider will not notice the differences of the suspension.
  8. A 20 year old 250 will probably have a much go as a new 200 back in the day, so i wouldn't worry too much lol
  9. Youngest TC member??
  10. faussy

    Petcock position

    Long end pointing back for off, down for on, and forward for reserve
  11. faussy

    Gas gas

    It is 100% not 2017. The tank, forks and swingarm are definitely 2011. For that age id price it around 2k, but lately with covid, bikes are getting silly money
  12. faussy

    Gas gas

    2011 i think
  13. GG clutches have a tendency to swell over time, so if not in spec they are more than likely draggy. A clutch that slips would be an indicator of worn plates.
  14. Although a relatively easy fix, check that the clutch doesn't excessively drag or slip. And if it has mag cases check they aren't cracked at the bottom engine mounting. Maybe a test ride and make sure it gets all the gears but don't be alarmed with a clunk between 4th and 5th. Also check the petrol tank isn't leaking where the tap is fitted. After that, just the usual stuff. From 2011 till now you won't find much difference between how they ride. The techs are a slight improvement over the marzocchis, not much, although the early tech gold coating wore very quickly and looks a little unsightly
  15. The only factory beta riders are Grattarola and Bincaz. Neither have a remote reservoir on their shocks
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