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  1. Toby Martyn

    Theres definitely something wrong if the first 2 guys in trial2 dont go up. Maybe trials as a sport is just too small and can only support half a dozen guys (money wise) in the premier class and anyone outside the top 8 has no incentive to be there. Theres probably more prize money to win trial2 than finish 10th in GP, and if thats the case its kinda sad.
  2. Toby Martyn

    If youre good enough to move up, you should move up. For the good of you as a rider, and for the sport
  3. Toby Martyn

    Try telling the need for GP2 to Max Verstappen. I disagree, when theres as little as 15 in the premier class at a WTC its a bad thing. People complained about Grattarola coming down to win Trial2. Now hes stayed down, and so has Toby. Get your asses up to the premier class, a class that needs you and give someone else a chance. Its the same problem we see at local club level at world level. A post the other day complained about expert riders hogging the club route. Same crap, different level. It used to be at club level or most other sports the winner or even the top 3 had/has to move up. Now the winner, and the guy who was a hairs bredth from winning wont move up. The problem with trials right there in a nutshell. Move on, let the people behind you have a chance.
  4. Still can't find the missing needle bearing - advice?

    Ive managed to have a big end needle roller escape the engine via the exhaust (doing some damage to the piston and head on its way out). Granted the cage had failed, but it didnt stop me looking for it for a long time before i gave up
  5. Toby Martyn

    Dan Peace has moved up, and without showing any disrespect to Dan i imagine Toby at the moment would garner more sponsorship attention than Dan. Its most likely sponsor driven, but sometimes you gotta just go for it, you cant always follow the money! The guys IMO the best talent since Toni (well busto was pretty special at that age too i suppose), and you gotta keep progressing. He basically won it last year, whats staying down another year really going to achieve other than saying you were Trial2 world champion. In the grand scheme is means nothing! Considering the costs for doing a year of trial2 and trialGP are largely the same you would think the sponsor would rather have the odd top 10 finish in trialGP than to win the second class. Oh well
  6. Toby Martyn

    Just seen Toby is staying in Trial2 for another year. Such a waste of a talent, if he was Spanish he would be straight into TrialGP. Sorry, but i can only see this as glory hunting. A year wasted. Could you imagine telling Dougie back in the day he had to sit out the premier class for another year?
  7. Scott Trial rules for bikes

    They rode scooters in the ssdt back in the 50s
  8. Scott Trial rules for bikes

    Could be in here https://www.ssdt.org/2018-ssdt/2018-ssdt-news/272-2018-ssdt-supplementary-regs-now-available http://www.richmondmotorclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Scott-Trial-Final-instructions-2018.pdf Id say any trials bike as long as its fitted with a legal tyre. Why you asking? Want to ride an enduro bike? lol EDIT So the entry mentions tsr8 See this link https://www.acu.org.uk/Uploaded/1/Documents/2014 Handbook/2014Trials.pdf page 6/205
  9. 4rt style rear mudguard for 315r

    Dont do it, they look awful, especially around the airbox region .....That mitani guard though looks rather good
  10. Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Trials isn't necessarily harder these days but for similar hardness on better bikes the sections are more dangerous. Some clubmen may be capable to ride a harder grade but they aren't prepared to ride sections that are more likely to end in injury. Semi expert today probably has the same size if not bigger rocks as expert did back in the 70s But I agree, it's a race to the bottom, in my club the bottom grades have the biggest entries
  11. How to build a trials bike with low overheads

    Yeah, get it assembled in Spain! The overheads would be a tad higher if a Japanese workforce was used
  12. What's in a name?

    To carry on from Micm's suggestion, maybe we should leave the word the same but start pronouncing it the way the spanish do, Tree-al as opposed to trial. Sounds more sophisticated, more continental
  13. new to gasgas bikes

    Naturally, if a clutch drags theres obviously a problem, they arent designed to drag, but ive had at least half a dozen brand new ggs in the last 10 years. Some drag straight out of the crate, some need a little bit of work, and some are perfect straight from the crate and still great 2 years later. Theyre a mixed bag, but dont get me wrong, i wouldnt entertain any other bike. Count yourself lucky.
  14. What's in a name?

    Thats nearly as bad as saying "because more people play football in america than england, it should be called soccer instead" Dont forget your history son
  15. Ive used 710 on my 300ggs for the last 8 years at 60:1 no issues. I use motul transoil (10W30) in the gearbox, albeit on the heavy side it can cause slightly extra clutch drag.