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  1. Same flywheel weights on both bikes?
  2. I don't think you can blame the pandemic on a lack of news reporting. When the world champion breaks his leg and it isn't reported here, i think the OP has a valid point. Whatever the reason, id say 80% of the time i come here for the forums anyway, but it is nice to read the odd recent news article as well. Facebook is where its at unfortunately, easier access, but then its also easier to access some bloke wanting to advertise his second hand set of golf clubs on the groups FB page. There never seems to be a successful FB group page for trials that has functioned like a forum. Ive yet to find it anyway
  3. faussy

    Restricting a 125?

    Slow action throttle probably the easiest and cheapest. Check what's on it now, white throttle tube is fast, black is slow.
  4. NGKs are useless once oiled
  5. faussy

    Evo Linkage Guard

    In the picture you attached it says 4T 09->13 so surely that means its not a simple bolt on to a 2020
  6. Thats not true. Don't ask me how long warranty is though lol. In america the official GG warranty is 30 days, not sure about the UK, but ive heard people get their GG fixed under warranty up to 6 months before the switch to KTM. That could be the specific dealers warranty though. Not sure who the official uk importer for GG is these days, used to be john shirt, but pretty sure he's not anymore. Also a damp van should not cause electrical problems. I guess you could count yourself lucky you've diagnosed the problem if you do end up having to fix it yourself
  7. You don't need to grind the riveted pin before using the breaker. Any half decent breaker will force out the pin as it is
  8. When you buy a new chain and you need to shorten it to fit your bike
  9. Didn't think trials was a big enough market for people to make copies!
  10. Silicone spray is usually the go to for leaving a nice shine after a wash (gt85 is pretty popular) although it won't really remove any residual grime as you call it as it wouldn't be as liquid as wd40 (unless you properly douse it in it) I wouldn't say the wd40 is actively dulling your stickers. Although the silicone can revive dulled stickers through scratches that looked beyond restoring
  11. Motul 10W40 (what i use too) is going to make your clutch anything but snatchy. Switching to anything lighter will most likely make it more so
  12. faussy


    Gotta kick it from the very top too. If you depress the KS a few inches and kick from there, most likely it won't start. Unless you're tall this can be rather tricky with your left foot on the ground
  13. faussy

    Vertigo chain

    Most trials bike come with regina as OE and if not maintained i wouldn't say they rust less or more than any other respectable brand of chain
  14. I don't know, i think you would need a good bit of heat applied. And maybe don't do it while its on the bike, wouldn't want you breaking one of the mounting lugs
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