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  1. ^ As said, looks like an ordinary poly pocket would do at a pinch
  2. Motocross manufacturers have been in denial the last 30 years also, making bikes louder and louder just to gain an extra bhp. Knock 10 dB of every bike and they might just come sociable again. The guys at the top aren't in tune with grass roots. Trials is no different
  3. Seeing as ive attended and competed in a lot more WTCs than you then im sure its more reality than your reality.... Ive stated my ideas lots of times previously, but guess who always pops up to disagree "Heffergm". If you weren't acknowledging what i had to say previous times, why should i even bother this time?
  4. Sorry, but you're clueless (IMO). Id happily present them to people that can at least admit GP is away to the dogs
  5. If you think theres nothing wrong your head really is buried in the sand
  6. Thats the problem! Asking people like that!! How about asking the dozens of really good national riders who would want to ride a world round but cant because it means certain injury. Sacrificing the growth of the sport to please a few elite riders is what's killing it all!
  7. Yep, increasing a trial from 2 laps to 3 laps will fix everything 🙄
  8. Did you ever see Jordi Tarres ride? In the end who cares? The sport was infinitely more competitive and entertaining to watch
  9. You had it in the past, 30 years ago you would have had 70 riders in the top grade. 25 years ago easily 50 in the top grade. 20 years ago 30. Now, 12. See a trend? Maybe you weren't around to experience world trials back then, but everyone who has experienced both knows hands down that was the golden era. The entry is still there, its just less people able to compete the top class, therefore diminishing it. As for trial2, i mainly flick through it when the highlights come on.
  10. Without proper regulation, any sport becomes a runaway train, with less and less teams and riders able to compete at the top level. Many sports, including F1 have introduced numerous restrictions over the years to hold it back and make it possible for the small teams to compete and its still a 1 horse race! Trials has had none for the last 50 years, its no wonder its become elitist. Going to 2 classes was admitting defeat, there should have been a stand taken then to curtail the advancement and keep as many riders in the top grade as possible. 3 grades will only take GP even further away from the semi professional or good amateur. All GP is good for at the moment is the top 5 and the odd spectator. It does nothing for the advancement of the sport and the aspiring amateur rider. When national champions cant compete at the top level there is something fundamentally wrong
  11. World trials became a joke when it introduced 2 classes, and now you want to introduce 3?
  12. I don't know what your intentions are but Id be very wary about spending money on a barrel like this or a piston to suit if you're planning to put it on a trials bike. A good chance its been tuned for something other than trials
  13. No. Probably been on a kart at some point
  14. Everything bar the tank. I think the thinner tank came in 2013
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