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  1. Why did the tubeless fronts go out of fashion?
  2. Titanium has a lower thermal conductivity than steel and about the same as stainless. So certainly no improvement
  3. It has most likely be respoked (possibly due to a bent rim) at some point and someone did a bad job. If the spindle spacers were wrong your disc wouldnt line up in the caliper
  4. Both replies above are correct, depending on what you mean by offset, i.e. does the wheel point straight ahead but is closer to one fork leg than the other, or is the wheel in the centre of the fork legs but point of at a angle?
  5. Totally agree. Heres the quote i once seen before but its in the description of the helmet. Cant actually find anything official from the FIM regarding this however. The FIM dont allow removable guards in MX, not sure if theyve mentioned this regarding trials Due to its clever design, this chin bar minimizes obstruction of the line of sight. It is made of very strong, durable polycarbonate, adding protection against impacts that may be caused for instance by the handlebars. The FIM strongly recommends additional chin protection for trial riders, and made it compulsory by 2018 for Junior riders up to 16 years. The FIM also ruled that guards from other brands or third parties like accessory brands are not allowed.
  6. Check out the arai penta pro, this was specifically added for trials. Bou and cabestany rode in the pentas for years before the rock guard addition. kuroyama is probably the highest level arai wearer yet doesnt wear this version, despite a few japanese lower level riders wearing them. Downhill mtb helmets have a much lower mouthguard since they arent specifically added for roost which require mx guards to be higher. Theres much greater fov in a downhill helmet
  7. Enduro riders are 10x more lightly to catch a mouthguard on a branch than a trials rides and they never have a problem. No manufacturer has taken a full face trials helmet seriously, apart from arai, and even then i dont think ive ever seen one outside of japan. I dont know how resistant they would be to a crack against a rock but i cant see them being worse than nothing. I think i read somewhere that the FIM were bringing a rule under 16s had to wear additional chin protection but i dont think it ever materialised. Its a bit like all new safety features. Back protectors in trials, the halo in F1. Theres big objections beforehand, then when it arrives people dont care that much for the supposed problems.
  8. Yep, 2013 has inverted fuel tank and non repackable silencer. They run crap when new, nevermind 10 years old. Im sure it sounds horrendous now with that exhaust. Possibly the worst bike made in the last 20 years
  9. Its possible the dog bone bearings are knackered. Put the bike on a stand on the sump with the wheel off the ground and see if the free play is still there
  10. I think those weight savings were just in the motor, not the overall bike weight
  11. Hard to get a non biased opinion on this. So heres my possibly biased opinion Gasgas- Best 300 engine. Clutches can be temperamental, but when set up correctly possibly the best clutch. Quite neutral feeling in my opinion, but i hear the new 23 has steeper steering Beta - Usually the cheapest, in the UK anyway, but the base model has cheap suspension. Steepest steering angle so some love how tight they turn while others just dont like the twitchiness. Rides different than all the other makes Sherco/scorpa - Pretty down the middle in my opinion. New fuel injected model should be interesting Montesa- Bullet proof, but comes with a weight penalty. Vertigo- Any ive ridden seem quite flat power wise but havent ridden a nitro myself. TRS - Bit ugly IMO, but nothing overly bad to say about them. Similar engine characteristics to the GG
  12. Id pretty tech minded and i cant understand how it could ever work. It cant be a rotation sensor on either wheel because you can have both wheels stopped with the bike still moving, and a movement sensor somewhere on the bike wont work because a bike can have stopped forward motion but still be moving so that the sensor wont be triggered. I can just hear people arguing with the observer saying the transponder is faulty. If it works, great, ultimately i still prefer the idea of non-stop but i cant see any permutation no matter how much tech you add, working
  13. Whats the electronic system mentioned to help with non-stop?
  14. Tickets were apparently sold out a good while back. Still time to announce between then and now that there will be live broadcasting and i doubt people will start asking for their money back. Easy extra revenue when you have a film crew crew there. Thats the hard bit. Turning it into a live stream is simple.
  15. I agree with the OP. Jitsie say they are doing a full recording and showing it next week to jitsie club members. Why not just stream the footage as you record it? And if you want to charge a premium to watch it live go ahead. Im sure more people would be prepared to spend £10 to watch it live than a week later. Jitsie and doug are very close, so hard to tell who called the shots on that but id say Dougie.
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