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  1. faussy

    GG UK riders

    A similar thing happened to sandifords
  2. If this is bare aluminium you are talking about and its really bad, a wire wheel and a drill. Ive had staining before on barrels (particularly gasgas ones) which i rub with some scotch brite whenever im cleaning. TFR works great, but it also does a good job at staining aluminium too, if left on too long at too high a concentration! Id advise against If the parts are painted, you shouldn't be having any problems with a simple cleaner
  3. Not clued up on beta electronics but most likely your lights are fed with AC, and the regulator/rectifier generates DC for your fan
  4. faussy

    New 200 !!

    Hes talking about a vertigo, not a beta
  5. We need to know what year your bike is so we know what kind of rim you have
  6. Sidis are a great boot, but mine like others, the sole has started to come away at the toe after 2 years. Gaernes IMO aren't worth the money, no protection and the build quality isn't what it used to be
  7. ^ As said, looks like an ordinary poly pocket would do at a pinch
  8. Motocross manufacturers have been in denial the last 30 years also, making bikes louder and louder just to gain an extra bhp. Knock 10 dB of every bike and they might just come sociable again. The guys at the top aren't in tune with grass roots. Trials is no different
  9. Seeing as ive attended and competed in a lot more WTCs than you then im sure its more reality than your reality.... Ive stated my ideas lots of times previously, but guess who always pops up to disagree "Heffergm". If you weren't acknowledging what i had to say previous times, why should i even bother this time?
  10. Sorry, but you're clueless (IMO). Id happily present them to people that can at least admit GP is away to the dogs
  11. If you think theres nothing wrong your head really is buried in the sand
  12. Thats the problem! Asking people like that!! How about asking the dozens of really good national riders who would want to ride a world round but cant because it means certain injury. Sacrificing the growth of the sport to please a few elite riders is what's killing it all!
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