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  1. Everyone is different, and its not a requirement that your bike runs between 900-1000 rpm.I know older guys that don't even run a tickover on new bikes because they aren't clutch users, while mine is much higher than average because i hate a bike stalling when i hop. Its only a guide, have it set at what you like
  2. Yes. Best at a lowish psi (too low and it won't seal, too high and it pops out too early) with a little soap. Don't come at me if you try it and either get frustrated at it not working or end up ripping the tube. There is more of a knack to it than using a beader. When i started doing it in the 90s i didn't realise beaders existed and put up with the slight inconvenience. Now im virtually as quick as someone else using a beader and too tight to splash out on something that will only save me a few seconds 🤣
  3. I use a bicycle tube that is even less robust than the shop bought things. Got 5 years so far out of this one. My last one even had a few patches on it 😬
  4. There was definitely a raga in 04. 400 of them were made. Ive seen 280 versions back then, not sure about 250s but wouldn't rule one out. Easily identifiable by magnesium (gold coloured) crankcases and swingarm, keihin carb and ohlins shock. Unless its mint, and viewed as a collectors item, i wouldn't value it anymore than a standard 04 if you're just interested in riding it.
  5. faussy

    Fuel Mixture ?

    Im guessing the castrol is fully synthetic. It may be too good, more for a racing or mx bike, 50:1 would probably be adequate. Most trials 2t oils are semi synthetic.
  6. faussy

    Fuel Mixture ?

    What brand/type of oil? 40:1 isn't too far off, i would never go below 50:1 on an air cooled bike of that era. Even at 40:1 your bike shouldn't smoke that bad, unless its an inappropriate oil or something up with your bike (seals or clogged exhaust). Ive run fantics and bultos as high as 35:1 and they didn't smoke excessively
  7. I was thinking it was a txt pro
  8. Was the basket centre bolt tight?
  9. faussy

    2021 301RR

    I agree. I also think it was a sad day steel frames were no longer chrome
  10. faussy

    Tire musings

    Is that why today we have a tubed front, that in the past went through a tubeless phase, but has since went back to tube?
  11. They should be level. Spot of weld on the underside of the pegs where they touch the frame, then grind to get the correct height
  12. Have you repacked your own exhaust, including the centre box?
  13. Been using TFR for the last 20 years, diluted about 15:1. Take care not to leave it too long on bare aluminium and you'll be fine. If you have an aluminium framed bike (4rt or beta) i would probably avoid
  14. Ditto, Id say they are made in the same factory, whoever is making them
  15. faussy

    2013 Factory 300

    Looks like a 2015 factory, but with a custom white painted frame... Gold triple clamps, gold head, forks and wheels are all 2015 Ill let the sherco experts answer the rest, but afaik the only real problems was with the carb diaphragm pump and some didn't run great, but i think this was more contained to the early models of the reverse tank and airbox, around 2011. If it runs ok then i guess its ok 80:1 i guess is fine if you aren't overly hard on it. If you like a lot of throttle or trail riding, id maybe try closer to 60 or 70:1. Personally i like to errr on the side of more oil, but everyone has their preference https://www.sherco.com/wp-content/uploads/manual_2015_ST.pdf
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