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  1. Hi all I’m just wondering if anyone knows the best was to go about getting a trials bike road registered? Cheers
  2. Thanks guys I’m going to have a go on a trs and then a beta 200 (which I have heard is a great bike). The only thing about the 4rt is that it’s really quite heavy and big to handle
  3. Hi everyone so Iv been on a beta evo 125 for quite a few years now and I’m looking to move on to a 250. I was thinking a beta 250 because I have been told it has the softest power delivery? But does anyone have any other suggestions? Like what is the the new trs like? Does it trump the beta?
  4. Going for a new pair of boot but my choise is between gaerne or alpinestars any sugestions?
  5. hevsy125

    Sherco 125

    Hi all I was just going to bye my daughter a new 125 trials bike but I did not know what bike to go for. I was either going to go for the sherco or the beta. Does anyone have any suggestion Thanks
  6. hevsy125

    New Sherco 125

    Hi everyone I was thinking about getting my 14 year old daughter a new sherco 125 it will be her second bike but I don't want it to be to firey . I have herd rumours that the new shercos are very jumpy. I was wondering If this was true and if it is what is the best bike to go for.
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