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  1. Advice on buying a Vertigo

    All this talk of Ice Hells makes me love mine even more!!!
  2. Arnaud Farre's replacement at Vertigo

    Now that's hysterical!
  3. Swingarm Linkage Question

    Many thanks for the info! I think I'll just stick with the current geo setup, which performs fine by my standards and will replace the worn dog bones and thru rods. At least they are really easy to get to. Cheers!
  4. Swingarm Linkage Question

    Hi Folks, my Vertigo ('17 Ice Hell 300) rear linkage has developed a fair amount of play in the swingarm. Appears the dog bones are worn. I have heard there is a newer rear linkage design for the '18 and newer models which I believe is compatible with the '17 models (?). Anyone know if this is so? And if it is recommended to make the switch? Or should I just replace dog bones and be done with it? Cheers!
  5. Mecatecno T18

    Pretty sweet looking!!!]
  6. Vertigo Protection Parts

    Rock on, thanks, Oni.
  7. Vertigo Protection Parts

    You have a link to that product oni?
  8. Best trials bike for 2018?

  9. Tech Forks Service

    Nice work, thanks for the tutorial!!!
  10. YAMAHA have a new TY

    I applaud Yamaha for entering the E Trials market. However, I think they may (and should) re-think the single speed tranny. It won't compete with the GG 6 speed tranny E Trials bike. GG is making a concerted effort to make an E Trials bike which is a closer experience to a combustion engine bike with a tranny. E Motion bikes will go by the wayside (IMO) if they don't get on the "tranny train". We are all creatures of habit. Can't go too extreme before big change is accepted. And a tranny totally makes sense in Trials. Again, IMO.
  11. Trials boots sole repair DIY - photos included

    How are they holding up with the Shoe Goo??
  12. That's awesome. Glad he is up to ride, albeit, as he said, has not been on the bike until today, he won't expect to win, but will secure the Indoor championship.
  13. X Trial is promoting this weekend's event with both Bou and Raga competing. I expected Raga to be there, as he competed last weekend for the first time since his surgery. Bou has been very quiet on social media, no practice riding posts, rightfully so, if he is, I suppose. I'm just surprised that he'll be back this soon. OR will the almighty X Trial announce that Bou will not be there on Saturday morning, so that ticket holders still show up to see Adam, at least? (so they don't eat crow like they did when they outright canceled the last event, which still sucks for all of the other competitors who WERE ABLE to COMPETE)
  14. New Bike

    I came from 2 different Gas Gas bikes, 250 Raga & Racing Pro, both amazing. Now on a Vertigo Ice Hell 300, can't see myself without EFI EVER again. Wicked bike! You're soo lucky - so many excellent bikes available. And BLESS YOUR WIFE for "agreeing" that you need a NEW bike! Run to the shop! QUICK!!
  15. Optimal suspension setup

    oni nou knows!