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  1. I sure would like to see another 125 Scorpa there ? Any chance Norman ?
  2. Mike Thanks for posting maybe I can get someone to drive up with me ?
  3. They are really nice looking bikes I may have to get one someday soon
  4. Welcome back and read up you may want something newer since there are not many around older than a 59 BSA !
  5. Guys I started naming my bikes my 2019 Scorpa 125 factory is Rose and my 2018 Beta 125 RR is Aurora and the are really quite nice to look at . But I do not know how to post pictures so hopefully you can put up the nicest looking bike you ever owned .
  6. Dirt Dud USA

    Petrol switch

    Pull off the hose and move the valve and you will know
  7. Ok so the new to me 2019 125 Scorpa Factory is not a Sherco . It is going to take awhile to get the bike all the others are modeled after the GasGas out of my mind .
  8. So you should get a 125 and ride it for your start back to riding then get a 250 or 300 . But the most important thing is to ride alot if you want to improve your riding skill in trials . So the 3 most important things about trials skill improvement are not cc but practice , practice ,practice .
  9. I just started riding a Sherco 125 and would recommend it to anyone who is not to heavy , At 148 pounds I am light enough to not need anymore power than a 125 provides and I have had lots of bigger bikes but the 125 really teaches you how to ride in ways that a bigger bike cannot teach you .
  10. I have been on here reading some of the Topics regarding trials bikes and the comparisons . I have been riding trials for a long time but just the last few years I have been more more active with it . I am interested in getting a new 125 and the Scorpa really interest me . So the comparison between that and the Sherco was really good . I have crossed off the GasGas since i have had lots of them and am tired of the way some of them start . Or should I say do not start in a kick or 2 but maybe 6 or 7 ? I realize that in Europe there are a lot of 125s and would love to see another comparison including the Beta and TRS 125 bikes . How maney 125 bikes compete at a local event and how many events happen in a weekend in England ? I am not sure how long it takes to get to an event here it averages 2 hours give or take . With 10 events a years near that distance . Thanks from the East Coast of the USA
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