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  1. Update: 2017 gas gas has failed me for the 3rd time today another unknown electrical fault so the pos will be for sale
  2. Best idea to keep them looking nice is frame/fork protecters etc and use helicopter tape to protect areas where your boots rub, also clean it thouroughly after every ride and spray plenty of wd40 round the engine and any areas vulnerable to corrosion
  3. Thanks guys for the opinions, was riding today with my mate and his gas gas is gonna have to go back to the dealers it's that bad bogging at every section, he's very good when it comes to maintanence so I will be interested to see what's at fault, as for test days does anyone know when they are on? I wouldn't be looking to get anything new until the end of the year at least but would like to try some bikes as soon as possible.
  4. Hi just wondering what new bikes people reccomend the most, I currently have a 2017 gas gas 280 but looking to get something new towards the end of the year but no idea What, I would get a new gas gas 300 but a mate of mine has just bought one and is having problems with it bogging out etc, I like the look of trs but have another mate with one that the throttle got stuck on and it went bang and he's had lots of trouble getting parts for it, I don't really like the look of vertigo and think there way overpriced. What's people's opinions? I'm a white route rider and I ride most if not all weekends, I've ridden beta and gas gas myself, I much prefer the feel of my gas gas but it's not nearly as reliable as my beta was.
  5. Hi all Been too busy enjoying my 2017 gas gas 280 but I have got back round to working on my beamish, I changed the fork clamps for ones from an rl model as did the forks ( oil forks instead of air forks) I chopped parts of the rear of the black engine frame and welded them to mine, also used the swingarm from the black engine beamish as my one looked to have been extended and chrome was bad, I also have changed the bars but am currently searching for a swing arm bush kit
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/111939596737 Anyone else seen this listing? Wonder how it ended up there
  7. It's been a little while and I'm back at it, I will be having some work done to the frame to remove the rear loop and have the later beamish mudguard stays welded on, also got to weld on some bar stops and just had chain tensioner bracket welded to later swing arm, will be looking at getting chrome stripped and frame powder coated instead
  8. I had a go a drilling the rubber out as well, i was going to just leave them as i had spent ages cutting the old swingarm bolt off because it had siezed in the swingarm, im replacing the old swingarm with a later model swingarm that was in much better condition, only thing i noticed different was there is no bracket for a chain tensioner on the later swing arm?
  9. If anybody has any good tips to getting old swing arm bushes out please let me know
  10. Change of plans, will be going back to old frame and building that up instead, to much work is required to make everything fit later frame
  11. Well this is how they stand so far, silver engine needs some spacers making up and longer mounting bolts and need to make some new front engine brackets, other than that im hoping it should be ok
  12. The plan was to put my silver engine in the later frame, i haven't really looked into it but the mountain points look similar so was hoping it would be ok, failing that i will hold out for a black engine
  13. Sounds good, and i suppose theres more of them knocking about so will have a look
  14. Here is the frame i have just picked up, i have just ordered new head bearings for it so will be slowly swapping parts onto this frame
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