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  1. Thank you... I was trying to find out about it at HQ. Thank you.
  2. hi. I haven't found the Shoba triangle yet. It's been welded and used temporarily. I feel uneasy. I asked the Japanese dealer to get the parts, but he doesn't care. So I need a site where I can get parts. I live in South Korea. Please let me know.
  3. Hi. I'm a user of Bertigo in South Korea. I'm asking you questions because I'm interested in the Electric Motion racing version. I wonder if there is a difference between the trial and the force of 300cc exhaust. There's no electric trials in South Korea. I have no choice but to access information on YouTube. I felt a little less powerful than the Slingshot engine 300cc. So I'm curious. Let me know.
  4. Hi. I am a user living in South Korea. 2016 Vertigo I took a look at the specs to replenish the cooling water. castrol radicool sf premix This product is not available in South Korea. It's on eBay, but it's impossible to ship domestically. There is a Motul inugel available in South Korea. Is there any motul product that I can use?
  5. To remove part four, you must loosen bolt 15. 17 and also loosen swing arm bolts. The yellow parts shown in the picture must be removed. The parts you want will be separated.
  6. Hi. Rider lives in South Korea. The light linkage support was broken during zap zap practice. There is no place to buy in South Korea. So I would appreciate it if you could let me know the global delivery site where you can purchase this component. I want to thank you in advance. It's translated into a language translator, so please understand if it's weird.
  7. Hi, this is Ryder living in South Korea. During maintenance, I found out that the rear swing arm fixing bolt was cut off. So I want to know if I can separate the side frames. Thank you in advance. It's translated into a translator application, so I understand if there's a wrong sentence.
  8. The idea of an external power source for easy start is very good. But it's a bit uncomfortable. So I made a small 12v and a switch. It is very easy start after installation and is comfortable. My ideas I'm writing to share.
  9. hi.... I'm jeong won living in South Korea. Vertigo 12v start battery connection is inconvenient So I made a 12v portable starter battery with 18650 batteries. It is 11.1v by connecting three 3.7v batteries, but 12v comes out because it is 4 volts when fully charged. In the photo, the battery hold is on the side but is actually under the air filter. Make a switch and start the engine When started, disconnect the switch. If the switch is connected and kickstarter 3 starts.
  10. Hi. The Vertigo user lives in South Korea. This time, I'm trying to buy a 9v high battery, so I don't have much in South Korea. It takes a long time to purchase from Ali Express. So I made a 9v replacement battery with aaa rechargeable batter. the charge is good, up to 9vIf
  11. Anieyo. ? Perhaps Is it Korean language? Anieyo. = 아니에요!
  12. Hello mr peter B. In this question You answered. Thank you very much mr peter B.
  13. hi. The startup problem was well resolved via the forum. Mister peterb Thank you again. This question is 9v battery capacity question. I need to use a 9v rechargeable battery Can I charge my battery while starting up? And 9v rechargeable battery capacity How much should I use? at Least 200mah? 250mah? Can I use 1000mah? (16 Vertigo Combat 300 )
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