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  1. Hi Primodious I would appreciate a copy of the manual when you have a chance please. Thanks very much Reg johnholdsworth369@sky.com
  2. My pleasure. You're right it is a dark art and it does require some searching to get to the information. If the suspension police see this then doubtless I will be butchered in my bed 😂 It would make sense that the Mont has a stronger spring than the Vertigo. I have a Vertigo these days but haven't had it apart yet! I am intrigued as to why our spacers were both smaller on our bikes. With respect to the springs, Top to bottom, they are heavy duty, Medium and Soft. I installed the medium and all was well. The 2.5W Motul is the equivalent of the OJ 5W (and also Showa SS05). Cheers, Reg
  3. Here's a link from Splat Shops site regarding Tech Springs for Alloy stanchions. You can identify the spring by the number of tightly wound turns. You probably know this already but the oil recommended is an OJ product which we can't get in the UK. Comparing the specification the nearest product that I found was Motul Factory Line, Very Light 2.5W. As you say it is easy to make a spacer. I'm sure that it will improve matters. Cheers
  4. I had the same issue with my 300RR. For me it started when the front was solid when cold. I discovered the previous owner had put heavy oil in so I returned it to standard spec. Then it was way too soft. I found two things; firstly, the spring was a soft one so I replaced with a standard spring. Secondly, I found the spacer was like yours, looked to be smaller than standard. What alerted me to the problem was that there was no resistance when I removed and then replaced the top cap, almost like the whole assembly was too short. I made up a replacement - double the size - and immediately improved the situation. But I was keen to get to the standard and correct spec so I ordered a replacement (I bought this from Splat Shop UK, Tech do a kit with the nylon cap and spacer. It was somewhere between the two extremes. You'll see in the pictures, the small one removed, the middle one is the standard replacement and the large is one that I made. Hopefully, this will give you some idea of the size. Sorry I can't measure as the bike was sold. Good luck
  5. Hello SDW As far as I understand there are three Tech Spring options. A Soft, standard and stiff. The springs are identifiable by the number of compression turns. The standard spring (12 compression turns should be suitable for rider weight of 75-90Kg. I discovered this when I bought a Mont 300 (aluminium tubes), turned out that someone had replaced the stock spring with a softer spring. Take a look at Splat Shop's website and you will see this along with an indication of rider weights. Hope this helps.
  6. It's usually either low tickover or your clutch isn't disengaging fully or both. With the clutch, check your lever set up and refresh the DOT4 fluid in the master.
  7. I wouldn't hold out hope for a discounted past model. Honda did this for the 2018/19 300 as far as I could tell but now times are different. I know that Honda have recently been throttling supply, to some extent (supply chain issues, I'm guessing) so dealers have found it hard to take bikes into stock and, where they have stock, they seem to move them pretty quickly. In a nutshell demand seems to roughly match supply. I generally have a trade in so my focus is on getting the best price for the old bike and paying list. Discounted road registration is usual and maybe a few goodies at cost is probably as good as you will get in this market.... Good hunting Reg
  8. I am 5' 9" and 78kg, 39" chest. I usually wear a medium in say a MOTS or S3 trials shirt but generally hover between medium and large depending upon the brand and how fitted it is. I ordered both M and L in the Stone 4. Medium fitted better in the body but was too tight under the arms. I went for the large as it felt more comfortable, particularly with the gillet in. I would say if you're a slim build in the arm and shoulder then the medium will fit a treat. I've worn mine a couple of times and never with the Gillet - it's just too warm for riding in my opinion. I don't think they are billed as waterproof and they are not. Hope this helps Cheers Reg
  9. Hi You have all the usual suspects above. Here's a few more simple ones:- 1) Have you made any changes? Simple stuff that may effect connections etc. Like taking the headlight off.... If so retrace 2) How fresh is the fuel? 3) Did the plug you changed come from a reliable source? 4) Give the bank angle sensor a knock, make sure its not stuck. Cheers
  10. A quick thought. Maybe someone has put a slow throttle tube on the Vertigo? If you roll back the grip it’ll be black. Fast ones are white. That would tax your wrist more....
  11. Next year's model will be back to red ? I've just bought a grey one and love it but I reckon the colour will date quickly (have some red bits coming). Not so keen on the black fork boots... But underneath all that, same great bike ?
  12. Which S3 footpegs have you put on? If they're the s3 Curve then they have a slightly more aggressive angle and are designed to help get your weight forward quicker. My thought was this could be putting more stress on the wrists?
  13. Monteeman, I have been down the same track just recently. Bought an immaculate 2016 Repsol and then recently changed to a 300RR. Couldn't resist, and I do think it is easier to ride, plus nothing wrong with being over-biked ? I would advise anyone to go and find a little used example (2016 plus), as I did - no regrets. I found that there are plenty of really good 4RTs and Repsols that fit the bill, most 300s were well used when I was originally looking, although plenty of nearly new around now. I reckon the Repsols hold their value a little better, plus the all Showa suspension is really plush. You would notice the difference in feel, but will it make you a better rider?? Probably not. Personally, I like the Repsol colours but am not a fan of the 2020 example. The 2020 4RT does look nice tho"...... ? Good luck, buy well and won't go far wrong.
  14. Ps. let us know how it ends ??
  15. The Mont does have a lovely tractor like quality, holding it on little more than Tickover it pulls and pulls. I wouldn’t say they they pull noticeably better than 2T from the bottom as such, what is noticeable is that the power is strong all through the range. I never feel like I’m looking for more - the engine is strong. I had been away from the sport for many years, so my reference point is Spanish 2Ts, got back on the bike and ended up on Monts. I’ve ridden 10 trials since April and practice regularly, love it and love the bike. There are plenty on this forum who can offer up genuine insight on how to ride the Monts to great effect. JimmyL I think is one such... What I can say is I’ve been stunned by the Monts suspension and motor and overall capability. I have ridden modern 2 strokes and they are obviously good bikes, they are light and go where you want, but they leave me cold. After riding a 2T I feel like I should go looking for the parts that have fallen off them.....? No turning back for me!
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