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  1. A quick thought. Maybe someone has put a slow throttle tube on the Vertigo? If you roll back the grip it’ll be black. Fast ones are white. That would tax your wrist more....
  2. Johnny Reggie

    2021 301RR

    Next year's model will be back to red 😍 I've just bought a grey one and love it but I reckon the colour will date quickly (have some red bits coming). Not so keen on the black fork boots... But underneath all that, same great bike 👊
  3. Which S3 footpegs have you put on? If they're the s3 Curve then they have a slightly more aggressive angle and are designed to help get your weight forward quicker. My thought was this could be putting more stress on the wrists?
  4. Monteeman, I have been down the same track just recently. Bought an immaculate 2016 Repsol and then recently changed to a 300RR. Couldn't resist, and I do think it is easier to ride, plus nothing wrong with being over-biked ? I would advise anyone to go and find a little used example (2016 plus), as I did - no regrets. I found that there are plenty of really good 4RTs and Repsols that fit the bill, most 300s were well used when I was originally looking, although plenty of nearly new around now. I reckon the Repsols hold their value a little better, plus the all Showa suspension is really plush. You would notice the difference in feel, but will it make you a better rider?? Probably not. Personally, I like the Repsol colours but am not a fan of the 2020 example. The 2020 4RT does look nice tho"...... ? Good luck, buy well and won't go far wrong.
  5. Ps. let us know how it ends ??
  6. The Mont does have a lovely tractor like quality, holding it on little more than Tickover it pulls and pulls. I wouldn’t say they they pull noticeably better than 2T from the bottom as such, what is noticeable is that the power is strong all through the range. I never feel like I’m looking for more - the engine is strong. I had been away from the sport for many years, so my reference point is Spanish 2Ts, got back on the bike and ended up on Monts. I’ve ridden 10 trials since April and practice regularly, love it and love the bike. There are plenty on this forum who can offer up genuine insight on how to ride the Monts to great effect. JimmyL I think is one such... What I can say is I’ve been stunned by the Monts suspension and motor and overall capability. I have ridden modern 2 strokes and they are obviously good bikes, they are light and go where you want, but they leave me cold. After riding a 2T I feel like I should go looking for the parts that have fallen off them.....? No turning back for me!
  7. I’m still on the learning curve and found It be a handful initially, I geared it down to 9/41 and it seemed to suit me and the tight stuff that we were riding better. I did move back to 10/41 for a while thinking it should work better. Gone back to 9/41 for now- but I appreciate the sentiment - a bit more time under my belt and I dare say I’ll be back to where I started! I recognise the kangaroo juice ? and can see how the set the throttle and clutch is good. Thing is when you’re on and off the throttle you’re more likely to break traction and you’re a gonner in the mud...
  8. Monts Tickover at around 1800. Don’t worry about this, most owners gear them down from 10/41 to 9/41, this makes them slightly easier to handle. You can ride them off the clutch or on the clutch. The bike will not run away with you, shut it off and you have a little engine braking coming into play (I like this personally). It’s true they are a little heavier, again I wouldn’t worry on this score. I see plenty of riders winning on the Monts - they are capable machines - as ever it comes down to the riders ability. The main changes of late on the Monts (4RT and Repsol came in with the 260 engine - the ones with the map switch). My advice would be to try and avoid anything older than ‘16. Bon chance!
  9. I have just bought a 300rr and have made the same changes (it is exactly the same as the Repsol). I have no requirement for the lights and so I have removed the left hand connector (as per your picture) and therefore removed the middle socket with the red blank (again, as per you picture). The map switch connection will then link directly to the male connectors on the left hand side. I hope this is clear. Saludos, Reg
  10. On my Repsol (2016) the map switch is connected to the green and green/white (these wires sit in the same 4 way connector). When the circuit is made the high power mode is on. Hope this helps. Cheers, Reg
  11. Johnny Reggie


    For fork oil. Take a look at the cst measures at 40 degrees. You’ll see the Showa ss05 recommended for Showa front end is ~15 cst, as is the Motul racing line Very Thin 2.5w. Jonnyc21’s Like Water is thinner, their 2.5w comes in at 8cst. Don’t look at the manufacturers weight rating (SAE 5, 2.5 etc), look at the cst measure. Goggle it and you’ll find spec comparison tables... You have Tech forks, OJ-01 recommended oil, about the same at 15cst@40degrees. But you can find alternatives by the same method ??
  12. Johnny Reggie


    Pulling your leg (the 40ml over p****s me off too). I feel, don’t go cheap on the oil and don’t mix oils (different brands or old and new) as far as you can anyway. jrsunt I’m sure knows what works... Interestingly, I was looking for an alternative to the Showa fork oil and the Motul Factory line is pretty close in spec
  13. Johnny Reggie


    I shop around for the best deals ‘cos prices do vary significantly. I keep a small stock so the 540ml doesn’t really become an issue. I stick with the recommended gear oil (plenty of alternative views on the forum tho’) From a usage perspective, you are asking if you can save the cost of 40ml of oil. At say 22 quid a litre you’ll save 88p....? I am planning a - pre Brexit - bulk panic buy when I remember to do so ?
  14. I read speculation that the 301 could be inheriting some of the mod's from the works bikes of Grattarola and co’ Anyone got any real insight (not speculation) into what Montesa/HRC have done with these 300RRs?? I appreciate they are not works bikes as such but they do have indirect factory support
  15. The Repsol has Showa forks and shock (Tech and R16V on 4RT), DID rims (as opposed to Morad), more capable front brake calliper, S3 alloy pegs, Renthal bars, Carbon on Forks, RH casing and Exhaust front pipe and silencer cover. Repsol is also shod with Michelin boots rather than Dunlop as standard. The paint, decals and Oh a grand or so in folding! I think the peg hangers and stuff are pretty much the same from 2015/16 on. Mainly down to the suspension parts, they do feel different. When I was buying I was on the look out for a "good lightly used one" and would have been happy with either model.... but if you get the chance ride 'em both.
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