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  1. yeah I've watched a good few of his theres some pretty handy riders ?
  2. Ok i'll take a look this weekend...thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I've looked on the trial GP website and it says that Freesports do a catch up on the rounds but can't see it on their TV listings page is there anywhere else that shows it like The X-Trial package. Cheers
  4. sorry only just picked this up, thanks for all the info fellas, much appreciated Overdale for the description. ?
  5. my 19 evo 250 has started blowing water out of the vent occassionally the fan is working ok, Is this the norm ? the last one i had was a 2006 Cheers in advance M.
  6. Beta rev'3

    evo fork seals

    hgas just done my 19 evo...twice... they're relatively simple to do..turns out the fork leg is scratched and that's why the seals leaking... fork legs aren't cheap so it's bread and water for me and her in doors for a few weeks.. I think the right leg was 297 ml if I remember correctly. I watched the above vid by bilko and theres another good one which shows how to make a fork seal driver but I bought a sealey one instead which was around the 40 quid mark I think. Best Mick
  7. Hi Dan no they weren't overly clean on closer inspection, not sure about the groove to be honest I didn't notice it till you pointed it out..I'll put them back in now I've cleaned them up and see what they're like.
  8. I've just done a service a first service on my '19 250 evo so decided to take a look at the clutch...to be fair the plates are very clean. Did anyone ever find some lighter springs with regards to lightening the pull over here in the uk ?
  9. Ok cheers for the info everyone. Appreciated
  10. So after a reasonably impressive off at the top of a step at weekend, Not sure whether it was the shock of actually getting up it but stupidly I wasn't covering the back brake and looped the bike, with me and the bike back at the bottom of the step where I started from with it on top of me.. I'm buying some back armour seeing as all of the rest of me escaped major pain thanks to knee and elbow protection I've looked at the Hebo XTR and the forcefield but there are quite a few versions ? Any pro's cons with either ? Thanks in advance
  11. I've done the deed...thanks ? The missus thanks you all as well....NOT ?
  12. cool. Thanks looks like i'll have to treat myself ...
  13. whats the coverage like I've never seen this before ?
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone it's a '19 Evo and the fork with the disc on is leaking oil out of the top quite badly. I can't say as it's lasted so long seeing as the bike was new end of last September...
  15. cheers...bad search technique.. must try harder ? Sorted ?
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