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  1. A_ekis


    In Spain it has become very difficult and expensive to get the dunlop, x11 there is something else, but also with shortage and expensive. Here the irc nobody knows them. Any experience with the mitas new model at clubman level? those have more logical prices and good availability, but I have no access to experience with them, around here I have only seen them mounted on some classic.
  2. Muchas gracias por tu información, eso no lo había encontrado por ningún lado, aquí en España, aunque hay muchos fans, esta suspensión es brujería para unos y secreto de estado para otros, imposible sacar nada en claro. Por las fotos diría que la Montesa es la 903 (porque es más larga) y la Vertigo es la 902 the oil according to the montesa 5w manual (I know it varies from one brand to another) I usually use motul or motorex with good results in both.
  3. Thanks, it's a great help, luckily I have lathes so machining that part doesn't take me more than two minutes, as you wanted, what I'm looking for is to start with a standard configuration, my bike is also second-hand. the spring that I had in the vertigo is a harder spring than the stock one, even so compared to the one in the montesa, the latter is even stronger, but the progressive spirals (those that are closer together) are much more numerous in the montesa. the latter, together with the low preload (as you say, the plug goes in and out without exerting pressure) makes the bike work too low from the front for my liking, although at the end of the run we do find a firm suspension. In any case, the problem that made me open this post came from the fact that for some reason, the bars expelled the air and when they were stretched they remained with negative pressure and this made the bike go completely sunk (to add insult to injury. I spent a day of competition) I don't know what could have caused the problem, but since there's no harm in the world, now that it's located I'll start playing with different heights and bushings until I find a compromise that I find pleasing.
  4. thanks for your answer, but I've looked and the size of that spacer is nowhere to be found. I have disassembled the vertigo and as you can see in the attached file, the bushing measures 17mm, that of the montesa 11mm, neither of them coincides with the image in the manual. (the spring of the montesa is 4mm longer than that of the vertigo and also thicker, even so the montesa is much lower than the vertigo) however, if you look at the attached frame of a maintenance video of a tech mounted on a trs, it does look much more like the one in the manual. which leads me to assume that each brand mounts different springs and spacers even if it is the same fork. Yesterday I opened the fork to change the oil and see if I found anything strange, and the only thing I saw was that when I loosened the cap on both bars, I could hear perfectly how much air entered them. Something very strange and that had never happened to me. Even so, when I finished, although it fell much less, it still had much more free sag than the vertigo, even with the Montesa having a stronger spring. I take the vertigo with zero preload and the montesa even at the top, it still seems sunken to me.
  5. hello, first of all forgive my english, i'm using a translator I own a montesa 300rr 2018 and I have a problem with it., he bike is very low from the front, the static sag is very large even with the spring fully preloaded. Looking at the user manual, the spacer bushing in the drawing is much larger than the one on my bike, at first glance about 4x more, but since it does not give measurements, I cannot verify it. Does anyone know the size of this cap? I also have a vertigo with a similar fork, but this spacer does not match, so I would like to know the measurement of a 300rr like mine. at all times I am referring to the spacer bushing, marked with the number 2 in the attached image.
  6. yes, the batteryless was a bit damaged from a hit.
  7. I continue with my problem, I have discarded the high coil trying another equal and nothing, I have also tried with another regulator and with no luck. hot still without spark. However, if I connect a 12v battery to the auxiliary voltage socket, it starts up perfectly. So it is making me doubt the capacitor, but it has 3 cables and I don't know how to measure it, nor do I have another one to test (they ask me for € 180 at the dealer because it says that it comes with all the cables ...)
  8. A_ekis

    Service manual?

    Can i send me the manual for vertigo 300 2017-2018? I can eléctric problem, and i need see the ohm high coil
  9. I think you mean the high voltage coil. Right now she's my main suspect. I had an isolated fault in the spark plug wire, I changed the wire, but I don't know if it is possible that the problem with the wire also annoyed the high tension coil.
  10. hello, I have a vertigo replica Fajardo 300. I had problems with the crankshaft bearings, and since I changed them, my motorcycle when it wants it does not have a spark in the spark plug when it is hot. In motion it never stops, but when trying to start when it seems to it, it does not spark. any ideas to look at?
  11. Thank you for your answers. I think I'm going to decide on the normal ones. As I said, my level is not high and it seems that they are the most appropriate. We hope to continue improving as much as to assemble the curve in the future!
  12. I am determined to change the footpegs of my vertigo. my current footpegs are the S3 Hard Rock Steel. I have driven another bike from a friend with the S3 Hard Rock aluminum and I have felt much more comfortable, because they are bigger. The doubt comes, that when looking for new footrests, I see that there is another model called curve. Any experience with these footrests? the one who has tried both, which is his favorite? My level is medium low, although little by little I start using the rear wheel more to jump.
  13. I also have a fajardo 300. In cold starts always at 3, although you give strong or slow, always at 3 (it is logical, to have to take pressure in the injector and others) in hot, if it takes less than 3 or 4 minutes to stop, to kick 1. if it takes a little more time to the second kick
  14. I forgot to write it. It is not just a dock issue, since when you put it on the transport trailer, without anyone driving, it hits the edge of it. When neither the beta, nor the gas gas of a partner never collide in it. The 4rt of a friend if it hits that edge too.
  15. I'm heavy, over 95kg, I still do not notice the soft bike back, it's a lot harder than the beta. I know that the ideal would be a harder spring, but still with the beta and the series dock went well and did not give down so easily. He has tried a friend lighter and also gave him easy down. I know that the gasgas are higher, the lower 4rt, As I have no comparison with another vertigo, I just wanted to ask if you have noticed this difference in height compared to other brands.
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