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  1. This is the main problem with turning championships in to a multi class /multi route sections as each class affects another class ,So organizers need to make a call ! is it all about a good entry or a good trial fit for championship purpose,
  2. IMHO if its the regulator ? why is it only the fan motor burning out as as the regulator dose not make volts just keeps them a constant voltage , Stator must be good as bike has electric power to run A sticking fan motor would draw more current to try to turn it but that in turn would draw more current /volts from rest of system ie fuel pump /ignition thus causing bike to stop /cut out , But if the temp sender ( intermittent ) faulty ie not cutting fan OUT fan motor will run continually causing over heating of fan motor as a fan motor is NOT built to run like that,,,, OR IF the fan motor is/or running continually is the fault a coolant flow problem ? causing the fan motor to work over time As for Fan relay i think it only cuts fan motor volts off for starting when the bike is hot ,to put all volts/current to starting mode then cuts back in once started sending volts/current to fan motor
  3. theres things that can be done in all aspects of trials only thing holding it back is how much people want to enforce the rules
  4. With pre 65 your wanting a level playing field rule that is easy to implement = simple have a maximum ground clearance how to do that well by means of bolting blocks of wood to frame/bash plate if needed to give correct ground clearance as with F1 cars
  5. A CBR fits use a KEMSO for cbr 600 £30
  6. on it

    front sproket seals

    used to run a felt seal it covered end of shaft ( clutch rod went through it ) to soak the oil up about 3-4mm thick hope this helps
  7. Another very good point ! you and all will be very happy to know im done with it all !
  8. GROW UP YOU SAD MAN YOUR SHOWING YOURSELF UP NOW !!!!!!!!!!!! Dose Dabble or Price leaving WTC have anything to do with me ? dose it affect my life ? dose it pay my bills ? Plus you can guess how i voted ? thats pathetic! & I really dont care !!!!!!!!!!
  9. OK IM WRONG YOUR 100% RIGHT SO WHAT EVER YOU SAY HAPPY now Nigel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GB ridders will be at WTC or not i really dont care !!!! make a living from it or not I really dont care !!! BTC will be great I really dont care !! WHY coz non of it effects me and my life !
  10. All good points BUT as you point out things change well the trials concept can not or it will cease to be trials. you ride between 2 sets of flags loosing marks along the way or not ! you point out Pre 65 do they still not ride between 2 sets of flags still trials. But ride between 2 sets of flags no observer it becomes enduro or moto cross, Rules are in place but this is part of the problem with WTC & BTC riders going watching know the rules but not seeing them being implemented ! the young riders copy/ ride like there heros at club level sulk when they get a 5 for doing the same thing !, We All seem to worry about the wrong things in trials cash/sponsorship ,getting young riders into the sport BUT what need to really worry about are Officials to run clubs ,observe take ,entrys put flags in etc all volunteers( amature ) , BUT what do we have 6 pages of lack of sponsorship /cash to keep rides in WTC /BTC prioritys need to change !
  11. AND more to the point marked correctly !! NON STOP your having a laugh ! that will be at WTC & BTC
  12. For your reference ?since were talking BRITS well Brits just leave dont move down a class just leave ! and will 2021 only 2 weeks away will it be a real full championship ? OR due to covid AS for backing If they dont have /or get sponsorship people must feel there NOT good enough to get it , is that due to too many riders getting bigged up by family and friends in turn them riders expect sponsorship ? AS for Cabestany DID he not move to gasgas electric ? after a gap leaving/pushed from sherco, & Graterolla dropping down a class is doing better now in trial 2 than he ever would in GP NOW both are WTC Champions and what dose that bring £s and sponsorship ! Fuji as the number 2 rider in the team he can and dose beat a lot of other teams number 1 riders so hes doing his job ! HRC seem happy with him to pay him All the names you point out have 1 thing in common they are well established and PROVEN with teams and sponsorship, and over the years been making friends/sponsors dropping down the ranks & moving class but still there ! A elite sportsman MAKEs HIS OR HER LIVING from that sport ,so there going in to that sport as ive said "entitled/expecting" to make there living from it BUT if trials is a AMATURE sport " thats a good career choice !" my point exactly they dont have a 9-5 job so there expecting to make a living from trials !! Now Jack Price how long in full wtc ? so not well established /not proven & not made a massive impact at wtc level
  13. Try and KEEP up Nigel here it is simple for you A. its NOT 2021 YET so who knows ! B. the TOPIC is about trial GP so not trial GB so what has 2021 and riders in the UK got to do with anything ? I say again GP AS ive said a zilionth time " I class all " i say again I CLASS ALL sponsored riders a problem ! because they are part of the problem pushing the higher end of the sport into the decline its in , pushing sections harder and harder so of course they push harder and harder its no big deal to them they smash a bike up there not the ones picking the full cost of bills up are they ! as I said in other posts trials is ONLY a amateur sport (going well) but were sponsorship is involved its in decline even at club level (expert course) trials needs to split AMATEUR or SPONSORED and not the mix we have now ! and before you say ! sponsorship USED to work well back in the day when it was 1 route for all as ,everyone had the same chance ! and YES i have been a sponsored rider so know full well the advantage it gives you So to recap for Nigel " I class" ALL i say again "ALL" "ALL" ALL" sponsored riders the/a problem ! AND the topic is about TRIAL GP Thats NOT trial GB !! elite riders living? well they soon leave when they drop down a few places and not get the same sponsorship ,so how many of these top/elite riders have a 9-5 day job away from bikes ? and on the subject why do people take up a profession if not to make a living from it
  14. so which is it Nigel ? you have confused me are they Making a living out of trials OR Not making a living out of trials ? so of course the top riders want harder sections its to keep them at the top of the pay packet
  15. Nigel its so great WTC & BTC both will survive in there current format and COSTs ! Your right Im wrong on all counts with riders knowing full well what they have let themselves in for along with the costs and with not needing to make a living from it then no problem for them
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