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  1. I find it disgusting that these elite/top riders feel- the sport owes them a living ! when the sport is run by volunteers week in and week out
  2. Its the PRO end of trials thats the problem with the lack of funds ! well if the funds arn,t then redundancy comes thats life ! ,Trials will never get the numbers of spectators to fund the PRO rider and that rider has turned the sport into a circus with sections getting out of hand but wanting it harder ? you got what you wanted hard sections but a lack of riders = lack of funds =redundancy !!! i find it very strange some people really think the lesser riders / governing body should pay for the PRO riders way of life , Would top level trials be in such a mess if these top riders had a 8-5 job to fund there sport ? thus not spending all day training, getting so good they need the circus style sections SO when pro /top rider leaves i wont be shedding a tear for them, How much have these riders put back into the sport, trials schools YES but charge for the privilege !!!!!!!!!
  3. REALLY and what has that got to do with anything ? should we all stick another shock on and fit drum brakes ? soon get them nearer to a 100 or over that way ! AND back them days there was a grading system ! that worked and riders were in it not like todays
  4. Ok All lost marks and wanted it harder ! "all my long years trialing will never understand that " loose marks your NOT good enough to clean that section so the section was more than hard enough for you .!
  5. GREAT as we are talking about BTC "BTC " the best in the country stand out but it has had to turn into a normal trial multi course to keep running due to the lack of entry (the point of the forum) but i still can not see what the point of sections so hard the top boys taking 5s or3s on them
  6. so with that thinking set the trial for 1 man /woman and forget about the rest of the entry so your saying the level is not set correctly due to having the second course ? have these riders both rode BTC /elite riders ? well the alternative is not bother to go and watch which seems to be the case , did I bring TV up no I DID NOT ! As for the top riders wanting hard sections to be pushed to there limit for the good and benefit of the sport ? I feel its more good and benefit to there pocket wage/sponsorship as hard sections few can ride keep there advantage going
  7. So decreasing severity will not increase participation ? so why have we had to do we do it at club level with all the courses ? well some of these riders are happy to go and ride a national & as you point out whos going to jump up from the second route well why bother to run the second route then ? ,If these are the "elite riders" they will win no matter what hard or easy what is the point of the sport getting to the point were 99.99% do not even relate to it any more if you want to see them do all the tricks go to the circus or watch them on saturday night prime tv BGT ! well i would say yes why not i would give it a go might be better than whats on TV NOW bit like the BTC & WTC wont know till you give it a try
  8. a home made bike RGC at the ssdt in the late 70s had a flywheel cover made out of one
  9. After reading replies I stand corrected about easing the BRITISH TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP course,as pointed out " its the blue ribbon of trials, the riders need pushing to there limit , we DO have national trials to get riders to a level to ride BTC We need hard events were the elite riders in the country get to show there skills off to joe public and these riders need pushing if there going to make it on the world stage "!. SO by all means keep the British Trials Championship Hard for a elite group of 6 or so riders im sure its a winning formula ! as its working so well at WTC what can go wrong . Time to bust some peoples bubble trials can survive without the elite riders
  10. British championship what a joke multi class/multi course "quick fix" NEVER work because the jump between the courses is far to much ( you can see this at club trials) with sections very few can ride there never will be a big entry for it ,so when 6 riders YES six dont turn up it turns into a farce with 1 rider so even without the covid excuse there would only been 7 so do these 7 really need there own course why not ease the sections drop them all on i 1 course and get a true trials champion what have you got to lose as the top class at btc can not go on like this
  11. imho why i said fan drawing excessive current as montesa 4rt needs lights to be switched off to start /and a fan relay to cut fan off +3 kicks for starting that tells me there is no spare current in the system --- as the bike starts cold that says everything is working ! the only thing that then gets added to that system is the the FAN as the fan cuts in and out the fan motor gets hot ,drawing excessive current to turn until it draws too much current and cuts the bike out . Why not the fuel pump drawing to much current ? well the bike would cut out when the fan cuts in for the very first time- ---due to the fuel pump running constantly ,the highest current pull from the fuel pump is at start up to get the pump to turn thus the need for lights off and fan relay +the 3 kicks to charge the system fully up .
  12. what maps are on the bike ? is all the restricts removed ?how is the bike running before cutting out black smoke miss fire ? if bike running good and only cuts out and bad to start when hot i think the problem is the cooling fan, starting to seize will turn /work but drawing to much current away from fuel pump also look at fan relay,i find it very strange the ecu will not allow you to set the correct tick over as its only a air valve screw
  13. Cheep way to drop power get some gaffa tape and tape the air filter inlet opening smaller experiment to what power you want
  14. A while ago you started a topic wanting first aid at trials and your still trying, So as someone that needed it = ambulance came could not get to me so mountain rescue too a air ambulance So at this present time all that would put a strain on the system so a good move stop any chance of it being needed ! ? As for your minimum standard tell us what is needed wheeled or air ambulance and mountain rescue all on stand by ?( because that was what was needed) Who picks that bill up for that service having them sitting at a trial all day on the off chance and is there enough of them to cover all trials over a weekend ? try to get that cost put on the entry fee ! Or do we keep the system as it is now that works we call them when they are needed Do you require first aid cover every time you get on your bike on the drive or out at practice so why at trials ?
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