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  1. YES rubber safety wellies £22 screw fix they did the job back in the day !
  2. so what about all the road mileage then ? at the ssdt or people should get the correct bike for the job a trIals for trials and a trAil bike for trail, riding, simple really how a spelling mistake of A and I changes what a bikes for !
  3. as i say any little mistake would be very costly to any one of them three & with young guns snapping at there heals who knows. Its strange when world round riders come to the SSDT they dont do as well as they expect and the sections are not as hard as world round ones !
  4. If they want to use stop reverse rules why not do away with 3s so 0,1,2,5 makes sense as they can stop and balance move the bike to were they want it .& Change the name from world trials to world tricks Strange I always thought trials was about skill and precision nope get it wrong reverse have another go . If world trials wants to grow it needs to encourage riders to enter and NOT make it even more of a elitist sport .Yes funds plays a very big part in it but if all eyes are on the top GP riders what happens to the rest ? will a sponsor look at the top riders or the also rans ? so making it even more elitist , Here is a real novel thought do away with GP class everyone rides trial 2 course what would the results show then makes you think (why do i say that well any little mistake will be very costly )
  5. Well im so glad to see the FIM putting the death nail into GP trials and will the ACU follow ? why you ask well if you dont know FIM are going back in time to a time when trials nearly died off by bringing in stop reverse rules in, with only 10 riders in the GP class and world trials rounds having to go to multi class !! to get the numbers to make it worth while to run ,HOW will this help to get riders to these events its just making the gap even bigger , I Ask will the ACU follow as british championship class only 7 and out of 7, 1 rider only rode 1 event so really 6 riders, and before you say we want see riders tested ! with but who really benefits from this it will be the 1or2 riders who can do it now with ease while the rest all play catch up . So is it reverse rules or paint a door and watch it dry ? as trials die again
  6. As a rider i have been on observer duty due to injury .. It opened my eyes to why observers are a rare and people just dont want to do it this is what i took away from the experience 1 first you got to find your section ----- go to them trees its on the left (im in a wood !) lol 2 then spend 1/2 hour to sort out were the section goes (,on the 4 courses in a sea of flags ! ) (hard ,clubman A,B , easy ,youth /beginner 3 have to tell the riders were they are going ----over and over lol 4,make calls on no-stop when the section is marked out far to tight to ride it non-stop 5 trying to make out riding numbers because riders dont have number boards but tape the number to the small head light for it only to be coved in mud and wet 6 stand around waiting for the few experts that have to hang back all day !! 7 pick riders up after they fail a section as some dont do anything apart from look around to see whos going to help them ! 8 if you think you need it take it with as you just can not pop back to the car for it such a novice mistake !!!!!! 9 pick which rider goes when theres more than 1 group ( due to how the section is flagged after the begins cards some go right some go left ) So a very big thank you to all observers for putting up with this week in week out in all weathers you are true heroes ,
  7. why go to all the work of melting gluing etc or cost . just put a plastic tube ( to length) on the top of the inside of the slide with cable running through it to stop the slide moving so far up and then you can cut it down as and when more throttle is wanted or remove it for full throttle
  8. what next should we wear goggles just in case a lanyard kill switch flicks off and hits you in the eye were dose it all end ? as i said theres NOTHING stopping anyone riding in enduro or mx helmets at trials but very few do why is that ? any top riders wear them in trials ? riders use and wear what works for them
  9. Are you riding now with a full face helmet ? if not why not, if there so safe !. Just maybe there not so safe for trials due to you might get face guard caught on a branch not the best for the neck ? couple of cuts is better than a broken neck. There is no restriction on wearing a full face/guard helmet now for trials in the ACU rules only rule is no chin straps If people have concern for there safety its up to them to take precautions themselves or should they be asking themselves is COMPETITIVE trials the sport for me .
  10. hi ive fixed them in the past before with helicoil but if i remember they are a 7mm thread
  11. we dont have a month or two do we ? as ALL trials memberships run out on the 31st dec ! so how do we get a few events under our belt if you can NOT get a licence to enter said events ? as for functionality if the members can not work it ? i wonder how much its cost the ACU no sorry us the members for a system thats not fit for purpose !
  12. i ask again resets what in the ecu ? as i say all that is doing is clearing out the bore of fuel and air mix
  13. reset what ? throttle open no fuel = need free play in cable, so all your doing is clearing the bore out with air so hardly a reset is it as, ive been on them 12 yr and have not found what it resets please tell me
  14. are we talking trial or trail riding here ? as i or a = makes a lot of difference on bike set up and how you ride
  15. short supply ------ so out of pure interest what are people doing for the ssdt ?,
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