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  1. why go to all the work of melting gluing etc or cost . just put a plastic tube ( to length) on the top of the inside of the slide with cable running through it to stop the slide moving so far up and then you can cut it down as and when more throttle is wanted or remove it for full throttle
  2. what next should we wear goggles just in case a lanyard kill switch flicks off and hits you in the eye were dose it all end ? as i said theres NOTHING stopping anyone riding in enduro or mx helmets at trials but very few do why is that ? any top riders wear them in trials ? riders use and wear what works for them
  3. Are you riding now with a full face helmet ? if not why not, if there so safe !. Just maybe there not so safe for trials due to you might get face guard caught on a branch not the best for the neck ? couple of cuts is better than a broken neck. There is no restriction on wearing a full face/guard helmet now for trials in the ACU rules only rule is no chin straps If people have concern for there safety its up to them to take precautions themselves or should they be asking themselves is COMPETITIVE trials the sport for me .
  4. hi ive fixed them in the past before with helicoil but if i remember they are a 7mm thread
  5. we dont have a month or two do we ? as ALL trials memberships run out on the 31st dec ! so how do we get a few events under our belt if you can NOT get a licence to enter said events ? as for functionality if the members can not work it ? i wonder how much its cost the ACU no sorry us the members for a system thats not fit for purpose !
  6. i ask again resets what in the ecu ? as i say all that is doing is clearing out the bore of fuel and air mix
  7. reset what ? throttle open no fuel = need free play in cable, so all your doing is clearing the bore out with air so hardly a reset is it as, ive been on them 12 yr and have not found what it resets please tell me
  8. are we talking trial or trail riding here ? as i or a = makes a lot of difference on bike set up and how you ride
  9. short supply ------ so out of pure interest what are people doing for the ssdt ?,
  10. hi you say you split the MC res hose after a jump ...... you may have split/ holed the brake hose at same time ,thus no pressure ?
  11. is it made from a vegetable (corn ) yes or no? if my bikes run clean ,crisp ,cooler and with no detonation ill keep running without it in my fuel thanks as i said my 10p worth
  12. heres my 10p worth E5/E10 might be fine in a car/ grass cutter etc any 4 stroke for that matter BUT a 2 stroke is a fuel oil mix ,using mineral /synthetic oil nether will mix with a vegetable based oil FACT and as ethornal is vegetable (corn) based this might be a problem ? if its not a problem for you or you dont mind spending £30 for aspen or race fuel ? crack on ! But i think i will carry on removing it at a cost of 0£s just 10 mins of my time,Ive found both my bikes run better with it removed !
  13. sorry but no this is a original class ! what YOU want So any mods not as the bike was made original or left the factory ( original the earliest form of something )so i ask again which rider is riding a original bike A or B .Also any modified bike ("is a cheat bike and a cheat rider saying its something its not" your words) therefore goes in class M and not O
  14. ttspud as im a a dimwit ,idiot not knowing the rules can you explain how a modified bike is still original if its modified ? ttspud your rules , So just to be clear rider A dose no allowed mods rider b dose all the mods so which is riding a original bike ? A or B or both ? 6years on and your rules clear as mud
  15. hi,jeff they are a black plastic screw (not the best ) you may find it has snapped off ,they are just in front and above of air screw 45 degree going up to slide easy to drill out if it has hope this helps
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