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  1. Cheep way to drop power get some gaffa tape and tape the air filter inlet opening smaller experiment to what power you want
  2. A while ago you started a topic wanting first aid at trials and your still trying, So as someone that needed it = ambulance came could not get to me so mountain rescue too a air ambulance So at this present time all that would put a strain on the system so a good move stop any chance of it being needed ! ? As for your minimum standard tell us what is needed wheeled or air ambulance and mountain rescue all on stand by ?( because that was what was needed) Who picks that bill up for that service having them sitting at a trial all day on the off chance and is there enough of them to cover all trials over a weekend ? try to get that cost put on the entry fee ! Or do we keep the system as it is now that works we call them when they are needed Do you require first aid cover every time you get on your bike on the drive or out at practice so why at trials ?
  3. And this is why we have the ACU governing body to sort this ! but A good start would be all events turn into pre enter NO ENTRYS ON DAY =helps with parking and along with acu membership we get a race number as in scotland ?(goes on bike & observes boards done to suite ) riders wear color bib for which course there on as in ireland = no queues around the secretarys car should work well at club center level, nationals? different format you get you number sent to you. As for section queues tape from begins cards out 6ft say 1rider /bike in there at a time riders own responsibility for distancing along with walking sections , .The only problem with all this is riders are going to have to get there act together
  4. Our lass will not observe asked her why ? This is why -- she gets to a 3+ in1 section then has to figure out all the splits in the flags were the section goes , then has to try to make out a felt tip pen cross on the number to see which course there on, when shes done all this then put in the position to make the hard decision on was it a stop or not as the sections are marked out to tight and then having to wait for the expert course riders to come round a lap after everyone else has finished ! Thats why theres 1 less observer .
  5. hi not a wind up ! check flywheel magnets --- had bikes run ok but higher revs no chance what happens its a weak magnet that do not but out enough current to send the cdi into advance All i do is hold a small screw driver to the inside of fly wheel feel it getting pulled by magnets as you move around the inside of the flywheel with luck you will feel a weak one and theres the problem hope this helps
  6. . The future of trials UK ? could be very good a fresh start -- look at the state of trials add another course and it will fix everything ! , Is this the perfect time start from scratch again ? 1 course a grading system with club trials easy / center bit harder / national lot harder just like the old days it worked and worked very well it went from that to the farce we got now multi class multi course no grading ! so as it will be a fresh start what have we got to lose to give it a try ? how trials got to the state its in now ? some riders pushing the rules to the limit but with not bringing them riders back into line with the rules but change the rules to the them riders and welcome to state of modern trials ! Wonder were trials would be now if Mr Tarris was given a 5 when he started stopping & hopping
  7. did i say you or did i just use your statement you made ? why the acu said dont practice all i did was give a reasons why not to practice as the saying goes if the the cap fits ! if it makes someone think and stops them about going practice then good its done what it was meant to do sooner this is sorted the sooner we all get to go play and i hope all trials people make it through stay safe
  8. 1 dont practice on your own 2 you feel safe to practice without medical cover but you need it for trials ? 3 some were to practice at your house whats the problem BUT if not how & were are you going to go practice ? 4 need 2m separation whos going to pick a bike off you or catch you ? see 1 just a thought as the NHS is under pressure at the moment maybe the ACU thinks why give them more problems to sort they may also think dicks will go and practice on there own so thus saving theses dicks from them selves . Lets think what maybe be need for a practice crash and were we practice =ambulance/air ambulance +medics ,even mountain rescue to get you to ambulance ,then trip to hospital might have to get a bed OR worse case scenario bike lands on you your stuck under it no one there to help your found in "x time" just coz you being a dick DONT BE LIKE A DICK STAY AT HOME
  9. hi think what you mean is aqua anti slip tape i use this and find it very good
  10. WOW what a real grown up adult response well richard head or can i call you DICK ! Its up to clubs / volunteers to decide if they run a trial or not and if they decided not to run a trial for what ever reason instead of name calling respect there decision .Tell you what DICK why dont you start your own club then you can run it as you see fit and it will all be perfect ! but then you,ll be the one that will have to make a decision that someone dose not like
  11. on it


    first off im NOT a dealer I have never even had a ride on a trs but been fixing trials bikes 40+years Warranty on a competition bike ? dont matter what make . How many bikes ever go back to a dealer not for repair but to get serviced or checked over but riders expect to get full warranty back up ., This case with the TRS you have not gave any time line to it but TRS have seemed to have done all they can as for the corrosion thats a lack of maintenance as the bike is a competition bike they do need to be looked after and maintained by the owner as the bikes live there life in mud and water You state the bike came back and was running perfect then another fault appears so i can not see how or why the dealer or TRS are at fault here they have doing all they can they can not fix it till it fails
  12. on it


    think your right about price but the main problem is i see on this site is riders that ride trials (competition) and others that ride trails.(play ) so who and what is it amend at,
  13. Looks the part . The biggest problem in the UK for these bike is the ACU has un categorized and banned them from acu trials according to bsa otter site as they were planning to market them so pulled the plug on them
  14. The rules are in the ACU book each member has access to, knowing them is down to the rider ! As for flags well thats why you walk a section see were the flags are again down to the rider , Strange how some riders manage to know the rules and manage to get the flags right. I really dont see how or what type of section markers will ever make to a riders progress At the end of day its all down to the rider to know were there going and the rules .Im sure the clubs would love a donation of FIM markers from you
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