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  1. wake up nigel what is the topic about ? WTC i say again WTC and just to make sure for you WTC .WERE DO I SAY ANYTHING ABOUT CLUB RIDERS ??
  2. Been thinking is the real problem the PROFESSIONAL/SPONSORED RIDER , Being able to train 100% of the time have they just simply out grown the sport of trials thus killing WTC along the way. and left a amature sport run by volunteers trying to play catch up to them remember they get the cash the sport dose not !
  3. WTC problems are self inflicted Richk22 1,The top route is way to hard with very few that can actually ride it, (but the top boys dont want it eased as thats there advantage gone ) 2, problem observing or the very poor quality of it 3, sections 1 line (soon becomes very boring for the spectator ) 4, lack of consistency in the trials 5 lack of use of natural ground (well groomed sections) 6 multi class /multi route ( trying to make 3 or more sections out of 1 ) 7 more demanding for parc ferm than the sections 8 trying to pad the trial out with a qualifying speed section ( how about starting next trial in previous finishing order ) 9 FIM /promoter running trials for professional teams and riders cost (but relying amature volunteers) 10 lack of entrys ( see all above ) you gotta ask your self who is going to spectate WTC a trials rider or joe public passing by ? if trials riders are turning there back on WTC as its got NO relevance to trials , a extra course /class ant going to fix it !
  4. Why do people think a extra course or class is the holy grail in fixing trials problems.
  5. try to keep up nigel ! the topic is BTC ! not WTC and as i say the standard has dropped is this due to no grading systems in place ? rides made out to be better than they really are, also runs before they start BTC
  6. Yes bikes have got better over the years .BUT sorry the standard of ridding has fallen Very few riders even at world round can get the most out of the bike, the problem is not the bikes its the sections too tight and technical for non stop ,but with hop and stop no turn will be too tight next gripe will be the sections are too long for the time limit ! Ive been watching BTC on y tube and i can see fully why they have gone stop allowed, turns far to tight so most are ridden stop and hop the rule change all this is doing is playing into the top riders hands as they can hop around easy now ,so its giving them more of a advantage Is the only change needed is give the observer a score card and do away with punch cards only he/ she knows whats score is given with no fear of aggro from riders /minders like now with punch cards
  7. I can remember first time around stop allowed it about killed trials off Sections were mad so tight if riders could not hop the bikes about or reverse , just gave the sport up and entrys dropped off . Wonder how long before the cry comes we want to keep the no stop sections marked out but ride them stop allowed much they way they do now ! and not made mega tight and technical The problem is you can have any set of rules you want but if there not applied 100% it turns into a farce, Problem is with trials its what the observer sees at the time, and that should be the end of it !!! no youtube experts giving there 1p worth So will all clubs be going TSR22A so riders can practice there skills ?
  8. Hi gone through all this with mine------ check leads on coil clean also check earth leads they do black with contamination. i have also found spark plugs are varnishing up with fuel & they do like new plugs you can always screw air screw out to give more air if that works could be time to remove ecu and give it a clean over oiling the air filter will not help with starting you dont say if bad to start all time or just when hot if hot would say check valves hope this might help
  9. How will that help the WTC , getting into the wtc is hard enough for younger riders to get rides, As for riders dropping down to wt2 well that is a good thing, This gives the younger riders a level to get too, dont beat them riders you wont be making it in WTC Fact= trials is a AMATURE sport run for WTC professionals top riders dont want sections changed so everyone can do them we are talking about there living , Time to face the facts trials is NOT a big enough sport to fund professionals
  10. if you want to stop dust entering the air box i used a pair of woman tights cut down over air box inlet as a pre filter
  11. on it

    new build bike

    what it is im doing a electric bike but who says the bike is eligible to use , if unsafe i wont be riding it ! and why i ask seen it happen with J Bliss pit bike so before ii gets to far I want the facts
  12. i build a new bike = dose frame and bike need to be homologated or safety checked like a kit car check to compete in a acu event for insurance purpose or will i just be covered when i enter a trial with it
  13. Theres no need to worry about the dust and mud in the box it is not a airbox as such , the box is before the filter, =the filter is on the out let of the box so whats in the box has not been filtered yet
  14. The only thing to prosper in pre 65 is the people making the trick parts/frames that is a must have !
  15. Has the observer problem came about because clubs put so many classes and courses on giving more people a chance to ride ? when this was not the case people that could not ride observed
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