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  1. on it

    Have you noticed......

    Yes these kids should be the next generation but the big difference is kids with push bikes get the bike and off they go ride around street / park or were they want BUT if the kid wants to ride a motor bike they need dad or mum to take him to were he can ride it ,so parents have to first invest into the sport just to see if the kid is interested in doing the sport so is the cost of bike /clothing /parts /transport /time/finding some were to ride putting parents off ? mostly the kids i see coming into the sport are from familys all ready in the sport
  2. on it

    Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    Problem with trials "fun riders all the gear and no idea" people to come to the the sport late on in life want to change the sport, whinge on about what class people should in-, the sections / course are to hard - what bike should be in what class,All because they dont want to start at the bottom and work up, So put the hours in to get your standards up dont expect a series trials rider be dragged down to a fun riders standard , If you can not ride the sections YOUR are not good enough ! what you will find is good riders will have good bikes because they put the time in to be like that .So next time you whinge on about trials being hard ask yourself how much time you spent at the gym , practice & working on the bike ?
  3. on it

    Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    This is the problem, serious trials riders who have worked and trained hard at it to get better and then casual rider who dont , Is the solution have FUN only trials and REAL trials and separate them. This would cut down on number of courses laid out (its hard at times to find hard/easy routes in 1 section) & riders know what they type of trial they are going to
  4. on it

    Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    trialsrider 46 you hit the nail on the head back in the day you had to work through the grading system NO grading system now so this is the problem with trials, riders ride what ever class they want .with a grading system in place it would get the riders on the right course (Section getting made harder) It was not that long ago top riders were wanting hard trials they got there wish find they can not ride the sections, so they drop a course or decide to get a pre 65/ twinshock ride against old men, then moan the sections are to easy , As for the bikes think your on a looser there, lets be real the bikes pre 65-twinshock most now NEVER existed
  5. on it

    Toby Martyn

    wonder if the ACU is fighting his case ? as Toby must have a acu international licence ?
  6. on it

    When should i change Gearoil?

    i change my gear oil when its a struggle to find neutral , works for me
  7. on it

    Toby Martyn

    The bike has to be RIDDEN by someone ,and if that someone (professional) spends 24/7 training it will be taken to its limit no matter what please tell us how ? TRIALS is old fashioned not changed from day 1 ride between set of flags and lose marks THE END ! anything other then its not trials is it ,£ CASH $ theres your wow factor were will that come from ? This is were the whole problem is with world trials you are talking not about sport any more but someones wage /job
  8. on it

    Toby Martyn

    Is the problems with world trials caused because it is a amature sport run for professionals by amatures ?
  9. on it

    First Aid at Trials

    i am just sceptical of it once people start having to sign things seem to spiral and you or me dont know what it might bring to trials it could be very good or it could be very bad. Me i like to just leave trials as they are ,good luck with what you do
  10. on it

    First Aid at Trials

    im not saying they will not step up NOW ,But your attitude is you expect them to " go and sign on get a sash" They are then put in a situation of pressure of staying at the trial ALL day think how they feel if they go early and someone hurts themself and they are not there ?. Yes great for the first couple of trials but will it end off like observers(expected) the same people get asked at every trial ? Every trials club is run by volunteers its a SAD day to expect the clubs to sort a plaster and someone to apply it ! WHY dont YOU organize (take on) the first aid at trials in your center ? im sure the clubs would love the help 1 thing less for a over stretched club workforce to do
  11. on it

    First Aid at Trials

    Why should a first aid trained person make themselves known ? if having a day off imo reasonable, As for first aid kit riders have there own imo reasonable, Really were dose it all stop ? Do we manage at trials now so why is were is the problem ?
  12. on it

    First Aid at Trials

    a blame clam well weres theres a blame theres a clam eg, (ok you put a plaster on someone the wound gets infected the plaster is out of date and you end up getting sued ) easy money ! todays culture
  13. on it

    First Aid at Trials

    YES & No he did not mention a ambulance I said "youll, WANT a ambulance next !! " WHATS WRONG with the rider having his/her own first aid kit on them at all times no ones stopping you doing that now or go back to your car and sort yourself out ! So what happens if no medically trained person is at the trial or come forward ? just cancel the trial then or do as we do now ? Faussy are your saying the club now has to find/supply medical/first- aid trained person when they struggle to get 10 observers now .
  14. on it

    First Aid at Trials

    YOU are looking for problems that are very rare ,next you,ll want a ambulance at a trial just incase . You would find any trained first -aiders would step up if needed .As for clubs, clubs are run by volunteers who is going to take responsibility & liability( blame clam society) if the first aid treatment goes wrong ?,Read the sign "caution motor-sport is dangerous" so is it not down to the rider for his/her own safety ? seen loads drinks bottles taped to bikes never seen a first aid kit . Should we put entry fees up and book a ambulance for every trial first aid will be well covered then or just use 999 as we do now" that worked for me !" I feel this topic will come under " can of worms"
  15. on it

    Faulty new kill switch?

    Hi think you will find the magnet is fitted wrong way round in cap