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  1. are we talking trial or trail riding here ? as i or a = makes a lot of difference on bike set up and how you ride
  2. NO I have not !!!!!!! got better things to do than weighing it like riding !
  3. short supply ------ so out of pure interest what are people doing for the ssdt ?,
  4. hi you say you split the MC res hose after a jump ...... you may have split/ holed the brake hose at same time ,thus no pressure ?
  5. is it made from a vegetable (corn ) yes or no? if my bikes run clean ,crisp ,cooler and with no detonation ill keep running without it in my fuel thanks as i said my 10p worth
  6. heres my 10p worth E5/E10 might be fine in a car/ grass cutter etc any 4 stroke for that matter BUT a 2 stroke is a fuel oil mix ,using mineral /synthetic oil nether will mix with a vegetable based oil FACT and as ethornal is vegetable (corn) based this might be a problem ? if its not a problem for you or you dont mind spending £30 for aspen or race fuel ? crack on ! But i think i will carry on removing it at a cost of 0£s just 10 mins of my time,Ive found both my bikes run better with it removed !
  7. sorry but no this is a original class ! what YOU want So any mods not as the bike was made original or left the factory ( original the earliest form of something )so i ask again which rider is riding a original bike A or B .Also any modified bike ("is a cheat bike and a cheat rider saying its something its not" your words) therefore goes in class M and not O
  8. ttspud as im a a dimwit ,idiot not knowing the rules can you explain how a modified bike is still original if its modified ? ttspud your rules , So just to be clear rider A dose no allowed mods rider b dose all the mods so which is riding a original bike ? A or B or both ? 6years on and your rules clear as mud
  9. hi,jeff they are a black plastic screw (not the best ) you may find it has snapped off ,they are just in front and above of air screw 45 degree going up to slide easy to drill out if it has hope this helps
  10. ttspud if people dont agree with you take it as a personal attack ! so lets try it this way.... lets go back to 1960s was Sammy Miller a visionary or a cheat ? were works bikes trick or cheat? or was it just a case of development to make bikes more competitive in competitive sport ? fast forward to today ( 60 yrs) to a set of rules which work allowing people to ride, and clubs get entrys. Your very keen to point to cheats or cheat bikes well are these rides riding bikes to the rules ? well they must be or they would not be allowed !! So how can they be cheats ? So tell us all ttspud has any club organization told you that your bike is NOT eligible to be used ?
  11. so YOUR opening a can of worms and cause clubs/ volunteers a nightmare at trials (that are running ok at the moment ) and YOU just walk away from it and let others sort it all out and take the aggro . YOU" have little time to start a club " other people have to make the time to run the sport ,Well sorry the sport of trials dose not need your sort ! so get used to go looking at your bike in the garage and dream ,,,,,while others go out and trial
  12. ttspud Has any club (acu/amca ) showed any interest in this or willing to take on your rules ? if NO what is the point of you pursuing it ?
  13. All very good but ! did the club have to alter the sections /classes and scrutineering ( as your wanting ) or did the club just run the trial as normal and the rider and said bike just got on with it ? But your wanting the same small team that takes entrys , find sections, do the flags, finds observers , tidy up & do the results & now your wanting them to take on a nut and bolt scrutineering to check if a bike is all original ? just so your happy when you ride your 2 trials a year !
  14. well if you only ride once or twice a year really whats your problem ? but your expecting clubs to run sub class & carry out scrutineering for a class YOUR not going to support through out the year, For you keeping original bikes going and for others to enjoy well whos the others ? do you real think other riders (on cheat bikes ) care what older bikes were ?As for getting original bikes into the sport well whats stopping them now, Theres nothing or anybody stopping you from ridding your pre 65 at trials now apart from yourself
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