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  1. I had horrendous trouble finding a piston that was the same as the one in my seeley, the parts were not listed and ended up having to pay for a few returns until I found the correct one good luck and I hope they fit
  2. I fitted a grub screw to act as a throttle stop for full throttle and am please to say it's sorted it out Thanks Peter
  3. i will check the exhaust manifold nuts and also the tps in the throttle body thanks peter
  4. Got me stumped this one Starts first kick, will tickover for ages. Will rev up if throttle opened slowly. Snap throttle open to full throttle and it sounds Luke it's going to die but keeps running .Knock throttle off and it ticks over again I have put new plug in, cleaned out internals of throttle body, plenty of fuel, clean air filter Any ideas
  5. brian how can i get copies of some of these gtrat photos thanks peter
  6. hello the gasgas rims matched the honda hubs, the rims were powder coated, the hubs stripped and tlr stainless spokes
  7. Respol graphics were one off specials I got a local sticker company to make Steering angle made a difference, but not as much as Gasgas gorks
  8. i use the gasgas yokes with the reflex centre shaft from reflex yokes and a bit of machining
  9. not weighed it, it wont be much lighter than std reflex, main difference will be the forks, maybe 2kg
  10. this still gets used every weekend, so no museum peices here yes the rims were changed for gasgas, but only because the originals were steel chromed
  11. wheel base is 133cm spindle to spindle, 4rt is 135cm forgot to look at sprockets, i think 11 front, 42 rear
  12. thanks for the questions its a shedworks tank on the red one, aluminium tank (better with modern fuel) , fibreglass shroud, any colour you want, the white bike, i dont know, was on when i bought it, plastic tank, fibreglass shroud wheelbase i will have to check, matched the fork angle to the 4rt you can get old gasgas or beta shocks and yoke for £100,. so its your choice, makes a massive difference with rockshocks and good forks
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