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  1. I have had some success using the back brake against the power. Leave the power on but use the brake as a clutch to stop and then instantly get back on the power.Your left hand is already "calibrated" as a power control. I like the looks of that rim and tire!!
  2. Looks good! Can we see a rear and side views of the rear tire?
  3. Here are some pics of the modifications made. Two inch handlebar risers. These will get more machining to make them look "trick". 203mm Brake discs front and rear Side by side with Beta 300.
  4. The tire I am using is nice and soft. I run 5lbs and it works well. I could run 4lbs but I think the added resistance will affect battery life.
  5. I raised my bars 1 inch at first and then machined risers to go 2 inches. This feels much better and puts the bars at the same height as my Beta. I am 5'9". My dad is 6'1" and I made a two inch pair for him also. He really thought this made a major difference. These are mountain bike forks,bars and stem but I could not find any risers over about 1/2 inch to buy. Please send your impressions of the smaller rim when you get them installed. I am curious why you didn't try the larger tire I put on mine for $50.
  6. The battery is one piece and contained in a plastic case. I don't know how you could carry a spare of that weight and size. I put a bicycle computer on mine and I am attempting to get a maximum time and mileage that I can get on a charge. So far I have not ridden it long enough in one session to empty the battery. And the instructions say to charge it after every ride so I follow that carefully. Once I ride it long enough in one session run the battery clear down, I will post here.
  7. Regarding the battery,I have heard from $1200 down to $800. Dealer told me that if treated correctly it should last several years. My hope is this cost will come down over time.
  8. My throttle when delivered did not snap back as it should. A little tweaking and moving the throttle on the bars and now it snaps back as it should. The throttle moves very easily so the control is entirely in your wrist. Depending on how the "Response" dial is set it either comes on very slowly or hits very hard. I had trouble with this at first as it would catch me off balance and I would dab. I have been riding it more and gaining more precision in the throttle. We don't realize how much we moderate power with the clutch in our gas bikes. You can be a little sloppy with the throttle but the clutch saves you. On the electric bike it is all in your throttle hand so have to be much more precise. If I ride with my knees bent a little more I can keep my balance and allow for the jerkiness if I am not smooth on the throttle. You can also use the brakes against the throttle for control. I have put 203mm brake discs and a different brake in the back for stronger brakes and more control.
  9. Oldtrialer Did you get your bike? What do you think of it?
  10. My 16.0 did this and it was dirty connections in the main fuse holder. Check all connections!
  11. The original tire has a circumference of 74.5 inches. The larger tire has a circumference of 80 inches. So it's 7.38% larger. Rear sprocket is 102 teeth. Would need 109 teeth to match.
  12. Thank you for the advice!! I should measure the circumference of both tires and then change the gearing to bring it back to the original ratio. Not sure if larger sprockets are available for the rear. I will measure both and post the difference.
  13. No problem at all. The smaller tire was harder to get off than to put the larger tire on. I had to add about 3 links to the chain as the higher profile needs to be moved back away from the motor. The Junior tire is a smaller rim diameter but a larger section tire. I was quoted about $600 for that setup so I tried this instead. Even at my weight and this larger diameter it does not lack for power....within reason. It's never going to feel as powerful as a gas bike.
  14. Original tire is a Vee rubber 2.50-19. This tire is a Shinko SR241 3.50-19. My Dad also has the same bike.His had the larger tire, mine had the original. We could not feel a running difference but we could tell a traction difference. On the same hill with the same rider, the original tire would spin, the larger tire did not. For $50 it's a good experiment. This picture is a better comparison. I did not have an accurate scale so I showed the weight bias old to new.
  15. I weigh 250 (sadly) but it pulls me around very well. My property is very hilly and it has no problem. My dad also bought one. He is about 180 and it pulls him around even better. I am in the process of upgrading there brakes just to have one finger ability to stop the tire. I think the larger rear tire is an improvement. See attached pictures. I think you will enjoy it if your goal is to have fun and not necessarily to replace a full size gas bike.
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