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  1. Who do people use to insure there RR with as every company I’ve tried says the bike isn’t listed, the only model that is listed is the standard 260, thanks
  2. Hi thinking of buying a new montesa 4RT but carnt decide which model, is it worth paying the extra £££ for a RR and what’s the main difference between the 2 bikes apart from the 301 having the bigger motor, how do they both ride and would the RR be too much for a clubman rider? thanks
  3. Hi, can anyone tell me if clutch rattle on a 2018 gas gas is normal and what’s the best gearbox oil to use and how much ? Thanks
  4. gassa1

    Changing 4Rt Oil

    Hi, just been buying a new montesa 4rt and I'm going to change the oils and oil filter, can anyone recommend the best oil to use and how often the filter should be changed,how much oil goes back in and can you use the same oil for the gearbox and engine, also I've heard the oil filter is a pain in the a*** to change so any advice would be greatly appreciated
  5. Hi What's the best air filter to use in a 4RT and can it be use without the mesh guard, I know Jitsie and twin air make them but I've been told the filter will be sucked into the engine if you don't put the guard on. Thanks
  6. Hi, I've recently bought a 2015 4rt which I'm having a problem starting when cold, once it's warm it seems to start no problem but seems to tick over quite high, could anyone give me any advice on this problem and also tell me what RPM it should run at? Thanks
  7. Has anyone had a problem with the plastic fuel tanks swelling on the latest gas gas ? My tank has increased by 20mm in length and has to be forced back into the frame making the fuel tank bow causing a gap between the frame and fuel tank
  8. It's a personal choice but for me I think the standard bike actually looks better than the repsol, I've rode both and I actually thought the standard bike felt better, I know the repsol has better suspension etc but for the average rider most couldn't tell any difference
  9. gassa1

    Gas Gas Takeover

    Any news from gas gas on the takeover? I could be wrong but I thought we were going to find out who the new owners were today
  10. Factory beta at the scott yesterday was a 2015, we won't see the new factories until well into 2016
  11. Really good trial this weekend at bollihope , weardale . Good sections and a good ride inbetween , you should be fine on the easy course
  12. gassa1

    2015 Scorpa...

    I tried the 300 standard bike and it was really nice to ride, quite powerful so I think I'd prefer the 250 but I know a few people who bought them last year and love them and don't seem to have had any problems with them
  13. So the pre-production 2016 Gas Gas is going to be at this weekends TDN, It looks like the Belgium importer knew more than some people thought and it's not a rumour after all
  14. I would have thought the importers in every country would be some of the first ones to know but maybe they have to keep quiet until the deal is 100% done
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