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  1. Straight to Beta UK, if you buy a mudguard i believe they come with decals fitted.
  2. hugh_b

    Montesa oil

    Brilliant, thanks guys
  3. hugh_b

    Montesa oil

    Hi everyone, Collecting a new repsol rep next week. Just a quick questions on oils. I'll be running the Elf oil in the gearbox and have bought some Castrol power 1 racing fully synthetic 10w30 for the engine. I've since noticed some are running 10w40 although the manual states 10w30 repsol. Will the stuff i've bought be ok? Quite happy to return it for 10w40 or the even the standard power 1 semi synthetic in either wights if more suited? Thanks
  4. I currently have a new shape caddy (mk4), lovely van and 2 bikes go in with tools, kit bags etc for a weekends riding. That with the bulkhead fitted too. I managed to get a ridiculously good deal on the caddy from a main dealer. On a steady run 65-70 i'll easily achieve 50-55mpg. I'm currently in the process of upsizing myself as I want something a little bigger and another row of seats.
  5. I found the same with mine although they are so comfy and I wear seal skins socks so not an issue. They do become a little weighty when wet i guess but thats the same for most boots. I always used to wear gaerne but don't find them all that comfy anymore, was thinking of trying sidi....
  6. I've been set on a gasgas but currently considering a new vertigo 250, not ridden one before but have seen a few at local trials. They look awesome, I like the idea of fuel injection and the air filter positioning. From what i've read they look extremely well built and thought out. How do they ride in comparison to the big brands such as gas gas and beta etc? I get on really well with gassers, quite like sherco's but don't like the 3 usable gears as opposed to 4 however have never gelled with beta's. Also, how is maintenance and reliability? Not shy of working on the bike but don't want to be beholden to a dealer to plug it in like a modern car!
  7. It was on Jorge Casales Facebook page so I assume it's correct!
  8. hugh_b


  9. I've seen a photo of the 2017 standard bike, looked like a red frame with white plastics and swing arm. New headlight and the plastics at the front around the tank had changed slightly! Didn't look any different otherwise but we will have to wait and see if there are any internal changes!
  10. hugh_b


    Had my first ride on mine this week and will be riding Saturday/Sunday this weekend. Very impressed so far, working on it is a dream and well thought out. Everything seems excellent quality and all lines up perfectly. I haven't ridden for 3-4 months due to a broken collar bone but I rode everything I was doing before, within 5 mins of jumping on! Only time will tell I guess but so far so good!
  11. hugh_b

    Anyone Buying One?

    Foolishly sold my 16" Sherco 300 last week as i'm about to move house and thought we needed the money so was sacrificing my bike for a while to fund house stuff! Found out shortly after that we wouldn't need the money, slightly annoying as I let the Sherco go for a good price. Anyway, missing it already I decided a change was in order as i've had a Sherco since 2013 so I collected a new TRS 300 today from BVM, top guys to deal with and waited out of hours for me as it was a fairly long drive. Got to say, they look lovely in the flesh with some really nice touches, seems to be set up really well from the off. Hoping to run it in during the week so i'll see how it goes but going to adjust a few bits and remove the rear light etc tomorrow.
  12. Having seen a video of the TRS being stripped down it looks to be very high quality, no drilling and tapping threads straight into the frame etc. Just looks well thought out! With regards to the carb, well the bike will always be more capable than any of us and if it runs better over a broader range of temperature ranges which i believe that carb does then i can't see an issue. Fingers crossed the company stays healthy and the bikes are reliable. The Beta's are a good bike and very reliable and the UK support is brilliant, the factory bikes also look amazing! I hope the TRS will be all its cracked up to be but i'll be giving it a year in the UK first.
  13. I have a 2016 Sherco 300 but my dunlop's have been spot on. The rear has just about had it now but no deflation issues etc to report.
  14. Not close to London at all, but inch perfect (a site sponsor) do try out/training days and have a fair bit of land for you to play on. They have a well stocked shop too!
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