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  1. Can you get a picture of the tank sticker ?
  2. I would definitely recommend bigger handler add, I used to have 6inch rise handlebars but found the riding position was a bit more unnatural so now use 5.5 which are still quite a bit higher than the normal. I would also look at a triple clamp that you can adjust the position of the handlebars, moving them forward will give you more room. Other than that I’d definitely look at stiffer suspension springs front and back, if you’re tall you’re likely heavy and stiffing the suspension will make the bike ride better.
  3. Thank's Dan, i've edited it and will take a look (Y).
  4. I’ve got a 2019, 300 and over the past few weekends of riding have been noticing a strange noise coming from the bike. At first it was barely noticeable but it’s gradually got worse, I’ve done a complete bolt check and everything is tight and it doesn't seem to be internal within the engine. As the sound has got worse the bike has started to vibrate quite badly especially when revved (frustratingly it’s not clear where it’s coming from), I’ve had a look at a few other forums and I’m wondering if it could be the baffle inside the exhaust. Any help of experience much appreciated.
  5. Negative, in the UK
  6. Possibly the world biggest trials rider 6 ft 8”, 17 stone. Already got a stiffer spring on the rear already but still find it too soft, just ordered an Ohlins set up for my size.
  7. jsyben94

    Beta Front Forks

    Hi all Looking to stiffen up my front forks on my 19 Factory, does anyone know of where I could get hold of a stiffer spring ? The aftermarket one is out of stock everywhere and apparently there isn’t anyone making them. Also would using thicker oil help if so what weight could I go up to ? Thanks in advance for your help !
  8. Hi all Had my 17 for a few months really love the bike, just wondering if anyone has had any experience keeping the airbox clean. I don't ride in particularly rough or wet conditions.but every time I change the filter I have to take the airbox off and clean out all the mud / water it's a pain in the a*** ! Thanks.
  9. Hi all Just wondering if it's fees able to get a 300cc top end on a 250 cc 2016 Sherco, has anyone got any experience doing something like this is ? Many thanks
  10. Thanks for the responses, turns out it was a dodgy kill switch.
  11. My 2016 Sherco was running sweet ( after ditching the Dunlop tyre ) rode my first trial on it Sunday and it was fine for 95% of the trial. Last two sections it started to die on my it quickly fired straight back up, I didn't think anything of it at the time probably just a bit of debris in the card. It fired up I rode the last section and the stuck it back in the van. I cleaned out the carb blew all the hoses through with a high pressure air gun. I also empties the tank out and changed the spark plug as a token gesture. I took it out practicing today and the stalling got progressively worse, it currently runs for a minute or two then just cuts out intermittently. Has anyone seen or heard of anything like this before ?
  12. Hi all Had my 16 Sherco delivered today, couldn't stop myself taking the afternoon off work to go for a ride. After about 40 minutes the tyre came off the rim, after s few choice words took the bike home and popped the tyre back on the rim with the compressor took it back out and it went flat again after about 15 minutes ? I then pumped it up so it was rock solid and managed to ride for 20 minutes without it going down ( which is fine but obviously not ideal for trials) Is it possible the tire is slipping of so what's the best way to fix it ? ... It's a Dunlop tyre running at 4.5 psi Any help much appreciated !
  13. Thanks for all of the responses ! I've decided to get a new Sherco.
  14. Hi all I've not ridden trials for the past 5 years and I gather things have moved on a lot. I need some advice as to what bike to buy now I know it obviously comes down to rider preference BUT after being out of touch with the sport i've got a few key questions. 1 Gas gas gave gone bust is it easy enough to still get spares for Gas gas's ? 2 There is a 2015 Joto gas for sale how sustainable is the brand ? Are they around for the long haul / are the bikes reliable ? Just looking to some experienced heads for a bit of input > Thanks in advance Ben
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