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  1. This is my 1st trials bike so guess before i go crazy ill ask here. 2002 txt pro AJP front brake caliper and master. Caliper is rebuilt all pistons coming out evenly and release correctly. Brakes were reverse bleed with a syringe with no issues. My question and what im not sure about is how are trials brakes supposed to feel? I know the clutch is totally different but what about the front brake? Seem like there is a lot more movement before it locks which seems to be about 1.25" before the grip.. Brakes are good but the lever has a lot more movement than a enduro bike.
  2. This looks like it broke off the frame and was holding the mid pipe. Id like a pic if anyone has one available to share so i can try and get it repaired correctly. Thanks
  3. Hi i need some help with the way this fits? which one would be used on a 2002 280 pro? What are these holes slits for? What the correct orientation for fitment?
  4. Maybe seems it would take a month to drain from that smalk hole
  5. So had these re finished and lost the screw and oring. Does anyone know the sizes or a part number. Also what exactly is the purpose of this screw?
  6. Can someone tell me if all gas gas shock years are interchangeable? I want to order this but uncertain of fitment? https://www.ebay.com/itm/GAS-GAS-TXT-Pro-125-250-280-300-Strut-Rear-Shock-Amortisseur-Federbein-Hinten/303226909769
  7. So my shock i assume original is leaking oil and the rod looks worn etc. I hate to keep throwing money in but im committed. Anyways i see a new sachs shock available on ebay which is going to be around 150.00 usd shipped. Is anyone familiar with it BT300003013 SACHS shock or have a alternative suggestion
  8. Here you go not sure if original
  9. ok i just thought the last 4 numbers were the sequential chasis number so #2861 which doesn't seem like 2001 but makes sense the reason for this post is some parts don't fit exactly correct
  10. Confusing because this is a pro?
  11. VIN VTRGG280210022861 Thanks!!
  12. Hi my 2003 280 had a 90° nipple coming out the left side crankcase which is broke off. I see i can get a replacement but wondering what the best way to remove the old and install the new?
  13. Hi thanks for the help definitely not the kickstart washer which is very thin. This is very thick and seems someone might have been trying to fix something the wrong way i just dont know what they were trying to fix
  14. I need help please this clutch was frozen and when i dissatisfied it i lost the order of the clutch bearing and my setup seems like it has a extra washer that's not in the parts manual. The manual has a ridged washer that rides on the fingers then the bearing. Mine has a extra shown in the attached picture.
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