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  1. Hi my 2003 280 had a 90° nipple coming out the left side crankcase which is broke off. I see i can get a replacement but wondering what the best way to remove the old and install the new?
  2. Hi thanks for the help definitely not the kickstart washer which is very thin. This is very thick and seems someone might have been trying to fix something the wrong way i just dont know what they were trying to fix
  3. I need help please this clutch was frozen and when i dissatisfied it i lost the order of the clutch bearing and my setup seems like it has a extra washer that's not in the parts manual. The manual has a ridged washer that rides on the fingers then the bearing. Mine has a extra shown in the attached picture.
  4. Hi i believe this bike is a 2004 txt 280. I have no spark and tested between the light blue and dark blue with a reading of 326ohm. The stator has a G2 marking if that makes a difference. Also the casing has a decent amount of corrosion similar to a boat anode. any input or suggestions what values should be and if this is even the correct stator for this bike? Thanks in advance
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