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  1. Thanks for feedback. Is your 14 a Repsol or standard? The Repsol's have DID rims whereas the std bikes come with Morad rims if I recall?
  2. My 2014 Repsol is nearing that time of wanting a new tyre on the back and having pretty much ridden on X-Lights since they came out that would be my first choice but have a vague recollection of hearing of folks having problems with them on 4rt's ??? All feedback greatly welcomed, as don't want to shell out and then find I have problems. Also anyone know whether a Sherco, GG or similar wheel is likely to fit the rear as I really want a spare practice wheel and am guessing finding a Mont wheel is going to be challenging and probably pricey. Again any advice would be most helpful. Cheers
  3. 437

    280I Info

    I had a 2013 280i,which was good. Only minor issues really in my 9 months of use, worse being a new selector fork needed in the gearbox which to be fair was the result of a bash on the gear lever (GG's have the same fundamental weakness). I replaced the 280 with a 2014 300i and in my opinion this is a big step forward both in terms of power deliver i.e. more power but smoother delivery and the gearbox, which just selects better somehow and as I understand it there have been little or no problems on the 14 models. The bikes ride really neutrally with have fantastic suspension and grip grip grip!! The only slight weak link to the bikes in my opinion is their clutches, which are very sensitive to clutch pack thickness and despite regular oil changes always seems to have a little drag present. I have a spare clutch pack on which I have undertaken the beta clutch mod (see beta forum) so will be interesting to see if this solves the drag as the standard fibre plates (2014) have very little oil circulation space between the friction tabs. Will update when I get around to eventually swapping the pack in. In conclusion, I would have another without question and would recommend you stretch to a 2014 if your funds can bear it.
  4. 437

    Rear Wheel For Ossa Tr280

    I bought a modified Beta Rev 3 wheel which had been machined/captive spacers fabricated to fit an Ossa which I intended to use as a practice wheel. Believe there was a fair bit of machining involved but its been in my bike and aligns perfectly. A couple of months later I was offered and bought a used set of Jitise Race wheels, so have never actually used the rev wheel as use my original Ossa wheel for practice. Would be happy to sell it to you if of interest. Feel free to PM if so.
  5. Ive had 2 Ossa's (bought used) and frustratingly had to replace the clutch on each bike. Both incidences have i believe been down to the previous owner running insufficient free play at the lever, so do make sure you have plenty if you replace!! Ossa's are super sensitive to pack thickness, so suggest you need to remove the clutch and measure the total pack thickness. I was advised 9.8mm is max, 9.75mm is perfect, less than 9.65mm and it will certainly slip. Mine was 9.55 and slipped big time. I see that Btwice do thicker metal plates to extend life so that might just get you back in tolerance if you can source some.
  6. Wayne, pleased to see you finally got there and think the bike looks mint!!!! Might just have to go for Future Trial myself
  7. Bought a pair recently but have only worn them three times but can report the quality is excellent, they are super comfortable (were a bit stiff first ride but broke in quickly), excellent grip from the soles and good protection - oh and they look the mutts nuts as you say and are different from the norm. Can only recommend
  8. 437

    Clutch On Tr280I

    Just wondered if anyone has tried the Factory Clutch Pack?? If so any noticeable benefit over a standard pack??
  9. 437

    Ossa Pros And Cons

    I bought a used 2013 280 six months ago and whilst i had some minor teething problems when first got it, its been a good bike. It had the 9v easy start fitted which worked OK but having read the threads I upgraded this to o a 12v Li-ion battery and starting was better still. There is a definite starting technique that once mastered gives first time start (needs a quick sharp prod). The previous owner had also tweaked up the tickoverup a bit on the TPS set screw (which means the EFI cant baseline - so don't be tempted) but a TPS reset along with 2014 mapping downloaded by Cambs Trial Sport quickly fixed that niggle with the added benefit of dual mapping. They are also sensitive to clutch pack tolerance but thicker steel plates are now available and mine has done 6 months of regular use with no issues. The best bits of the bike in my opinion - excellent suspension, really stable, super smooth linear power, grips well, easy to work on and best bit of all - the architecture means that the rad never gets blocked, there is no carb to clean and after 6 months of riding most weekends the air filter is still spotless. My one gripe - Ossa clearly don't understand what primer is and as a result the frame/swingarm paint readily falls off which is a real shame as the rest of the build quality is excellent in my opinion. Fortunately frame and swingarm guards are available to keep them looking good. Ive literally just upgraded to a 2014 300i and one trial in and I love it!!!! Hope helpful and go for it.
  10. Looks better on the bike - think that's 3 sets of decals sold for H&D..............
  11. 437

    Clutch Case Breather

    Thanks JSP Rub it in then wont you ...... It did look to be in mint condition and clearly was a good buy - damn!! Pleased to hear the vent mod works well - will get one on order, as am riding a few nationals this year and they do get quite warm on the road, so the extra oil will be welcome. Thanks again
  12. 437

    Clutch Case Breather

    Chaps, Just wondering how the vent fuel filler cap and hence 450ml of oil has worked out?? I've always worried about only 350ml of oil, so like the idea of this cost effective mod. JSP - also interested to hear how you are adapting to the 300 from your 280?? I offered on the 300 Factory that you bought and am rather kicking myself now as clearly was a bit of a tightwad and missed it by a few quid. Anyway am leaning towards having a new 2014 Factory, assuming they do one this year and if so the price is not somewhere in the stratosphere!! Anyway would warmly welcome hearing your feedback. Many thanks 437
  13. Would appreciate if you could let me know what the cost is when H&D come back to you - they might just get two orders if they are sensibly priced!! The other option would be to take your 2014 set to a good signage company, who should be able to scan them in and use as a template and then tweak the colours, add logo's etc to make them a one-off. I have discussed this with a sign company that I do a fair bit of business with and they certainly can do (not enquired on cost though to be fair). There were some lovely looking Italian Ossa's about last year that had the 2013 layout of graphics done in a very simple black on white colour scheme, which looked quite like the 2013 Factory bike decals but better in my opinion. I had half a mind to go down this route but it somehow seems wasteful to buy a set of decals just to have them scanned and used as a template. As you already have a 2014 set though, might be worth an enquiry or two. Just a thought...........
  14. Hi Wayne See H&D Racing have some Future Ossa team decal sets due in any day soon - as per link below. http://www.handdracing.co.uk/page21.htm Reckon would look awesome on a White Frame. I want to refresh my 2013 but having just bought some new MOTS green riding gear, might be boring and just have to go with a set of stock 14 decals?? (pm me if you fancy selling your set). Am also expecting TTT to release a set of their decals as they used to do for the Beta's but am increasingly starting to suspect that as they are in effect the Ossa Factory team they might not as might be on the limited edition Factory model when it comes out soon?? Hope helpful 437
  15. 437

    Ossa 250 2014

    I am seriously jealous!!! Good choice and the good news is that it will get better and better the more you get used to it !!! Give us a report in a month or two..........................
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