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  1. Mine is also a 2013 Factory with high compression head. I rode this bike a LOT at least 130 hrs. When I got it (used) the clutch was adjusted incorrectly and slipping. It had already eaten a clutch by the time I got it. Clutch fiber running through the mains is probably not a good thing who knows if previous owner changed the oil, it looked very bad. I also went 20 hrs or so between oil changes, looking back I would have decreased that to 10 or even less. I also have an hour meter on my bike now to be able to watch things more closely for maintenance reasons.
  2. I do have Termignoni but have already had it tig welded so am all set. That explains why I could not find a part number. -Mark
  3. Tnx Zippy, I found the 2013 version. Now what parts to get coming? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B72LKAZyPz2hUnE3aGNrN3BpQ0E/view?usp=sharing I hope I can still get the parts I will need.
  4. I could post a video of the noise tomorrow but have run several trials with it and almost everyone agrees it sounds like lower bearings. Checkers commenting saying they could hear me coming. I put a dial indicator on the flywheel and have .008" in and out play and .010" lateral play (when considering both opposite directions)I am pretty sure that is not good. Here is some video what say you? https://youtu.be/tBKdjVgtZb8 https://youtu.be/WAW-90MxvdE First video was in and out, second was lateral, could have gotten more if I pried harder but did not want to damage the flange in the case.
  5. My green baby is sick and has a lot of bearing noise. I believe the top end is fine the bike has a ton of power and not a ton of time on it. Assuming it's only the lower bearings can anyone help me out and tell me what parts are needed to swap out the crank bearings? Anything else I should do / buy when in there? Best place for parts? LewisSport is out they are at SSDT for 2 wks. Input appreciated.
  6. Not yet, just planning ahead. Does not look like it will help me anyway. I did find the clutch thickness specs. Check the flatness of the clutch discs, and the total thickness of the pack (3+2 discs). The minimum thickness is 9’75mm Found here page 60; http://www.ossausa.com/download/tech_tips/TR280i%20Service%20ManualEN.pdf Will get it apart this week and put a mic on it. Will check those levers too as suggested above. Forgot I still have the plates from my previous clutch replacement so they may also be of use.
  7. Thank you lineaway, very informative. Are you reasonably sure the measurements are the same for the OSSA clutch as they are for the GG in this video? Everyone who rides my bike is amazed at how hard my clutch is to actuate I get arm pump during trials. Fixing this would be a big help for me. I have a buddy "BIFF" with the same clutch (or very similar at least) in his GG and his is easily 3x as easy to pull as mine is. -Mark
  8. Sigh... So after being all excited about getting my adjustable clutch ring it appears it will not help me at all unless I am thinking backwards. Quote from this page; http://www.splatshop.co.uk/xiu-rdi-adjustable-spring-clutch-support-plate-ossa.html My clutch is somewhat new and too thick and that is why it's pulling very hard. This ring seems only to help maintain the clutch feel when a clutch gets worn. Am I wrong?
  9. Very cool, thanks. Did not know GG did the same thing with the bearings.
  10. The XIU plate is now in stock at Lewisport and I have one on the way. Another question..... I've read moving oil from 75wt to 80wt gear oil can make a clutch more progressive in a Gas Gas anyone know if it's OK to run 80wt gear oil in my Ossa since it also lubricates the main bearings? Tnx
  11. It adjusts the angle of the fingers and puts them at a more effective angle reducing pull. It's pretty well known that this helps, lots of threads on it in the GASGAS forum, from what I hear same clutch just want to confirm it's exactly the same.
  12. I need some thinner steel wear disks for my OSSA 2013 factory 300 to get the thickness down for an easier clutch pull. If I can't find thinner plates for the OSSA clutch are they the same as a GASGAS clutch? If so what bike? I wanted one of those cool XIU adjustable rings but can not find them in stock anywhere. This leads me to another question would the XIU ring for the Gas Gas work in an OSSA? Tnx.
  13. OK I finally bought one of these buggers. I am thinking for easiest clutch (least pre load) pull I want to set it up with the fingers as low as possible (I have a new clutch and it's fat) am I thinking correctly?
  14. My last few trials have been in wet conditions and once my gloves are wet they get slimy and slippery. I end up getting arm pump and or very tired hands because of reduced grip. Using renthal Medium compound grips and I like them but they are for **** with slimy gloves. I've searched for this and did not see any recommendations. Anyone have a glove that is tacky even when wet?
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