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  1. Just have to post - been on the bike four times now and it's amazing. Clutch is precise with perfect bite, no drag. Gearbox is smooth. Engine response is great, more torque than the OSSA (and the beta is just a 250!) I had before and way better power curve. (Been writing up the ossa before here on TC, now I'm actually a bit shameful about that... Don't get me wrong, the ossa is a good bike, the beta is just that much better in my opinion) My riding confidence is on an all time high, I totally trust this bike will do what I want it to. The main thing I miss from the Ossa is the rear shock.... There is also quite a difference in weight, the beta is quite a bit heavier to lift and move. When riding it doesn't feel heavier though. The gearing is a bit different, the beta is slower geared in first gear - which is good for me but took some time getting used to, especially going up steps. On the negatives - I have the clonk from the steering bearings... Seems easy to sort but a bit annoying on a new bike.
  2. No T-shock 250's reply was exactly what I was looking for, hopefully it will save me time and energy later!
  3. Done most of your suggestions/mods today, overall I'm impressed with the bike. Linkage and wheelhubs where well greased from the factory. Had a quick test drive and the bike feels great, heavier than my Ossa for sure. But the quality feel is much higher and I like the ergonomics better. A bit confused on the gearing though, the bike came with a 11 teeth fitted and a 13 teeth in a box. Thought 13 was standard??? (And I was not expecting "free" optional gearing, but nice to have) Tomorrows first practice Thanks to everyone posting good tips.
  4. As topic. Just had my new bike delivered. Beta evo 250 2t. Are there any mods I need to consider or is it a "go" just out of the box? (Not my first new bike and not new to trials, new to beta though . )
  5. May suggest that Trialscentral reaches out to the FIM, Thierry Michaud, for a comment. Questions I'd liked to have answered are, 1. Are you happy with the result? 2. Will there be professional observers sent to each competition to avoid subjective observing? 3. Exactly how will subjective ruling, less fascinating display of skill and lottery results (five for a stop is harsh and may in many cases judge the entire competition) sell more bikes??? (I do want this explained as I can't get my head around it) 4. Wtc riders has expressed unhappiness with the rule. it's now proven very subjective, motive is questionable - will you change/remove the rule? A second article I'd like to see is one from someone who attended the WTc in Japan, was it as bad as the footage tells?? A third one would be from the riders. Did they like it or hate it??
  6. So everyone agree that it's going to be hell to observe and completely impossibly to understand as a spectator? Wouldn't that lead to less people starting with trials? (When they don't understand what's going on and what the rider did to get a clean or a five?) How can that lead to more bike sales? (As that is the reason used by the FIM I believe it's very important to judge how relevant this rule is upon expected and actual bike sales) Personally I'm in the process of buying a new bike, but as my local series are thinking about going No Stop next year I'm very hesitant. No stop when looking at fujigas looks like a lame version of extreme enduro to me, not exciting at all.
  7. Many opinions regarding non stop pre season. Thought I'd post a link to a vid from today. If you where the observer and followed the FIM rules (non stop), what would YOU give fujigas in these sections?? To avoid interpretation, here are the crystal clear rules -
  8. Thinking of buying the Jtg 250/300. Anyone who's got one that would like to share there impression? How's the bike been since new? Issues? Happy/unhappy with the bikes performance? If someone has tested the 250 please write a quick review, many thanks in advance!
  9. Without a doubt YES. Love the bike and how easy it is to handle. I've had no major issues and no probs getting it started. If the starting is an issue your dealer has a very low cost solution so I wouldn´t worry about that. Power delivery is a bit different than compared to a carb engine, more linear power delivery in my opinion and a smoother bottom end. Try them all and then decide which suits you best!
  10. I have this one, same look - differentiera price.. http://www.trick-bits.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=146 (Not carbon but does the job of protecting the frame, looks good, fair price....)
  11. http://trialsport.se/pdf/service-specialdelar.pdf Some nice stuff.....
  12. kbtrials

    Clutch On Tr280I

    http://trialsport.se/pdf/service-specialdelar.pdf I believe the solution for a dragging clutch is found in this "special parts list".... Item on page 14 "the 2.1mm intermediate plates keep the size of the thickness of the clutch and extend its life. "
  13. I asked my dealer about this some time ago and he told me that the entire seat base was different aswell as the rear fender to seat base shapes, so no, sorry.
  14. Don't mean to steal your thread but if you or someone else who has the 20.0 could advice on how suitable it is for an adult (size wise) I would be grateful. Thinking about using the 20.0 as a technique trainer in my backyard! I'm about 190cm and 93kg....
  15. http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/gallery/album/107-ossa-clutch-work/ Finally understood how to create an album.... For pics follow the link above. I have unfortunately deleted most pics but at least these will give you an understanding of what I was trying to say in my first post. Boris - thanks for the work you have done putting the guides together, appreciated across the globe
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