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  1. @wally6097 great job, thanks for the great Video's Fella.
  2. @b40rt yes it is an open forum for all trials fans, I see you deleted your second response, I'll say it again as I said before, I jumped the gun and the fire has gone out.
  3. Would have liked Cabes to take the vacant Montesa ride(Busto's Bike) it's great when riders change Bikes, freshens the whole sport, Beta is a fantastic bike, and in the hands of Cabestany the motivation might give him that little push to stay on the podium throughout the year, he should be added to the indoor series too.
  4. Great Venue, not just because its a stones throw away. Lots of work for organising traffic and spectators at this venue, over the years those rocks have been ridden thousands of times, it will be fantastic seeing the top guys riding sections there that have never been thought possible!
  5. @b40rt seems you wasn't happy with your first reply that didn't get a response? So you want another go? I jumped the gun on the thread and private messaged those saying so! The fire has gone out and left the building fella.
  6. It would depend on what tyre they are using, I think the worst tyre I’ve ever used is the x light and never knew what pressure to do on them, are they still around or have they stopped making them? All the modern bikes seem to now come with x11s
  7. Have to agree with Leo, This is why our Sport Will be completely dead in the near future!
  8. I know it would be easier for me if I lost my big stomach, so weight does matter! And there is my excuse!
  9. Would have to agree, these machines fetch a premium compared to other makes, Quality always does!!
  10. 57 and feel every year, to be 20 again.
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