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  1. Footage from last night's trial at Sheffield. See below.
  2. Hello! I went to the Sheffield indoor trial last night, below are my 2 videos covering the event: The first video is all the best bits from all the riders, and the second is just Adam Raga and Toni Bou' sections, but with some bonus speed trial footage. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks! I had a little trouble with the second video, its now online, new link below. I cant seem to edit my old post to change link, says access denied regarding a firewall?!
  4. Hello It's that time of the year again where I post my videos from the Sheffield indoor trail! I've made 2 videos, one with all the best bits, and the other with just Toni Bou vs Adam Raga. Enjoy!
  5. Hello! Here's a video of what we got up this summer! Its not our biggest riding, but it was good fun. Its always a struggle to pick up the camera to film while riding! Enjoy!
  6. Bit of fun! The Sammy Miller Challenge is quite simple, each rider tackles the section on the stunning Yamaha Ty175, the person with the highest number of dabs on each section loses that round and earns a letter, last one to spell ‘S.A.M.M.Y’ wins! The Ty175 we used was actually the bike we all learned on and shared before buying modern bikes, she isn't in the best of health and is quite challenging to ride.. Filmed at Mount Farm in Milton Keynes.
  7. Its that time of year again when I put up my videos from the the 2017 indoor Sheffield indoor trial, on the 7th Jan. The first video below is every single clear section from the event. The second video is just Toni's best sections, plus a bonus '5' on the Putoline section which doesn't feature in the main video The video includes rare showboating from Toni during the sections.
  8. Hello! It's that time of year again, I've chucked my best clips of riding with my mates from 2016 into a video, enjoy. Main locations are: Mount Farm in Milton Keynes, Cowm Quarry Rochdale and Earl Shilton in Leicester.
  9. Thanks for the comments! Full video of best bits is now up too!
  10. Hello! After the success of last years video, I decided to put together another video of this years X-Trial at Sheffield. This video shows all the action from Toni Bou and Adam Raga, such a close battle! My full 30min video of all sections/riders is now encoding and will be on my YouTube channel tomorrow.
  11. Latest video of me and my mates messing about at various location throughout 2015, nothing special. I hope to film stuff that actually looks 'big' next time!
  12. I received such positive comments for my video from the 2013 round at Sheffield I decided to make another for 2015. Below is virtually every clean section throughout the night, all in HD! Enjoy!
  13. Thanks for the comments we do have a good time! Breagh - do you mean Bob MacGregor Academy? None of this video was filmed there, but our video last year was, here's a link: http://youtu.be/zFv2Ys6MHlo?list=PLQlA2O0P8oWTFsfkcclZT--W21UL5hOmi
  14. I've put together a video of our riding from 2014, we aren't the best riders in the world, but we have a laugh at every ride.
  15. Here's a video from our road trip to Scotland. We rode Cowm Quarry in Rochdale on the way and then the Bob MacGregor Trials Academy near Glasgow, both excellent locations and well worth a visit. Enjoy!
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